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My good friend Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe was tagged to to a Top Ten Photos Meme. She has left it open, for her readers to take up the challenge and I thought, "Yes, I would like to do this meme!". Usually I just don't know what to say in a meme about myself, but my food photos, well they are much more interesting than I am, any day!

1 Raspberry, Carrot & Basil Smoothie

I made this smoothie with frozen fruit, but now that berries are in season again, there is no excuse not to make this again with fresh fruit.

2 Truffle Torte

Something a little less healthy and a little more wicked from the gorgeous James Martin. Boy do I love the twinkle in that man's eyes and he also does a mean dessert! This is my 'take along to parties' recipe, everyone loves chocolate and this is torte is unctuous!

3 Spicy Tiffin Eggs

It's picnic season and what could be better to pack in your hamper than these vegetarian scotch eggs?

I am trying to be very positive about the weather, in order to give it a bit of a push. It has rained and rained and rained, here in Scotland, but it should be picnic weather, so cross your fingers for us!

4 Beetroot Salad

Picnic food!

5 Spinach & Feta Triangles or Spanakopita as they are known in Greece (Peter?)

More Picnic Food!!!!

6 Rhubarb & Orange Jam

Last Autumn, I really got into making preserves, so come March when rhubarb was beginning to appear, I just had to make some jam with it.

I am trying to ease Graham into liking rhubarb after a life long hatred of it and this jam certainly helped. I also sneaked some rhubarb into a Strawberry Fool with Rhubarb Goo, Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble and Potato Salad with a Rhubarb & Balsamic Dressing. The potato salad has to be my favourite way to use rhubarb. It tastes so good, you have to try it!

OK, I am wittering! I knew this would happen, I do apologise :)

7 Pea Pesto.

This pesto recipe has become a firm favourite in this household and my yoga friend Hilary, is now addicted to it too! It is great on pasta, so I entered this recipe into Ruth's weekly Presto Pasta Nights, which is a fabulous line-up of pasta recipes, which are showcased every Friday night.

8 Mushroom, Potato & Aubergine Curry

Or curry in a hurry, as I like to think of it! This is the recipe I turn to if I want to make a quick, but satisfying meal and I just don't have time for grinding and toasting spices. I do so love mushrooms! I had to get a mushroom dish in here, somewhere :)

9 Chocolate & Pecan Cookies with a surprise inside

I obtained this recipe,*ahem* from Fruit Tart and they are amazing! They are officially my favourite cookies and my work colleagues love them too. Well, all except David the chocoholic! So,why is he in despair? Well, I keep forgetting to make a batch without nuts for him and he hates nuts in chocolate, whoops :P

I nearly forgot to tell you what the surprise inside is! It is a gooey caramel filling, courtesy of Nestle's Rolos. Of course, I keep my last Rolo for Graham.

10 Spicy Orange Soup

Or if truth be told, it is Spicy Butternut Squash Soup. I called it Spicy Orange Soup because of the beautiful colour, but on reflection this was just confusing for everyone!

This is my favourite and last photo, so now I will tag a few of the bloggers, whose photos I particularly admire.

Lucy at Nourish Me
Katy at Sugarlaws
Peter at Kalofagas
Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking
Ashley at Eat Me Delicious
Ricki at Diet, Dessert & Dogs
Spaghetti at A Forkful of Spaghetti


  1. Great photos Holler, I also love the butternut squash soup photo and the raspberry basil smoothie! Delicious! Those Scotch eggs are adorable too! Thanks for the trip down memory lane - such tasty memories!

  2. Great photos! I still have to try that pea pesto mmm. And that mushroom, potato and aubergine curry mmmmmmm. I feel honoured to be tagged. :)

  3. Hi Jenn,The butternut squash soup is my autumn favourite and I have just reminded myself about the scotch eggs, so I plan to make them soon!

    Hi Ashley, it is very civilised here in blogland. When I was at primary school and we played tag, we used to punch each other so hard on the arm, that we often got dead arms.

    I look forward to seeing which photos you pick Ashley :)

  4. oh fun! what a good excuse to go back though all my old recipes! :-) your truffle torte looks AMAZING!

  5. Thanks for the tag, Holler! Loved all your photos, but that truffle torte got me drooling. And I've added the beetroot salad and pea pesto to my (ever-growing) list of must-try's! :)

  6. Gorgeous photos. This post reminds me I have been meaning to try your tiffin eggs since I saw the recipe.

  7. Lovely photos! Reminded me of a few recipes of yours I meant to try. :)

    Thanks for the tag. Will definitely do this one.

    Question: what made you think I used to paint???

  8. This is a real compliment, after seeing your marshmallow posts Katy!

    Hi Ricki, the truffle torte is heavenly!

    Thanks Lisa, you really should try the tiffin eggs :)

  9. Hi Wendy, I mustn't have had my lenses in! You wrote pant and I read paint, doh!

    Glad you are taking up the challenge :)

  10. Well, if I had to pick (and it's Quite Hard) I'd say my fav two are a tie between Tiffin Eggs and Beetroot Salad. I love the softness of light in both, but it's the setting of the salad image that draws me in.

    You're on. Might take me a while, but yes, you're on, Holler!

  11. Yay, let the games begin Lucy!

  12. Holler, smashing photos...ya got some sexy pictures there.

    Thank you for tagging me...I'll do my best to play, again no promises.

  13. Those are all just beautiful.

  14. I'm so glad you did this tag, Holler - it is lovely seeing all that wonderful food again - and I love that green rooster. Reminds me I must make pea pesto again soon. And I am eyeing off the smoothie, as I am quite into them at the moment - makes winter seem more bearable.

  15. Great photos, love 'em all, but the smoothie makes me want to run into the kitchen and make it right now!

  16. Thank you Peter! Did I get the Greek name for the spinach & feta triangles right, by the way?

    Thank yoou Diann :)

    It is odd, thinking of you in Winter just now Johanna. Plenty of smoothies then to ward of colds!

    Go with you instinct Nic, they are yummy!

  17. The smoothie and the carrot soup are my faves Holler, very impressive!


  18. Thanks David!

    Like the new photo :)

  19. So much loveliness all in one place! That orange soup is simply stunning... a thing to be worshipped for sure. :)

  20. i'm loving two in particular--the tiffin eggs (i have a thing for layers) and the spinach and feta triangles (i have a thing for flaky pastry). lovely. :)

  21. These are all excellent photos Holler. Each one of these dishes jumps off the page and are certainly droolworthy:D

  22. Catering EquipmentTuesday, 15 July, 2008

    Amazing photos!

  23. Thank you Lo!

    They are both worth trying Grace :)

    Thanks Val!

    Hey Catering Equipment, thank you for that!

  24. Yummy! I especially love the curry recipe--think I'll put the ingredients on my grocery list and make it this week! BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog--please drop in again soon!

  25. Hi Veggie Mom, It's nice to meet you! You will definitely enjoy the curry, it is such an easy and tasty one :)

  26. Lovely photos, Holler. You're making me extremely hungry and I've got to go to bed soon! Maybe there's just time for a late night snacklette... :-)

  27. I know what you mean Jen, looking at food blogs before you go to bed is really not a good idea. It is too easy to get the nibbles!

  28. Those are some nice photos!

  29. Your photos are gorgeous! I am awed and tempted by all of them! I know I will be returning to this post several times, as I cook my way through your incredible top 10 collection... I think I want to start with the mushroom, potato, and aubergine curry... YUM!

  30. fantastic photos!
    I love the chocolate...yum!

  31. I love these photos--thanks for sharing! They've made me so hungry, I've gotta run--time for lunch now! Isn't it neat that food can be so artistic?

  32. These photos really look so good then you.


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