Adopt a Blogger - Part 2

I would like to introduce you to my second adoptee, the lovely Mary over at Starting from Scratch. Kristen very kindly introduced us as part of her 2nd Adopt a Blogger event.

Here are a few questions, I put to Mary, so that we could get to know her a little better.

1. Lets start at the beginning, Mary. Tell me a little about your blog and where you are from?

I am originally from Virginia, but went to college in Tennessee (which is where
I met my husband), and now live in Iowa. We are finishing up our second round of school here in May - I will have a degree in Dietetics and his is in Architecture. We've been married almost two years.

2. What brought you into the blogosphere and why did you decide to start a food blog?

My best friend Rebekka has a blog and jokingly said to me one day back in November that I should start one. I had been reading food blogs for fun for a while, so I just jumped right in. My blog is starting from scratch, so I try to only include foods made from scratch.....which pretty much describes all the other food blogs out there too. Luke and I are very invested in eating foods that are not processed, so I end up doing a lot of bread baking, bean soaking, cracker dough making, and so on. The blog world is great because as soon as I have an idea, I have hundreds of places to look for a recipe and comments on other's experiences. I could look at food blogs all day long!

3. What got you interested in cooking? Was it through necessity, or did someone inspire you?

I think my interest in cooking started with an interest in health. As I realized I wanted to eat more than microwave or fast foods, I was inspired to learn how to cook. Now that I am married, I take a lot of pride in providing meals for our little, when I got married I was spoiled with lots of wonderful kitchen gadgets and supplies. It's way more fun to cook when you have a kitchen loaded with everything you could possibly need. Cooking has also become very therapeutic for me...I can't stand it when I have a busy week and don't get to be in the kitchen as much as I would like.

4. Do you have a favourite chef?

Honestly, no. We haven't had a TV for years, so my exposure to the food network is limited...and most of the cookbooks I have are not written by famous chefs. I am enjoying the baking group I recently joined that is using a cookbook by Dorie Greenspan and I think as I get more and more involved in cooking I will establish opinions about particular chefs.

5. What kind of food do you like to eat if you go out for a special meal?

Sushi and Indian food are both treats for me because I live in a place that has neither....When I go out to eat, which is rare, I want it to be an experience. If we are going to spend the money, it better be good!We are so fortunate because we have one of the greatest restaurants right down the street. The Cafe, which is not really a cafe but a nice restaurant, is one of our favorite places ever and we think it's so funny we found it in our little Iowa town. They change the menu ever couple of weeks, so each time we go the offerings are different.

6. A really trivial question now! What is your favourite sandwich filling?

This is really tough....I don't eat sandwiches very often. When I was a little girl, I loved grilled bologna and cheese sandwiches with, I would have to say thick whole wheat toast with cooked egg whites, dill pickle spears, and mustard.

7. Tell us about three of your posts that you are most pleased with ?

Because I'm a fairly new cook, a lot of the food I make is a first. This past year I had the best time making and tweaking recipes for homemade marshmallows.

I made and ate so many that I may not be making them again for quite a while.

Another great dish we had was tofu and vegetable spring rolls....which were really just an excuse to dip something in peanut sauce!

I don't actually like cheesecake (at all) but one recipe chosen for my Tuesday baking group was for apple brown sugar cheesecake and I really enjoyed making it. I got to buy a spring form pan, so that was fun too.

8. Do you have any blogs that you would like to recommend to us?

There are so many I love that I can't even list them. I enjoy going through the foodie blog roll and the Tuesdays with Dorie blogroll, which are both links on my blog. Of course I enjoy this blog and my best friend Rebekka's blog maple sugar.

Thanks for that Mary, it has been great, getting to know you!


  1. Thanks for introducing us to Mary Holler. Good for you for adopting a second blogger to show her the ropes:D

  2. um....we've been married almost THREE years. oops! thanks for the intro holler!

  3. and I just gave you an award on my blog!

  4. Yay, yet another blog to read!!!!!

  5. I will stop over to see Mary and welcome her to our world!

  6. It is good to meet new bloggers, isn't it Val?

    Oh, Shame on you Mary! But I won't tell! And... thank you for the award, that was very kind of you!

    Hey Lynn, We need a few more hours in the day, for all the lovely blogs, don't we?

    Thanks Deb!


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