Caramel Coated Popcorn

My mum gave Graham a popcorn maker for Christmas, the year before last. It is one of those gadgets that are put in a cupboard and forgotten. We always meant to get around to using it, but needless to say, we never did.

Last week, I bought a bag of popcorn kernels, thinking they would be good as a low fat snack and they would, but Friday night was movie night and I had some cream sitting in the fridge, which needed to be used up. Caramel coated popcorn sounded just the thing, so the popcorn maker was dragged out of it's hiding place in the cupboard. After a swift reading of the instructions, I quickly made some caramel sauce and then added some kernels to the machine and switched it on. Armed with a bowl underneath the spout I stood and waited in rapt anticipation and it didn't disappoint! It was great! Popcorn started shooting out. Most of it made it into the bowl, but some of it pinged around the kitchen. I was killing myself laughing at this point, but had enough sense to change bowls when the first one was near to overflowing!

We drizzled some of the warm caramel sauce over our popcorn and sat down to watch the French film Le Picard/The Closet, a very funny film starring Daniel Auteuil and GĂ©rard Depardieu.

Caramel Sauce

1 cup caster sugar
3 tbsp water
½ cup double cream
50g/½ stick/8 tbsp butter

Add the sugar and water to a pan and warm up over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Turn up the heat until the syrup starts to bubble and leave bubbling for 5 minutes or so until it has thickened. Take the syrup off the heat and add the butter. Allow to melt, then stir in the cream. Leave the caramel to cool a little before pouring into a clean jam jar. Once cool, store in the fridge, until required.


  1. :) Movie night! Looks like fun!
    We don't have a popper here, but we've perfected doing it in a kettle with the lid on -- and also in a stapled paper bag with a quarter cup of kernels inside! Popcorn addicts are inventive!

    We haven't made caramel coating, however! When my mom made this for me as a child, she used molasses (like treacle, only less sweet), sugar, vinegar, water and margarine or salty butter to make a coating that hardened -- so we had popcorn balls. This definitely looks quicker and just as tasty!

  2. I have a popcorn machine too! Isn't it amazing??? I always make way too much just so I can see the puffed kernels fire out of the machine. Suberb.

  3. Sounds yummy - but definitely needs to be the hard-set kind of caramel, otherwise it gets all over the place!

    Have you thought about adding peanuts & chocolate-covered raisins, as well?

    I'm glad I've already had dinner. ;)

  4. I would go for the less than no fat option too Holler:D

  5. Ive met Gerard - he was filming in Cornwall - on our local beach - about 6 years ago!!! You can't beat popcorn!!

  6. Yum! Perfect movie snack. (And sounds like a pretty good movie, too) ;)

  7. Oh, yum.
    And it's the strangest thing. I was looking for a recipe for caramel popcorn just the other night. This will do nicely!

  8. This is "the bomb" played squarely on our childhood memories and desires.

  9. I adore caramel! I usually spice my popcorn but next time, caramel sauce it is!

  10. We use the biggest saucepan that I've got a lid for, add a little oil and when it's ready, chuck the kernals in. The kids love shaking itto make sure they're all popped!!!! Andy makes the toppings, but I have to tell you that your delicious looking caramel is positively saintly compared to his.

  11. Homemade caramel corn, I am so going to have to make this!

  12. Hi Tadmack, I haven't had popcorn the molasses way, but it does sound good!

    It is much fun indeed Wendy!

    Adding peanuts and chocolate covered raisins, sounds like a plan and a half Davimack, good thinking! Yum :P

    I think it depends what mood you are in Val :)

    What was he filming Beth?

    It is worth watching Ricki!

    I am psychic Lo :)

    I never really had popcorn as a child Peter, but I am glad it brought back good memories for you :)

    Now spiced popcorn does sound interesting Lisa!

    Hi Lynn, I have an image of you all clustered around the cooker now!

    Hi Kevin, I am sure you will make it with flair!

  13. yummy! this looks to be the perfect Movie Night treat :)

  14. It's been ages since I've had caramel corn! It looks so good.

  15. Ooooh, caramel popcorn sounds SO wonderful!! I think I shall make some for the next time we watch a movie... Thank you for the inspiration! I love your story of the pinging popcorn, too - we have a very very elderly popcorn maker that sends popcorn shooting with increasing randomness each year, to the extent that we now have to hold up a towel shield in front of the popcorn maker in self defense... :-)

  16. So what movie did you watch? :)

  17. I am a sucker for caramel. I am so taking out my popcorn machine.

  18. It is a real treat Jo :)

    Thanks Diann :)

    Hi Astra, I am picturing you with that towel held up, repeling pinging popcorn. That must be a funny sight :)

    The Closet. It is a good film and there is a link on the post Cynthia.

    It seems like a popular gadget around here Parker :)

  19. That sounds like much more fun than the microwavable bags! And while I'm generally not a popcorn person, there's always room for caramel corn. Always!

  20. Never attempted to make it at home but you make it look like fun. Need to put this on the list soon.

  21. Hi Mike, I am not someone who automatically reaches for popcorn either, but this machine is great fun, so I think I will be eating it more often!

    Hey Anne, all you need is a movie now :)

    I just wish we had started using it sooner Jude :)


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