Dream Castle

The Dream Castle Restaurant.

We had dinner on the roof of this restaurant with Graham's parent's and his aunt & uncle. The views were stunning, we could see Hilarion Castle nestling in the hills behind us and a fabulous panoramic view across Girne, down to the sea. On a clear day you can see Turkey. Unfortunately, the photos I took of the view were a bit out of focus, but I did get a photo of rather handsome looking cockerel.

Graham & I shared a vegetarian meze for a starter. It was lovely. Hummus, beetroot, yoghurt, feta, a garlic dip, rocket, olives and pitta.

For our main course we both ordered vegetable kebabs, which had that lovely chargrilled flavour. Most enjoyable and I was only bitten on the ankle twice, not by the kebabs, I hasten to add!

For dessert, instead of bringing us a menu the waiter brought around some baklava and fruit; apple, honeydew melon and big slices of juicy watermelon, which are in season here and so refreshing. I thought that was a really lovely idea for dessert, a nice touch.

We finished our meal with a drink on the house. Graham had a diet pepsi, but I sipped and savoured a mint liqueur. Why do these always taste so good on holiday, but languish in a cupboard gathering dust, at home?


  1. all sounds like delicious grub and it does taste good on holidays when you can be relaxed and have so little demands upon you!

  2. That meze plate sounds fabulous! And it's true, so many drinks are great when you're away, but are forgotten at home!

  3. What a lovely meal in a lovely place! Yes it's too bad we don't enjoy the tastes of vacation as much when we are at home!

  4. It all sounds like a dream vacation to me. I am hurrying to my map to see where it all took place. :o)

  5. Sounds like a fantastic meal in a really festive environment. Thanks for sharing! I think it is because we are RELAXED on vacation that we can actually take the time to savor a meal and tastes!

  6. Hi Johanna, You are probably right, we are more laid back on holiday.

    Hey Ricki, I think I am going to experiment with meze when I get home.

    Hi Judy, it is a really lovely place, such great views!

    Top left of Cyprus, Grannyloohoo.

  7. You are right Jenn, I am usually tired and in too much of a rush to enjoy things at home in quite the same way.

  8. Looks lovely. As it is still WAY below 20oC here at home, I am living vicariously through you right now. Soak up some sun for me. :)

  9. Looks and sound yum!

    The food/drinks we enjoy while on holiday, but perhaps not as much when at home, are a bit like clothes and stuff *we* tend to buy when we "go native" on holidays - they rarely look all that when at home again. Often best left as a very pleasant memory that fitted that moment and place in time...:)

    Btw, your word-verification thinks I'm an oddpoto - that might very well be true...;)

  10. Hi Wendy, could you arrange for some better weather for us getting home, please?

    Hi Pia, You are a lovely odd poto!

    I buy shoes on holiday and they are always a good idea :)

  11. So glad you are enjoying your holiday Holler and still taking a few moments to document the food and the atmosphere for us.

  12. That's ok Val, I am glad you are dropping by :)


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