No Croutons Required - March Roundup

Well, here it is, the March roundup of No Croutons Required.

This month’s challenge, was to make a spicy vegetarian soup that would tingle on the tongue! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Have a look at all the gorgeous entries and vote for your favourite in the panel on the right. (voting closed) And the winner is...

Here is our first entry. If there was a competition for the best named soup, this would be it! It is Vampire Inhibitor Garlic Soup created by Jan over at Eat Nothing with Eyeballs. Now there is someone with a bit of imagination!

(Flushing, US)

Helen from Food Stories, made us a super, healthy Smoky, Sweet & Spicy Red Pepper Soup and she was brave enough to tackle smoked paprika! If you read about my run in with smoked paprika, when I made Hungarian Mushroom Soup, then you will know why I am so impressed!

(London, UK)

Kitchenetta from Got No Milk has a dairy-free blog and has created for us a Vegan Manhattan Clam Chowder, but there is no need to worry, it is a clam free blog too! She has cleverly included some tvp granules or soya mince, as I would call it, to make the soup more authentic.

(Philadelphia, US)

Lisarene from Little Bits has offered up a Spicy Vegetable Bean Soup, that is packed full of vegetables and colour, gorgeous!

(Pacific Northwest)

Fiona from Kai in London has shared with us some of her New Zealand heritage and made us a Harissa Spiced Kumara Soup.Head over to Fiona’s blog, to find out what Kumara is.

There will be an ‘ahh’ when you do!

(London, UK)

Our next entry is from Laura over at Cake & Anarchy who posts about a Red Lentil Soup that brings back memories of travelling in Turkey. Laura gives us two for the price of one, by given us a variation to try out. Thanks Laura!

(Pittsburgh, US)

Here comes Pixie! Pixie has cooked us up a Thai Noodle & Vegetable Soup. Thankfully she has left out the marmite! She loves the stuff and I just hate it! Lots of lovely spices are used instead in this lovely, warming noodle soup.

(London, UK)

Next up is Sia from Monsoon Spice, who has re-created an anti-oxidant packed Carrot-Coconut Shorba. It will definitely tingle on the tongue!


Now, on to David from Book the Cook who has whipped up a Roast Squash, Garlic and Pistachio Nut Soup for our delight, but also to fight off the flu that has invaded his household. Hope the soup has done the trick and you are all feeling better, David!

(East Boldon, UK)

Laurie from Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska has contributed a Moroccan Chermoula and Carrot Soup, in a bid to use up her plentiful supply of carrots. I can’t think of a nicer way of doing that, Laurie. The Chermoula you drizzled on top of the soup is something new for me to try out, sounds great!

(Anchorage, Alaska)

The next soup is a Spicy Chunky Vegetable Soup made by KayKat at Cooking From A-Z. KayKat describes here soup as “so fresh and happy” and I can second that!

(Seattle, US)

Susan over at The Well-Seasoned Cook has made us a Tunisian Chickpea Soup that look divine! She has also included a list of alternative toppings. I really liked that!

(New York, US)

Lisa from Lisa’s Kitchen has given us a Curried Indian Vegetable Soup. Lisa is my co-host on this event and a girl who knows her herbs and spices. She likes her food hot and this soup is no exception! Doesn’t it look glorious?

(London, Canada)

My good friend Deb from Deb’s Key West Wine & Garden has cooked up a Spicy White Bean and Tomato Soup or as it is better known to her family and friends, Salsa Soup! It really looks mouth-watering and such a good photo!

(Key West, US)

Homecooked has made us a Tomato Cabbage Soup. This is a Tomato Saar with sprouts and cabbage added. Tomato Saar is a soup served alongside a main meal or served with rice. I hope I got that right, Homecooked!

(Mangalore, India)

Here is my entry for this month’s challenge. Curried Parsnip & Sweet Potato Soup. I purchased a large bag of parsnips at a very low price and had to think what to do with them. I eventually came up with this soup. Quite sweet, but with a kick of spicy!

(Dundee, Scotland)

Now, on to the winner of the first ever No Croutons Required challenge. Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe won the February challenge with her beautifully presented Wanton Dumplings in Ginger Broth. She was aided in her soup-making by her wee ginger man! You will have to visit Johanna to find out about that story! Johanna was awarded this nifty little badge for her blog!

This month, Johanna has made us a Mulligatawny Soup. She really researched her subject and not only is it a great looking soup, but it is a really great post too! Her wee ginger man was replaced by a tea strainer! You must be intrigued, I was!

(Melbourne, Australia)

Ricki from Diet, Dessert and Dogs has delivered us a Spiced Cauliflower Soup. It looks so gorgeous, I just want to go straight out and buy some cauliflower. This soup is definitely on my to-do list!

(Toronto, Canada)

D & T from Wish I Were Baking, have struggled through illness to make us Spicy Soup (to chase of sickness). D & T think that bird chillies will do the trick every time! It sounds like good advice to me! I hope you are both feeling better now!

(Glasgow, Scotland)

Kim from Live::Love::Laugh::Eat loves Gazpacho. Mixing together the pungent flavors of garlic, onions, tomatoes and peppers. Kim doesn’t like her gazpacho cold, so she whips the ingredients into a hot soup, to soften the flavours of this Spanish dish. Kim garnishes her Hot Gazpacho Soup with sour cream and cilantro/coriander. I think it looks lovely and fresh!

(Virginia, US)

Zlamushka over at Burnt Mouth has made us a Spicy Hungarian Kettle Goulash. Kettle Goulash is a typical garden-style soup that is usually cooked among friends while outdoors. This type of goulash usually takes up potatoes in addition to the meats. Zlamushka has made an indoor version of it and added soy nuggets to it instead of meat in honour of Lisa. You might remember that Lisa made us an Hungarian Mushroom Soup for last month’s challenge.

(Malmo, Sweden)

Next up is Lisa from Stretch Mark Mama, who has made a Spicy Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup. Lisa used dried black beans for this soup and it makes the soup look quite dramatic as well as being very healthy.

(Pacific Northwest, US)

Saswati from Potpourri has made a very comforting Kidney Bean Pasta Soup. Saswati likes to serve salad with her soup as a healthy, low calorie meal.

(Moscow, Russia)

Kittie from Kittens in the Kitchen made the most beautiful, green soup. The soup in question is a Curried Chickpea & Spinach Soup with a Cilantro and Chilli Drizzle. Kittie adapted one of her favourite curries to make this soup and thinks it would be great served with naan bread. I agree wholeheartedly, Kitty!

(Brighton, UK)

Suzana is next, from Home Gourmets, with her Spicy Soup or Why I Love Wintertime. Suzana has made a spicy Indian dahl soup that will brighten up a Winter’s day!

(Lisbon, Portugal)

And next we have Nilmandra from Soy and Pepper. Nilmandra has made a Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup. You might have come across this at your local Chinese restaurant. Sichuan cuisine is known for its intense flavours and for being hot and spicy. This chunky soup is filled with a variety of mushrooms, fungus and tofu.


We visit Seattle now for Dana’s Georgia Peanut Soup. Dana’s blog is called Dolcedo - vita dolcedo spes. Vita
Dulcedo Spes is Latin for life, sweetness and hope, I think that sums up her soup very nicely! I love the addition of peanut butter and all the roasted peanuts scattered on top, yum!

(Seattle, US)

Shelly from Vegetarian Foodie has made a Vegetarian Harira. Shelly has given us a little background information about the soup too. “Harira is a Moroccan soup that is traditionally eaten to break a fast. The soup varies by region and is normally prepared with meat. Not in this case however.” Thanks Shelly!

(San Diego, US)

Wendy over at A Wee Bit of Cooking has made us a Thai Spiced Squash and Coconut Soup and it looks divine! Apparently, it is the only cure for an exploded head! Honest!


Next up is Lysy over at Munchkin Mail, who is obviously, psychically liked to me! Lysy made Spicy Parsnip Soup, at roughly the same time I did! Lysy has called her psychic soup, Spicy Carrot and Parsnip Soup. I think Psychic Soup sounds better! It's gotta taste great!

(Warwickshire, UK)

Jane from Procrastinators Progress, (what a great blog name!) has made us a Spiced Spinach & Potato Soup. Jane recreated this soup from memories of one she tasted at her favourite Indian restaurant. This is also Jane’s first attempt at food photography. Pretty darn good, I say!

(Glasgow, Scotland)

Our next soup comes all the way from Peru! Gretchen from Canela & Comino has presented us with a Spicy Ginger Squash Soup. Gretchen actually used 3 types of ginger for this soup, so I think we can surmise that it is a favourite ingredient. Me too, Gretchen!

(Lima, Peru)

Jen over at Little Bird Eats, has decided that croutons are not required, but she does think that toasty, crunchy bits of tortilla might go down a treat with her
Espresso Black Bean Chili Soup. All I can say is yum!


Next along is Mansi from Fun and Food, who has made a soy-sauce based, chinese soup. Mansi thinks that her Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup, is also good for banishing the common cold. This soup packs a tasty punch with chilli sauce, soy sauce, fresh ginger and black pepper.

(San Francisco, US)

My adopted blogger, Ashley from Eat Me Delicious has whipped up a Corn Chowder for our delight! Ashley was really pleased to come across this recipe, as it brings back birthday memories of eating corn on the cob. She has added a bit of spice by adding a jalapeno pepper and a little cayenne pepper. Thanks Ashley!

(Vancouver, Canada)

Our last entry comes from Nanditha from Satvika – Food for the Soul. Nanditha has made Rice Balls in Lentil Soup, a recipe inspired by her mother-in-law, who makes rice balls in water, a firm favourite with her family. Nanditha spices her version up with ginger garlic paste, green chillies, cumin, mustard seeds and fresh coriander. Lovely!

(Farmington Hills, US)

And so the round-up draws to a close. Please vote for your favourite in the poll, comment box or by email and I will reveal the winner at the end of the month.

Make sure you visit Lisa from Lisa’s Kitchen at the beginning of April to find out what next month’s challenge will be!


  1. The roundup looks great -- thanks for hosting!

    (None of the blog links seem to work for me, but maybe I'm the only one with this problem?)

  2. Congratulations on another amazing roundup! I love the fact that I can eat each and every one if I choose!

    I also had trouble with the links. . .everything after the vampire soup didn't work (coincidence??).

  3. Gorgeous roundup Holler - who knew there were so many wonderful spicy soups! Thank you so much for all your hard work!
    (The bloglinks don't work for me either, because all the URLs start with tinnedtomatoes rather than the individual blog's address - this should be pretty easy to fix.)

  4. Great line-up Holler. Looks like you have a winner here with lots of entries. I never got around to making my own soup in time for this round...I was making it Monday once my daughter was back at university...but I'm in next time:D

  5. Hi all, those pesky little gremlins on Microsoft Word, changed all my quotation marks into italic quotation marks and broke my links. I have grappled with the little blighters and the links should work now! Let me know if you find a broken one, please!

    Hi Dana Have another try now!

    Hi Ricki, I know what you mean, on the rare occasion, that I go to a vegetarian restaurant, I am stumped about what to have, there is just so much choice!

    Hi Laurie and thanks! There are a whole load of lovely soups here, aren't there?

    Hi Val, It must have been great having her home for a while!

  6. I like the sound of the espresso black bean soup.
    but, um, well, without the coffee :)

  7. You missed the point there Graham, but I will see what I can do! Husbands, huh!

  8. What an amazing round up... well done everyone!

  9. It is a great roundup, Shelly. I hope you have voted!

  10. Superb roundup! Next time I'll make YOU a Marmite soup! :P Have a great Easter, Holler.

  11. Graham can TYPE? Huh! Who knew!?!?

  12. Hi Pixie, I will be sneaky then and not enter it! There will be no marmite soup on this blog! Yeugh! Have a good weekend! Don't eat too much chocolate or marmite!

    Davimack, you are remembering that Graham will be close enough tomorrow, to take revenge for that comment! You better keep your egg away from him!

  13. Simply fabulous edition. So many soups and so little time to eat them all! I should have great recipes to choose from now for a long, long time. Thanks for my inclusion. Looking forward to the next one.

    BTW, I am kitchenetta and my blog is Got No Milk. I think you called Little Bits by that name mistakenly?

  14. Hi Kitchenetta, Whoops! Sorry! I have corrected it and I thought it was going so well!

  15. hey Holler thats a gr8 roundup...all the entries are fabulous..can't decide which one to vote.

  16. Hi Saswati, you have 8 days to make up your mind, but it is hard isn't it? The entries are so good :)

  17. so many good soups and such an entertaining round up, thanks holler - but great to have it up while I have a bit more time over easter to browse the links - oh joy!

  18. Fantastic round up Holler. Once again everyone has managed to come up with so many variations on the same theme. Your post was a perfect read as the snow started to come down in London! (so much for Easter being in Spring!)

  19. Psychic soup - I love it! Thanks for hosting, and doing such a great roundup. My list of soups is growing longer and longer...

    PS I think your voting poll is like magic. You must be an html fairy.

  20. They all look fabulous-I'm having trouble making my mind up. Sorry I couldn't participate this month, but next month is a definite!!!!

  21. Superb round up! :) My computer won't let me vote for some reason. Can I just tell you that I'm voting for Helen's Red Pepper soup?

  22. wow Holler, that looks like a kicker!! great roundup, and thanks for so many brilliant recipes!:)

  23. You did a great job with this month's roundup Holler! So many delicious soups. I have cast my vote, but the choice was not an easy one!

  24. Great job on the roundup Holler! So many great soups!!!! Hope you leave it up a few days so I can get to all the sites!
    Thank you again for another great event!!!
    Happy Easter!

  25. Heyhey! Maybe I should trademark my Marmite soup ;) Thanks for the great round-up, Holler. What a load of hot and spicy soups to choose from!

  26. Hi Johanna, it is a superb line up! I am glad you will have time to read through them!

    I know, Kai, what is with the weather just now! I have just come back from Glasgow and the house is freezing!

    Hi lysy, I am glad you like the poll! Psychic Soup sounds great doesn't it?

    Hi Lynn, it is a hard choice, but you have to make it!

    Hi Wendy, I am taking note of your vote. I don't know why the poll never works for you! If anyone can tell us, why that might be, it would be good!

    That's ok Mansi!

    Hi Lisa, thanks for that! You can tell me who you voted for in private! I am intrigued!

    Hi Deb, the voting poll is up for 8 days, until the end of the month.

    Not you too Nilmandra! You guys are torturing me with the marmite!

  27. holler, there is so many spicy soups to choose from:) thanks a lot for this 'spicy' round-up.

  28. Holler, I hardly know where to begin. I want to dip a ladle into each one of these wonderful bowls. Spices really make my world go round. Thanks for making this happen!

  29. Looks like another awesome roundup of soups! And a very nice layout as well! Once again, it's very hard to choose one.

  30. Great roundup! My vote goes to Curried chickpea soup by Kittie.Looks delicious.

  31. Hi Holler! I just tried your spicy aubergine and tomato soup from the last No Croutons Required event, and it was great! I added small pasta shapes and they bulked it up nicely (I hadn't had as many aubergines as you suggested). These roundups are excellent for collecting new recipes.

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