The Great Big Veg Challenge

Take one mum and a seven year old boy, who won't eat his vegetables, put them together, with a idea for a blog, an alphabet of vegetables and a cup full of hope and what you end up with is The Great Big Vegetable Challenge!

In November 2006, Charlotte Hume had a eureka moment. She had lost all hope that she would ever be able to persuade her seven year old son, Freddie, to eat his vegetables. It was the archetypal dinner time debate that goes on across the land, "If you eat your peas you can have some pudding!".

Charlotte decided enough was enough and that another approach was needed. This is when she had the idea of starting up a blog charting her family's adventures through an alphabet of vegetable recipes. Charlotte appealed to bloggers around the world to send her recipes for each letter, which were tried out, photographed and posted with a score out of 10 from Freddie.

I have really enjoyed tuning in to see what new adventure Freddie and Charlotte had immersed themselves in. The posts were a joy to read and the vegetable stories were quite hilarious at times. There was the case of the stolen pumpkin, the naming and shaming fridge and my personal favourite, the post about horseradish and paintball commandos!

Alas, Charlotte and Freddie have come to the end of the alphabet and I don't think I will be the only one in mourning. However, all is not lost and we can still get our daily fix. I am getting to the good bit now! Charlotte and Freddie's adventures are 'on sale now, at all good bookstores'! Yay! I have my order placed and I think everyone should have their own copy of the Great Big Veg Challenge!

And now for a spot of fun!

Last year, Charlotte and Freddie challenged us to create a Vegetable Face and the results were posted as a slide show. Very amusing it was too! Well, now it is time for us all to contribute another vegetable face, this time to celebrate the end of The Great Big Vegetable Challenge. So let's all join in and give Charlotte and Freddie a good send off!

Post your Vegetable Faces, link here and email Charlotte with a picture of your vegetable face, your name and location and you may win a copy of their fabulous new book.

This is definitely not my area of expertise, however I have put together a little owl for your amusement!


  1. I've loved reading the great big vegetable challenge. Your owl is great!

  2. I'd never heard of her blog before--it sounds wonderful. And love that owl face! Looks pretty expertly done, to me! :)

  3. Hi Jules, it is a great blog, isn't it!

    Hi Ricki, Thank you :) My first try was pathetic, even the cat wouldn't have his photo taken with it!

  4. Holler, your little owl is adorable :) Nicely done.

  5. I never imagined I would ever have that as a comment when I started this blog LOL!

    Rhank you Kevin :)

  6. cute owl - wonder what he gets up to at night when the lights go off :-)

  7. Hi Johanna, I just wouldn't like to think what he gets up too!

    Hey Davimack, no, I stuck him back in the fridge, I am keeping him for curry tonight! Seems sick doesn't it?

  8. Nah - and the curry will be nice with the cardamom pods, too. That's why I asked, really - I was wondering if he'd go in whole, or if you were going to dismember him before cooking.

  9. That sounds even sicker Davimack!

  10. I will be sad to see Freddie & Charlotte come to the end of the alphabet.I have always thought she had a grreat idea there to get her kids to eat veggies. Love your owl!!

  11. Hi Val, I agree with you, it was a great idea and such an inspiration for parents.

    I am glad you like my owl :)

  12. Holler
    Thank you SO much for all that you have said here. It is so kind...we have loved the blogging journey - and it keeps going on. It is a family addiction now!
    The owl face is superb...then Freddie and I read down the page and saw OH NO! Holler is EATING the owl which is not good....
    Such a sweet face to be consumed in a curry..(and you call yourself a vegetarian!)
    Thanks again for a lovely post

  13. Hi Charlotte, I am glad that you enjoyed the post and that your are keeping going with the blog, phew!
    The owl had a reprieve, he is resting in the fridge!

  14. That vegetable challenge sounds wonderful! It is so important to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies from a young age!

    Also, I love the owl, so creative!

  15. Hi Corinne, it is a fun challenge, once you see all the results, but I didn't have too much fun making Mr Owl, very stressful!

  16. Your owl is fun - perfect for the book. The book is completely outstanding -

  17. Hi Alanna, I am with you there!


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