Girne Kalesi - Girne Castle

I have just realised that I haven't taken any photos of food since I got here. What is happening to me?

The food has been lovely, just not cooked by me. I pledge to do better, but until then I will give you a little taste of the food without the photos.

The first night we arrived, Graham's mum made us a lovely pasta dish that was packed to the gunnels with vegetables. She fried off some red, yellow and green peppers, with carrots and onions in a little butter and separately cooked mushrooms and green beans. These were all tossed in with the pasta and served with Parmesan. On the whole sauce verses pasta debate, the topping definitely won in this case and it was delicious.

Last night we had little, mini quiches made with flaky pastry. The bottom of the quiches were filled with caramelised onion and topped with cheddar and egg. The feast is only beginning! We had these with crispy potato wedges (the locals are learning the secret of these from Graham's mum), salad, beetroot and homemade coleslaw (to die for). It was so good that we all had extra portions and then felt the need to lie down.

Today we have been visiting Girne Castle and I did think to take some photos there, so I will share a few with you.


Graham & I had left over mini quiche tonight, revamped with mushrooms on top and I remembered to take a photo. They look less quichey now the mushrooms are covering them, but they were very tasty.

I have to stress that my mother-in-law did not dress my plate and in fact it would have looked better with less and more carefully arranged! I could learn a thing or two I think!

And...... look at that pitta bread, so much nicer than the cardboard-like pitta we are sold in the UK!


  1. The scenery is beautiful! As is all that delicious food. I'm jealous!

  2. It looks beautiful there! So glad you're eating well and having a great time.

  3. Looks gorgeous - and to think you can do all your home cooking in that amazing castle (oh right, I guess it is not your hotel!) Enjoy your holiday and hope the delicious food continues

  4. It sounds like you are having just an amazing time there! And everything--food, scenery--looks gorgeous! (And aren't you sweet for mentioning that your MIL wasn't the one who set up the plate--not that it looked bad anyway!) :)

  5. Hi Romina, it is lovely here, gorgeous scenery wherever you go. You can be here with me virtually as I am going to bore everyone with lots of photos!

    Hi Atxvegn, We are certainly eating well here. I am trying to swim lots to work some of it off!

    Hi Johanna, we did have a fresh lemonade in the castle gounds.

    We are living in Graham's parent's villa.

    Hi Ricki, I just threw everything on the plate and then decided to take the photo. Not much planning involved. I ate everyting too, this sea air is giving me a great appetite :)

  6. Gorgeous pizza bread! Your photos make me feel like I am away on holiday :D

  7. Hi Lore, nice to meet you! I just had a nip over to your blog, very nice :)

    You are eight of course the Pitta bread would make lovely pizza!

  8. Hi Holler! *Waving*

    Sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time. Your photos are lovely and the pasta Graham's mom made sounds delish! Must try something like that. And OMG, those mini quiches look awesome, especially with all the mushrooms on top -- I LOVE mushrooms.

    Thanks for dropping by my place. You're welcome to "snoop" around anytime you want. I'm looking forward to reading your Chickpea Soup recipe post. :-)

  9. Sounjds like you are having a fabulous time:D

  10. That castle looks interesting and the food looks good.

  11. Wow, that looks so beautiful. You must be having an amazing time!

  12. We have a great pita bread recipe -- just need a toaster oven to make them at home. Castles look lovely and the skies are gorgeous and clear.

  13. Hi Lynne, *waving back* !

    The quiche were lovely first day, but even better with the mushrooms. Isn't everything always better with mushrooms?

    I was planning to make the soup that is similar to your African Chicpea & Spinach Soup soon. I said it was almost the same, but I add lemon juice to mine and use fresh coriander. It's lovely stuff :)

    Have you thought of submitting it to our No Croutons Required challenge? It would be perfect and you could just add a link to us at the end of the post.

    Hi Val, it is lovely here, you would like it, it is definitely your kind of place :)

    Hi Kevin, I always like castles. This one homes the remains of a shipwreck from 300BC.

    Hi Vicarious Foodie, our holiday is just going too fast!

    Hey there Tadmack, it is great here (wish you were here)! Are you having a good holiday or should I say vacation?

  14. Hi Holler!

    It was either quite late or I was distracted when I sent you my comment. Sorry, I meant to say "pitta bread", still I do like the pizza idea that emerged out of my mistake :D.

  15. No, you were spot on with your pizza bread comment Lore. I have made pizza on naan bread before and because the pitta is a litle puffier here, it would be great too! But, I don't know, you have pizza on the brain just like Graham, lol :P

  16. Oh, castle, lovely, lovely, can't have too many of them!

    Food sounds delicious too! Is the whole extended family vegetarians?

  17. Hi Pia, castles are always good fun! This one was a bit scary on top, you could easily fall to your death. I had kitten heels on, so I decided it wasn't safe and got down quick sharpish!

    The extended fmily are not veegie, but fid they eat alot of veggie meals here in the sun.

  18. Holler I love seeing those castle photos! I am reading "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon and every time I pick up the book I think of you since this takes place in your territory!

  19. You are such a sweetie Deb!


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