Simple But Spicy Mushroom & Quinoa Salad

This is my first venture into quinoa (keen-wah) and it was a very pleasant experience. Once I learned how to pronounce it (I couldn't until recently), I just had to make some!

Mushroom & Quinoa Salad


1 cup quinoa
2 cups water
1 vegetable stock cube

300g mushrooms, sliced
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 tsp turmeric
1 red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
1/2 tsp chilli powder
1 tbsp olive oil
fresh basil
salt & pepper

1 bag salad leaves

feta cheese to garnish


Place the quinoa, water and the stock cube in a pan and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10-15 minutes until most of the liquid has gone. Set the pan aside to give the quinoa a chance to absorb the rest of the liquid.

Meanwhile, heat the oil and add the spices and garlic. Allow to sizzle before adding the mushrooms. If the mixture sticks a little, add a splash of water. Cook for a few minutes until the mushrooms are succulent.

Wilt the salad leaves by placing in a colander and pouring over some boiling water. Drain leaves off and pat dry on a tea towel. Place the leaves in a bowl. Mix the quinoa with the mushrooms and serve on top of the wilted leaves with a generous garnish of fresh basil and some crumbled feta cheese.

Serves 4

The mushrooms in this dish packed a punch when cooked with the spices, lovely! It was a dish achieved by looking at what I had in my fridge and cupboards, but despite that it turned out well. But, then, I do love mushrooms. We had the left-overs next day with the addition of some sundried tomatoes and that was really good.


  1. This looks fabulous! I love love love quinoa. And I love how you added sundried tomatoes the next day, I have lots on hand so I'll be trying it both ways. =)

  2. Hi Romina, It was very good with sundried tomatoes and I always have some to hand too!

  3. So glad that you tried quinoa--and liked it! This looks fabulous.

    I won't be able to make it in time for this month's roundup, but will look forward to checking out all the great recipes. . . and hope to participate next time round!

  4. That's cool Ricki and it is my turn to host in May, so I will be looking for your recipe!

  5. Holler, this is fabulous entry!! I'm a huge fan of quinoa and you know how I feel about mushrooms of course! Combine this with feta and the sun-dried tomatoes and you have one top notch recipe indeed. Lovin' this.

  6. Quinoa is a favorite, hope you enjoyed it! Sometimes our best dishes are comprised of what we have in the pantry and it's a fun challenge.

  7. ohh god...I'm really out!..Guess what it comes to my mind when i saw the first photo? I thought that the feta was ...ta ta ta daaaaa..snow!! :-O
    What a stupid i am!!
    Great recipe and very fresh!

  8. I bought a bag the other day sending it to a foodie friend. Wanted to buy for myself but hub's not keen with it. I think I'll purchase another bag next time in town.

    This looks like a good recipe to start with!

  9. The salald looks really good. Maybe I need to give quinoa another chance, the first time I bought and tried it, I didn't really like it much, but I supoose everything deserves a second and maybe even third try, especially if it's good for you as well.

  10. I love the addition of the feta cheese as well Holler:D

  11. oh we just love quinoa! i'm so glad you decided to try's so versatile because you can make it savory or sweet...try it with cinnamon and honey/brown sugar/agave nectar and a little butter in the morning and it is soooo yummy! great job!

  12. Hi Lisa, I thought you might like this one.

    Hi Lisarene, I think I have too much food sitting to hand. If you are not careful it can mean waste.

    Hi Silvia, I am really hoping that we will get no more snow her! It is lovely and bright today, so the biting wind can be excused.

    Hi Pixie, Graham quite liked this one, which gives me a nice alternative to couscous, which he hates.

    Hi Silvie, give it another go. I think the stock cube probably makes a difference to the flavour. Also talking to friends I found most of them thought it had too much bite, so I would taste it as you go to see if it is ready or if it needs a bit longer.

    Hey Val, you are nearly as bad as me, when it comes to loving cheese!

    Your sweet quinoa sounds like a real treat Mary. What a good idea!

  13. I've never tried quinoa Holler, but this salad looks fab.

  14. It's good Julia, Kind of nutty with a little bite.

  15. now this makes me want to try my quinoa in a salad some time

  16. It sounds lovely!

    Will give some thought to mushrooms. ;)

  17. I've never eaten quinoa either - is it a little like couscous? In any case, I bet it tasted wonderful with the gorgeous mushrooms, spices and feta.

  18. I keep seeing quinoa popping up on various blogs but I've never tried or seen it in person before. Looks like it would be tasty--I'll have to keep an eye out for it

  19. Mushroom and quinoa salad is a great idea! I really like mushrooms and I have been enjoying quinoa lately.

  20. Hi Johanna, you should give it a try. It is yummy!

    Hi Davimack, I never have to consider mushrooms, I just love them so much!

    Hey Antonia, it cooks in much the same way as couscous and could be used in the same dishes, but it is more nutty. It was yum!

    Hi Mike, I have been meaning to try it for a while now. I have only found it in heath food shops, so far.

    You would enjoy it then Kevin!

  21. Ooo yum. I've made a couple of quinoa salads, but haven't quite figured out how to season it and what it best mixes with yet. I wanted to participate this month but couldn't find a simple mushroom soup or salad recipe!

  22. WOW! I adore quinoa, and I can't wait to try your salad! It sounds scrumptious and springy!!

  23. This salad looks great and I am going to try it, especially with the sun-dried tomatoes! They give such a punch to a dish. I am attempting to use more grains in my cooking lately so keep these recipes coming!

  24. Hi Ashley, never mind, there is always next month!

    Hi Astra Libris, I hope you do try it!

    The sundried tomatoes were lovely in the salad, Deb!


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