Edinburgh Fringe

Graham & I joined our good friends, Tadmack & Davimack from Wish I Were Baking in Edinburgh for the Fringe. It wasn't a very nice day to visit Edinburgh, because it rained all day, but we had a good time. We wandered the streets watching everything that was going on, we went to a museum, for lunch and to see a show. A great day!

I want to share some photos with you. Not the best photos, but they will give you a lovely glimpse of the gorgeous architecture there.


  1. Thanks for sharing those photos. What a fun day for you!

  2. how was the show (the fringe is very hit and miss in my experience )

    great photos - but some of these are at such weird angles it looks like you were drunk - more a reflection on the weird geography of edinburgh than you but still amsuing!

  3. That last photograph is STUNNING! Where was that taken?

    And the weird angles Johanna talks about, I always have that problem taking photos there too! It's a topsy-turvey city. :)

  4. Yay! You beat us to posting on it, though. We've just now gotten to posting the pictures up on Flickr, but haven't had a minute to write it up yet.

    Thanks once again for a great day, despite the rain!

  5. Big sigh - you're making me homesick :-(

    Still, sounds like you had a fab time. It's such a lovely city to wander around.

  6. I love the photos, having ancestors that came from Scotland it is a place I have always wanted to visit.

    Thanks :)

  7. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. =) I can't wait to go to Scotland!

  8. one day. one day i shall see all that for myself. :)

  9. as been a while since I last went to Edinburgh. Must plan a new visit soon.

  10. Can you believe Ive never been to Edinburgh - an old schol friend is a doctor there now so have no excuses! Would love to visit

  11. Having read a good deal of fiction taking place in Scotland, I have always wanted to visit there. Since the chances are incredibly slim, however, I thank you for posting such beautiful photos. :)


  12. Fabulous pictures Holler, especially that last one - it's stunning.

  13. the last photo was taken from the car as we crossed the forth road bridge, so amazed it worked...

  14. I do love Edinburgh Diann!

    I can assure you I was sober Johanna, but I see what you mean.

    The show was good, but the venue was very stuffy and too hot!

    Hi Wendy, the last photo was a lucky one. I took it as we were whizzing over the Forth Road Bridge. Lots of girders to get in the way.

    I will have a look at those photos, Davimack.

    It is Jen, my very favourite :)

    You should have a visit if you can Ohio Mom.

    Hi Ashley, glad you enjoyed the photos!

    Hi Grace, I hope you do!

    Hi Valentina, if you want a quiet visit, wait until the Fringe is over :)

    Absolutely no excuse Beth!

    My pleasure Vicci!

    Thank you Julia :)

    Ye of little faith Graham! I say Ha! to you.

  15. Nice shots! I've been to the fringe in Ediburgh twice and have always really enjoyed it.

    Kind of odd - but there's something about the smell of Ediburgh that I really love.

  16. that's the brewery :)


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