Cheese Please!

This cat has a cheese radar! I swear!

As soon as you take any cheese out of the fridge, his antennae go up and he has an internal cheese alert. He is at your feet in a flash and then the meowing begins. This shows he is not a smart cookie, because it alerts the other two cats to the fact that Elmo might be about to be given something and whizz, they are at your feet too!

If I was Elmo, I would keep quiet!


  1. Elmo is aptly named. Either he is the loveable, naive one from Sesame Street or he likes to be the calm beforte the storm as in St. Elmo's Fire. The appearance of St. Elmo's Fire was regarded as a good omen:D

  2. there is a look of a rascal in those eyes! I didn't realise you had three cats - is that like having three prima donnas flouncing about?

  3. :-D it's like me with chocolate!
    Ahaha..that's great and he has such clever eyes!
    He's lovely dear!

  4. Our cat, Stripe, does the same thing! She knows the difference btw the crinkle of a cheese wrapper and any other kind of wrapper. She can even be in the basement sleeping but if you get a square of cheese from the refrigerator, she is suddenly sitting right behind you, waiting for her share. Elmo is very handsome, by the way.

  5. I bet he likes watching Wallace & Gromit then!

    Adorable:) I hope his ear is better now?

  6. ok, first time to your blog and what do i see? that adorable cat! she kind of looks like one i know and love. cats are the best...

  7. What a little sweetie. That's too funny! I used to have a cat who did the exact same thing. Of course, we just had to give him a few nibbles.

  8. Hi Val, He is loveable and naive, except when it comes to cheese :)

    Only one of them is a prima donna, Johanna. He thinks he calls the shots, but not Elmo.

    He is a lovely dear Silvia, he has the sweetest nature.
    I won't tell about the chocolate :P

    Hi vb, it's funny isn't it?

    His ear is pretty much ok now Pia, thanks.

    Hi weareneverfull, thanks for visiting my blog, it's always nice to meet new people :)

    I love cats too, couldn't be without one.

    Hey Lisa, It's hard to resist a beseeching little face, isn't it?

    Hi Vicarious Foodie, He is to me anyway :)

  9. Aww, he's so cute! You could easily turn me into a cat lover with photos of Elmo!

  10. Sounds like my kitties when I start to use the can opener...

  11. Holler, Our "Spooky" could be a litter-mate to your Elmo! How adorable he is. :)

    I once had eight cats at once, it was so much fun. Every one of them knew when I was opening a can of tuna for lunch-- I'd even go to the garage and shut the door to use the (manual) can opener. I'd open the door into the kitchen and most of them would be sitting there, tails wagging, faces lifted to me in anticipation. They would get the water drained from the fish... ;)


  12. He is a cutie Nicisme, well I think so anyway :)

    Hi Honey, my cat's don't get so excited about their cat food.

    Happy kitties, Vicci!

  13. That is the cutest cat ever! My dog used to adore cheese too but it had an unfortunate side effect - a slight windiness later on!

  14. Awww, too much information, Caked Crusader!

  15. Oh...what a lovely kitty. My Seamus is missing and has been for several days. I fear he is gone forever. Found your blog thru A Wee Bit of Cooking. Going to look around more. LOVELY recipes too.


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