Woman's Best Friend

I would like to introduce you to one of my bestest friends in the whole world (as I used to say when I was about 6)- Elmo.

I spent some time in the garden with Elmo this afternoon, soaking up a few rare rays of sun. I couldn't resist taking some photos of him, he is just so cute!

It has been a bit of a poor week, food wise, with just soup and some simple everyday dishes making an appearance, but I did made some veggie sausages rolls today, using mushrooms, which turned out great. I will be posting about them later.

Hope you all had a good weekend :)


  1. He looks mischiveously cute:) How's his ear nowadays?

  2. I bet he is a rascal but he has lovely colouring - there is nothing like time out with a cat in the sun - that's what we were doing this weekend too - our zinc actually comes to the door to demand we come outside with her

  3. I'm not much of a cat person, but Elmo does look very sweet. :)

  4. I miss having a cat, and now that we've got a garden again.....hmmm

    I was also out, gathering in the rays as I don't think we'll have many more chances this year.

    Glad you had a good weekend.


  5. Greetings to Elmo! Does he have a blog?

  6. My cats aren't my best friends at the moment Holler. Cat sick almost every day. Hair ball city. Do you want them? :o)


  7. I am a cat lover too! We have two - Casey and Sophie. Elmo is so darn cute. Looking forward to your veggie sausage roll recipe.

  8. LOL ... he has the same look on his face as my cats when I want to take their pics :)

  9. Aww... I have an orange and white Elmo at my place!

    Elmo... meet Elmo! :)
    Elmo's Diary

  10. Thanks for remembering Pia, it is fine. He had a trip to the vet and some tablets (boy that was fun!) and he is ok now.

    Zinc, that's a good name Johanna! Our cats like us to be out in the garden with them too.

    He is really sweet natured Ricki, although he does moan a bit, if you don't give hime enough attention.

    No, don't say that Lynn! We will get exceptionally good and hot weather from now on!

    Not yet CC, but he has plenty to say at all times, so maybe someday!

    Hi David, maybe once they are over that!. Actually, Graham was up at 4 am with a cat being sick at the front door. At least the culprit picked an easily cleaned spot. Sorry, I know, I know, too much information!

    You will have to post a picture of them Pam :)

    Hi Ohio Mom, It is funny how much they hate cameras, isn't it, whereas dogs quite often like to pose!

    What can I say Lo! Cool :)

  11. Hi Holler! Love the photos of Elmo! Soooo sweet!!!
    Loving all the goodies that you are cooking up lately! Hope all is well your way!

  12. He is just the sweetest puddy-tat.

  13. What a cute little buddy you have there!

  14. Thank you Deb, we are fine. Both feeling a bit wiped out at the moment though. Hope you are well :)

    Thanks Urban Vegan :)

    He is a cutey Kristen!


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