Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Last month, Lisa posted a recipe for Hungarian Mushroom Soup. It looked divine!

If you know me, you will know that I love mushrooms! I had to make this soup!

Well it looks great and it did taste good, but I killed it with too much smoked paprika! I shouldn't have used smoked or used so much. It had a lovely texture, a huge amount of mushrooms and it was really creamy, but, you just couldn't taste the mushrooms!

Huff! I will definitely adjust the recipe the next time I make it and I will be making it again, but no smoked paprika!

Lisa made this soup for the first round of No Croutons Required. I hope you have a spicy soup for the March challenge. I have one in mind. I will post it soon!


  1. I adore mushroom soup! My soup shall be posted on Monday. :)

  2. Great Pixie! Thanks for entering!

    I love your new photo, by the way!

  3. That is so frustrating when you over do a spice and there is nothing to be done about it. I've done that way too often with cayenne pepper and hot sauce. My husband will comment that "it's too spicy". I'll usually tell him, "no, it's supposed to be like this" with my eyes tearing and my mouth on fire :)

  4. One of the great things about blogging is that we find so many delicious recipes!! This sounds right up my alley Holler!!

  5. I empathise Holler. I only used smoked paprika for the first time last year and was a little heavy handed a few times and almost let it linger in the back of the pantry - but I have had success with a few dishes where I have used a bit less. So hope you will retry the soup and find the right balance.

    I am working on finding a spicy soup recipe - first I can't find any and now I have a tyranny of choice! Never rains it pours :-)

    And I wanted to let you know that I am holding a one off event encouraging people to make nutloaf - (although I know you have discovered their wonders and don't need encouragement) if you would like to participate it would be great!

  6. Hi Lisarene, I should have tried that line!

    Hey Val, Go easy on the paprika!

    Hi Johanna, I only bought the smoked paprika because it was in a gorgeous little tin! I am easily lead astray!

    I will look out for a nut loaf! How long do I have?

  7. This looks yummy!
    I made a mushroom stroganoff last week that turned out brilliantly. But i agonised the whole time about how much paprika to add : )

  8. I have my entry for the Spicy soup on my blog now. Do I have to post it in any one spot or is it okay like it is?

  9. Hi Kazari, I know what you mean about the Paprika, I wish I had been a bit more careful! I should have followed Lisa's recipe more carefully, but I thought, what the heck, it's soup!

    Hi Jan, Great! I will add your soup.

    The normal way to enter, is to post about your soup and email Lisa or myself at before the 20th. Add a photo to the email and a link to your post.

    Thanks for entering!

  10. I've been there too... I've only used smoked paprika a couple of times but it was a lot stronger than I had reckoned. Then it's pretty much impossible to remedy and all you can taste is smoke, which isn't all that appetising. But I love a good mushroom soup, so with your advice in mind, I'll be giving it a go soon :-)

  11. Here's a place that talks a bit about paprika, and in there it mentions that most people use sweet, a few use spicy. And it doesn't mention smoked at all.

    My violin teacher, a Hungarian, claims that there are something like 23 different kinds of paprika. This soup reminds me of a fish soup he described to me, in which fresh paprika was used rather than dried. He claimed that they'd just slit the pepper in half, chuck it into the pot, and then remove it when the cooking was done.

    It sounds fabulous - and I'll try it with chipotle pepper (dried, smoked jalapeno pepper) maybe. Yum!

  12. Yep, smoky was about all you could taste! I cursed myself Jen. It was still good, but I wanted to taste those mushrooms!

    Hi David, I did use the wrong type of paprika, I need something a bit more delicate and sweet. I had a look at that website, intersting reading!

  13. Sure looks tasty, but sorry to hear about the smoked paprika. I'd still down a bowl--looks great to me!

  14. That looks delicious! I love mushrooms, can't get enough of them.

  15. Holler, you sure cannot tell by the looks of your soup that you could not taste the mushrooms. It looks yummy! I have my next soup recipe ready for your March event. I just have to make it!

  16. You will have to try it again with regular paprika Holler. It's one of the yummiest mushroom soups I have ever made. I'm sure you soup was delicious all the same. Your picture certainly looks appetizing!

  17. Hi Mike, indeed it was. It was rich enough to enjoy on pasta the next night!

    I am with in the mushroom love, Yvonne!

    That's great news Deb!

    Hi Lisa, I am going to invest in a milder paprika for next time and will add it slowly and gently! I could tell that it would have been absolutely gorgeous without that smoked paprika, it was so creamy and mushroom-packed!

  18. thanks Holler - Would be great if you can make a nutloaf - I have asked for them by 18 April - hope that will give plenty of time!

  19. Mmm looks great! I saved this recipe when I saw it on Lisa's blog. Sounds like it would be really delicious. Thanks for the tip about paprika! Though actually I've never had smoked paprika. Sounds like it would be good.

  20. AT LAST... I was in Budapest 3 mnths ago and had simular soup which I have been trying to recreate since with limited success.

  21. I brought two tins of paprika back from Spain with me - one sweet, one hot. I haven't really tried them out properly yet. Perhaps this is the recipe for me, especially because my mushroom loving husband just saw the picture and said, "oh yum, that looks good, make that!"

  22. Hi Johanna, I am looking out for a good one to make!

    Hi Ashley, I would maybe stick to a milder and sweeter paprika, the smoked one is really overpowering. I think you have to be careful which recipes you use it in!

    Hi Mike, Sounds like a great place to visit, sounds like the food would be a selling point! Give the soup a go!

    Hey Kai, It looks like you better make some then!



    I can't really handle spice, but I'll keep an eye out for the challenge after that :-)

  24. I'm with you on the "no-smoked-paprika"!

    This looks delicious, think I'm going to try it with some cayenne :)


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