No Croutons Required - May

It is time for me to host No Croutons Required.

But first, I suspect you would like to find out who won the Mushroom Challenge in April.

The winner was Suganya over at Tasty Palettes. Suganya won the challenge with her Baked Portobello.

Doesn't it look mouthwatering?

If you missed the mushroom challenge, you can catch up with the roundup here.
On with the challenge!

To celebrate the end of Winter, we are asking for a salad.

Our theme this month is cheese, be it blue, crumbly, creamy, pongy, smoky, gooey or chewy. From vegetarian to vegan.

The Rules

1. Post about your Cheese Salad.

2. Mention "No Croutons Required" in your post and link back to Tinned Tomatoes. You are free to use the "No Croutons Required" logo in your post.

3. Email me a link to your post at and include your name, the name of your blog, your location and the name of your dish, with any anecdotes.

4. Entries must be in by 20 May 2008.

The roundup of entries will then be posted and readers will be able to vote for their favorite salad in the poll.

The winning salad will be announced at the end of the month and the winner will receive this super duper badge to display on their blog.

5. Good luck :)


  1. I was all excited as I have a cheesy soup I want to do and then I saw it was a salad! Hmm will have to think about it - and try not to forget to serve the cheese altogether like I did tonight - but I can see that sugyana's mushrooms were great inspiration!

  2. Sugyana's mushroom was my favourite too and perfect theme as I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese! ;)

    and a marmite dressing would be perfect for it too ;)

  3. Looking forward to this one--making up some vegan cheese that isn't processed is a true challenge!! :)

  4. Hi Johanna, cheesy soup, I am intrigued! Yes, you are right, Sugyana's mushrooms could easily be served up for this month's challenge!

    Hey Pixie, I love, love love cheese too! Wish it wasn't so hard on my waistline! It is worth it though, but only without the marmite :0

    I wait with baited breath Ricki. Go to it girl!

  5. Yum, that port mush looks super delish! I will make a salad recipe this weekend and submit, sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. Thanks Erik, I look forward to seeing your salad :)

  7. Hmmm...a cheese salad. Should cheese be one of the main ingredients, or can it play a supporting role?

  8. Hi Vicarious Foodie, as long as cheese of some sort is included, then that is ok :)

  9. wow cheesy salad! yum! I actually posted about a favourite cheesy salad recipe a little while ago, but I'm guessing you are calling for new posts for this event? If so, no worry - i shall just have to get thinking about a new one!

  10. Hi Frances, yes new posts. You could always look at adapting the one you loved, if it is a good one!

  11. i am always looking for new food events to force me to keep coming up with new gluten free recipes and was wondering if i could join your challange

  12. Perfect timing Holler as it is getting to be the salad time of year! I think I have mine all picked out!

  13. That looks great! And lol@pixie's marmite comment

  14. Holler, Thanks for hosting this exciting event. Many thanks for the award too :)

  15. Hi Terri, nice to meet you! I do hope you will join in :)

    It is good you grow your own Deb! I look forward to your entry, bet it will be good!

    Hi Kevin, That Pixie and her Marmite, tsk! You don't like that vile stuff too, do you?

    You deserved it Suganya, really you do! Mmmmm, lovely mushrooms, I might have to buy some tomorrow!

  16. sounds interesting as cheese can be added to any salad:) will try to think of something!

    btw, I am hosting the monthly mingle on my blog this time and would be great if you could participate!:)

  17. Hi Mansi, I hope you enter your challenge.

    I will go have a look at your challenge, I haven't joined that one before!

  18. A food blogging event focused on CHEESE! I blog from Wisconsin - America's Dairyland so this is one event I'll have to participate in. Thanks for hosting it.

  19. Hi,visiting ur blog for the first time....u have a wonderful blog and the idea of adding Cheese to a salad is gr8!!Would love to see u on my blog..

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