Six Word Memoir


£450 - read on....

Johanna has tagged me for a six word memoir. I have to choose 6 words to describe myself.






The last one, I don't get to indulge enough, but I can look! Graham agrees with impatience and suggested I add ratty, but things did pick up a bit when he said I should add generous. I will let him live!

I would like to tag:

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Thanks to you all for giving it a go!


  1. mmmmmmm shoes! Because we are in school again and I am a "campus girl" I don't get to wear as many heels and other girly shoes as I would like....doesn't mean I can't fantasize! Glad your hubby isn't in too much trouble!

  2. Funny, I look at those shoes and all I can think is, "Ouch."

    But love the list!

  3. I don't know you enough to judge if they are correct description of you but..for the shoe I completely understand you plus I have to add bags!!

  4. Since pregnancy and children came into my life, I haven't worn a pair of high heels for at least 12 years. But I still understand the yearning. My daughter didn't believe Mummy had ever worn anything like that, so I put a pair of REALLLY high heels on last week in a shoe shop. Cue me falling over when I discovered that I couldn't take a single step!!!!!

    Pass me my Dr Scholls please.

  5. Glad you got to have some fun with Graham over the tag (E came up with impatient for me but I rejected it as too rude of him!) I can't help thinking that all these are great attributes for a shoe blogger except the shoes which do look painful (and glamourous and haughty!)

  6. Thanks Holler I'll have a think! Your post inspired me to go shoe shopping today - it was great, thanks!!!

  7. Hi Mary, I don't wear my high heels often, but they have their own clear boxes and I can look at them! How sad is that!

    Hey Ricki, Beauty is suffering, I will back that up with the word 'wax', what can I say!

    I am aren't I? But I know you love
    me lots Pixie!

    I'll have the bags too Silvie!

    It takes practise Lynn. I always suffer, when the summer hits and I am used to using lower heels.

    Yay Yvonne! Did you succomb and buy some?

  8. Oy, I'm with Ricki. "OUCH" it is! I am just not girly enough for that suffering... but for some reason, I can do wax! More than you wanted to know!

    And Impatient and BOSSY!? Where'd that come from? Are we still in the phase of friendship where you're totally faking me out? Because I've *NEVER* seen that. From G., yes of course. From you, never and no... ;)

  9. Whoa, girl, could you walk in those things?

    I have a shoe-fetish but it's a *comfortable* shoe fetish. I walk everywhere, so I'm constantly searching for a comfy pair of shoes. I don't own one right now, and it's devestating :-(

  10. How do you walk in those shoes! You are too fun!

  11. I do love my shoes but I really can't walk in heels very well... More of a bag lady, myself :-) (With enough room in the bag to store the flats I need in case my feet get too sore from the heels!)

  12. Hey Holler! Thanks for the tag, I'm thinking about it now :-)

  13. Hi Tadmack, Oh, I do love you! G gets the best or is that the worst of me?

    Hi Judith, I have to admit I recently bought comfortable shoes for work, but they are cute!

    Hi Deb, Love is strong!

    Hey Jen, I could walk slowly and carefully in these shoes, I would honest, if only I could have them! I have to admit though, that when I wear a higher heel to work, I usually take a back up pair with me!

    Hi Julia, I await your response!

  14. Hey shoe-freak! I got tagged for this too... A girl can never have enough pairs of shoes in my opinion. It's hard to think of the words though isn't it? My boyfriend suggested 'moody'! How rude!

  15. Long time no hear shoe freak! Ha, great stuff. Them mems can be revealing eh!?


  16. Hi Helen, I am thinking the menfolk are enjoying this, unlikely to be repeated opportunity to tell us exactly what they think of us! It is a good job that we can take it on the chin!

  17. Hi David,
    You have been doing a lot of meaty stuff recently, but I love you chocolate slice, so I have stopped lurking and made comment on that post. I have been around, just very busy and tired!

  18. All right, Holler, I've done your meme! We did them both at once.

  19. Thanks for that Tadmack! I am off to have a look now!


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