Adopt a Blogger - Part 3

Kristen from Dine and Dish has set the ball rolling for another round of Adopt a Blogger.

This time I have been paired up with Joan over at Foodalogue.

Joan is an experienced foodie, who has a catering company called The Pleasure of Your Company. Joan is a food writer and photographer, but just took up her blog seriously earlier this year.

Here are a few questions I set for Joan:

1. Where are you based Joan? Is it a good location for foodies?

As you’ll see in my post today where I tell a little about my family, I am former New Yorker now residing in South Florida. Palm Beach County to be exact (the southeastern part of a very big state.) Coming from one of the foodie capitals of the world, I am very pleased to say I miss nothing by living here with the possible exception that my area has limited Indian or exotic food like Ethiopian. But it is definitely a foodie destination with a very high occurrence of dining out.

2. How long have you been blogging and why did you decide to set up a food blog?

I’ve been sporadically blogging for a couple of years but only recently became serious a couple of months ago. For me, it was the inevitable collision of my life’s, writing, travel and photography.

3. What kind of cooking do you enjoy? Do you eat differently when you go out for a meal?

I have a Mediterranean palate and most enjoy cooking, entertaining and eating something that has the flavor or style of food from Italy, Spain, and Greece. That is not to say, that I don’t enjoy an appreciation for other cuisines, including good old American meat and potatoes. I do, however, have an aversion to heavily sauced or too rich food and prefer a lighter approach - simply prepared, well-seasoned, aromatic. I do not bake or fry for practical reasons (I don’t have patience and can’t stand the mess in the kitchen.)

4. Where do you find inspiration for the dishes you create?

I find the inspiration for dishes I create from my personal preferences mixed with a common sense approach to promoting (or at least not tearing down) good health and a nod to calories and fat content. And, a huge measure of “what can I do to make this more interesting”.

5. Can you tell us about four of your most creative or successful dishes that you have blogged?

Since I’ve only been at this a couple of months, I would say that based on comments generated, I think the series I ran on Veggie Pastas was well-received particularly the Cauliflower Oreganata Pasta and Pasta Fagioli. I think the most useful post I did was called Finishing Touches Finishing Touches.

Cauliflower Oreganata Pasta

Pasta Fagioli

Finishing Touches

6. Would you blog about a dish that has gone disastrously wrong?

Yes! I think that would be a lot of fun.

7. You have some lovely photos on your blog, Joan. Do you have any good tips for anyone starting out in food photography?

Thanks! This has been a process for me. I have a ‘good eye’ but lack the skill and patience required. Since I don’t have the temperament for a serious camera, my shots are currently made with a Cannon SD 1100 (point & shoot). I’m learning natural light rules and to get in close (sometimes I get too close).

8. Do you think good photos are very important ingredient of a good blog?

For me, it’s an unequivocal YES! It’s critical. I’m a visual person. A catchy name will draw me to a blog but it’s the overall look, design, color palate and photos that will keep me there for a while or make me come back. I immediately click off a black background or busy blog. Again, it’s that patience thing. I don’t want to have to work at it.

9. Which food blogs do you really enjoy visiting?

I recently wrote a piece giving a shout-out to the blogs I visit with frequency. Of course, now I’ll have to add tinned tomatoes.

Here are some of Joan's favourite blogs:

We Are Never Full
Spanish Recipes
La Cocina Nathan
Bren's Flanboyant Eats
Kalofagas - Greek Food & Beyond
The Leftover Queen

and a special mention to Joan's son who runs a photo blog called Foodfight, where the family fight it out in the kitchen with some delicous results. Definitley a spot of food porn.

Thanks for the interview Joan. I am very excited to have such a talented and incredibly sweet new friend.


Joan has kindly posted an interview with yours truly. You can read it here.


  1. Joan sounds like she will be a huge success:D

  2. It's such a great event! I will definitely have to sign up next time. And thanks for introducing Joan's blog.

  3. It is a really cool idea isn't it Ricki and it is always good to meet a new blogger. Although, Joan has a fairly good grasp of things already, so I don't know that I will be helping out much.

  4. Holler, wonderful interview of an up & coming blogger.

    I see some great food coming out of Joan and she has great taste...look at the list of her favourite blogs! lol

  5. what a cool idea - will have to sign up to be adopted next time! :) and i already know i'm gonna love her blog.

  6. She has a great blog Peter, I wish I had found it sooner.

    Not biased about her favourites list at all Peter, huh LOL!

    Hi Arundathi, it is a fun event. I have 3 great adoptees now :)

  7. Thanks Holler for participating in the program. Thanks to Rickie, Bellini, and Arundathi for your comments. I look forward to your visits and making new friends. Thanks,'ve been an inspiration since I discovered food blogging.

  8. That's ok Joan! I am sure you will make some good friends through this :)

  9. Awesome interview, Holler! I'm thinking a visit over there to Joan's blog is on the horizon, for sure.

  10. Hey Lo, hope you do give Joan a visit :)

  11. Great interview. Would you mind if I borrowed some of these questions to ask my adoptee?


  12. Such a wonderful idea, I think she'll be great. Well, I want to be adopted too, please. I need to check out the rules and sign up!
    Cheers, Elra

  13. What a great event. It's always so nice to find a new blog that's full of great stuff!

  14. Go ahead Jules, I don't mind :)

    I am sure that Kristen will be doing it again, as it has proved so popular. You should definitely sign up Elra :)

    You are right there Silvie :)

  15. What a great interview! Glad you two are getting to know each other!

  16. Thanks for hosting the event Kristen :)

  17. I love Joan's blog, thanks for featuring her so we can all know more about her! :)


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