No Croutons Required - November Round-Up

This month’s challenge was to make a soup or salad containing pasta. Any pasta - bows, spaghetti, penne, tortellini, ravioli, noodles…………

Here are the entries.

Please vote for your favourite.

The first entry is Kasha Variskes Soup. You may be wondering at this point what type of soup this is, I certainly did! When you go to Andrea’s blog, Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking it all becomes clear.

“Traditionally, in Russia, kasha means porridge and can be made from any whole grain or combination of grains. To me, it means buckwheat groats, and kasha varnishkes is buckwheat and noodles, specifically bowtie noodles”.

(Wisconsin, US)

Next up is Arundathi over at My Food Blog, who brings us a Udon Noodle Soup.

Mushrooms, spring onions and carrots, all floating beautifully alongside noodles and egg strips in a vegetable broth. I think you will agree this is a very pretty dish to serve up.

(Chennai, India)

Ashley from Method has made us a mix between a warm salad and a stew, she calls it her Veggie Stew. It looks very tempting! Who could resist it?

Pinto beans, sweetcorn, spinach, tomatoes, garlic and elbow pasta. Mmmmmm :P

(Binghamton, US)

We are travelling to Georgia next to visit Astra over at Food For Laughter. Astra has made us a Tofu Noodle Stew, her veggie version of a Chicken Noodle Soup, just the thing to perk you up when you are feeling low.

I hope you are feeling better Astra, I think I could safely say on everyone’s behalf, that we are very impressed that you made a dish like this, even though you were ill!

(Georgia, US)

Next up is my entry.

I am loving butternut squash just now! It is that time of year isn’t it? It will be the same as last year and the year before. I will eat loads of squash until I scunner myself of it and that will be it, the love affair will be finished for another year, leaving me to get all excited about it all over again next year!

I opted to make a Squash, Carrot & Noodle Soup, flavoured with chilli, garlic, ginger and peanut butter and topped with a sprinkling of roasted peanuts. Boy was it good!
(not in vote)

(Dundee, Scotland)

We are moving on to a shell pasta next.

Bean and Pasta Soup created by Sweatha over at Tasty Curry Leaf. This is a Tuscan style soup, filled with spinach, navy beans, tomatoes, red bell pepper and pasta shells, then flavoured with chilli and thyme. Lovely!

(New Jersey, US)

I started to drool as I looked at the photo of this next dish.

It is an Easy Breezy Pasta Salad made by Neema over at Recipe Swap. Neema made this dish for her vegetarian friends at a casual dinner party. It does sound very delicious, just like a spiced up macaroni cheese. To this cheesey dish Neema added cucumber, onions, tomatoes, spring onions, celery and oregano.

(North Carolina, US)

We have something a bit different next.

Ramki over at One Page Cookbooks, provides a page, full of recipes in each post. Ramki’s mission is to bring simple recipes to the first time cook. Each post has the thumbnail of an A4 recipe page, which can be opened to view the recipes and print.

Ramki has contributed 10 No Cook Pasta Soups. The soups themselves are not cooked, they are blended, but the pasta that is added is cooked as normal. Macaroni Gazpacho, Oriental Spaghetti Gazpacho, Watermelon Conchiclie Soup and Coconut Tripolni Soup are a few of the soups in this post.

We don’t usually accept more than one recipe as a submission, but we are making an exception this time, as this is the format of Ramki’s blog.

(Tamilnadu, India)

Lysy over at Munchkin Mail has made us a Tomato Soup with Israeli Couscous.

Wiki tells us that Israeli couscous (in Hebrew ='baked flakes'), also known as maftoul or pearl couscous, is a pasta product, similar to the Italian Orzo, which is made from semolina, shaped and toasted.

Lysy describes her soup as tasty, brothy, spicy and chewy. Sounds good to me.

(Warwickshire, UK)

Next up is my fellow host of No Croutons Required, Lisa from Lisa’s Kitchen.

Lisa has made us a delicious Hearty Italian Bean and Pasta Soup. Doesn’t it look good?

Carrots, celery, chillies, tomatoes, spinach, navy beans and herbs are a few of the ingredients in this beautiful winter soup, which features rigatoni pasta. Lisa serve this soup sprinkled with parmesan and eaten with pumkin scones.

Lisa’s Kitchen is definitely the place to hang out this winter.
(not in vote)

(London, Canada)

We are visiting Melbourne, Australia next, to pay a visit to Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe.

Johanna has made us a Pumpkin and Tofu Laksa.

Johanna made her own spice paste, as the commercially sold pastes often contain shrimp. Johanna’s paste is made with garlic cloves, red chillis, fresh ginger, onion, ground turmeric, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

I think this ingredient list is a good indication of how tasty this soup must be and that is before you add the tofu, mushrooms, asparagus, squash, coconut milk and noodles. Delicious!

(Melbourne, Australia)

Apu over at Annarasa - Essence of Food has whipped us up a gorgeous Broccoli-Spinach Pesto which she has smothered over some penne pasta, in her Warm Broccoli-Spinach Pesto Salad.

Such an inspired idea for a pesto sauce and what a sumptuous green dressing it is for pasta. I will be trying out a bowl of this, soon!


They say 13 is an unlucky number and Susan The Well Seasoned Cook was certainly feeling this way the first time she made her Hungarian Mushroom Tarhonya Soup.

Susan just couldn’t get a good shot of the soup, no matter what she tried, but she stuck with it and this month she has presented us with this beautiful looking mushroom soup.

Susan says it was too good not to share and describes this pasta filled soup as “stick-to-your-ribs tiny egg dumplings anchored in a tawny mushroom broth, dense with paprika-flecked sour cream”. Definitely lucky for us! Thank you Susan :)

(New York, US)

Next we head out to Toronto to visit Ricki over at Diet Dessert and Dogs.

Ricki has made us a Curried Root Vegetable Chowder with Dumplings. Ricki is hoping that dumplings will scrap through as a sort of pasta and if not she suggests we add some elbow pasta. I think this is a fine idea, so in to the round-up it goes.

Ricki has quite a story to go along with this chowder, which she learned to make in a “massive, ivy-covered, stone-and-brick Tudor style mansion of at least 5,000 square feet”! You want to hear the story now, don’t you?

(Toronto, Canada)

Our last entry comes from Becke over at Columbus Foodie who has made us a Fall Pasta Salad.

The salad is made from pasta, butternut squash, honeycrisp apple, salted pepitas, golden raisins and goats cheese with honey. Mixed up and coated in a sherry maple vinaigrette.

I didn’t know what pepitas were, so for those of you who are also in the dark, they are roasted and salted pumpkin seeds. What a great addition to a salad.

(Columbus, US)

The voting poll will run until 8pm on Sunday 30th November, after which time the winner will be announced and awarded with a badge for their blog.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Wonderful roundup Holler...everything looks so appealing :-)

  2. Thanks Usha! Be sure to vote for your favourite.

  3. Once again, you have done a wonderful job presenting No Croutons Required Holler. Lots of tempting entries this month.

  4. Thanks Lisa :) I just looked down them again and it is making me feel really hungry!

  5. I have to laugh and laugh at the word "scunner." I immediately looked it up in the OED -- the only way I've seen it used is someone calling someone "a wee scunner." Until you scunner yourself, I hope you enjoy your affair. I'm on acorn squash, at the moment. (Or whatever the UK equivalent is called.)

  6. What an abundance of riches, Holler! Great roundup. I love pasta in soups (or anywhere, really), so these recipes will definitely be on my "to do" list! Thanks for hosting.
    PS Glad you liked the story! ;)

  7. Thank you, Holler, for this cozy round-up. All kinds of restorative recipes, just in time to take the chill from our bones.

  8. Fabulous entries. Gosh, that broccoli dish...yum-o!

    I was hoping to enter this month, but, well, a few weekends of 30+ degrees made me want nothing more than salads!

    Next month!

  9. Hi Tadmack, I didn't even realise I was using a Scottish word. Some of them slip in there! It just means overdoing something and being sickened by it.

    Hi Ricki, it was a good tale!

    You are so right there Susan, we have had a bit of snow today, just a little and now it is icy.

    Hey Lucy, maybe a salad contribution from you next month then :)

  10. another great round up and it is making me very peckish - I am more enthused about thinking about pasta in soup after this month - and hope you are not 'scunnered' of squash too soon!

  11. great round-up, holler. my bookmarks now has a special soups folder! :-)

  12. I have an award for you on my blog... please come claim it when you have a moment! :)

  13. Excellent round up Holler. You ladies combine your talents to do an excelelnt job:D

  14. Youve got so many awards and I have given you another!!

  15. Hi Johanna, I am not scunnered yet, but the pumpkin season is young :)

    Hi Arundathi, I am glad you are enjoying the soups :)

    Thank you for the award Jo, you are very kind :)

    Thanks Val :)

    Thank you so much for the award Flower, it is much appreciated :)

  16. Once again I forgot to do my intended entry ( scunnered with masel) but good to look at all the others.

    I can't see the voting thingy tho -?

  17. scrub that - found it when reloaded, sorry

  18. That soup is fucking killer! I love it! How do I place my vote?

    Thank you!

  19. Hi Jane, I hope you did manage to vote and you could always enter next month!

    Anon, the voting poll is on the right hand panel until evening on the 30th of November.

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