Charity Walk - Random Six

Lynn over at Lynn's Cooking Blog, was kind enough to tag me for a 6 random facts meme, so I have decided to throw out 6 random facts about my walk on Sunday.

1. Walk - 20 miles (32km) from the Tay Bridge, (which crosses the River Tay from Dundee to the Kingdom of Fife) to St Andrews via Tentsmuir forest.

2. Destination - St. Andrews - Home of golf (the Open), the oldest university in Scotland and named after Saint Andrew the Apostle.

3. Charity - Vine Trust's Amazon Hope. Doctors from our local hospital use their holiday leave to travel out to the Amazon to give free health care.

4. Terrain - footpath, forest, field, bog, farmyard and roadside.

5. Wildlife - dogs, cats, swans, seals (not this time I am afraid, but they are there), butterflies, ladybirds, wasps, cows, a bull, horses and a flash of a deer.

6. Lunch - it is a tradition between myself and my friend Andrew to swap lunch on our walks. I took along wraps filled with pesto, salad leaves, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes, one of my all time favourites. My swapped lunch was also a wrap, with carrots, sliced mushroom, salad leaves and cream cheese mixed with a coriander pesto and topped with chutney. Thank you for lunch Andrew. Delicious :P

Thanks to Angie for the good company and the photos :)


And on another note, thanks to Usha from Veg Inspiration for this kind award.


  1. your charity walk seems a lot more interesting than some of the charity runs I do here in MIchigan. we are on hot, tarred city streets and for us stragglers in the later half, we are lucky to get hot bug filled water at the mile markers. I am doing one next weekend for Special Olympics. its 10 miles, very hilly and usually at least 80F. Trade ya?

  2. Lovely photos. I wish we had the public footpaths in Australia like in the UK - they really do open up the countryside - and it is so green

  3. Hi Jan, I think I will keep our walks. I like a varied walk and anyway tarmac is hard on the feet :(

    Hi Johanna, we are lucky with our countryside and the access we have to it.

  4. Love the wraps! Love the photo's

  5. Oh Holler I am lovin your pics of the countryside, thanks so much for sharing and being part of a great charity walk.

    Am also loving that wrap :)

  6. Glad you enjoyed the piccies Ohio Mom. I am so glad that Angie took her camera. I couldn't fit mine into my overstuffed bag, full of lots of waterproofs, plasters, water and food!

  7. BTW Ive found you on facebook!

  8. Hi Beth, I signed up, but have never used it. I don't think it is for me really. Do you use it much?

  9. It looks like there was some nice scenery on the walk. Those wraps look transportable and tasty.

  10. beautiful photos...the walk looks great, and anything for charity, even scrambling up a hill, is well worth it.

    Great blog!

  11. Hi Kevin, yeah, it was a nice route scenery wise and the wraps were yummy!

    Nice to meet you Vegan Cowgirl :)

  12. Congrats on your award Holler and what a walk through beautiful countryside:D


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