No Croutons Required - November Winner

And the winner of No Croutons Required is .......... Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe.

Johanna made us a Pumpkin and Tofu Laksa. Doesn't it look gorgeous? Pumpkin, mushrooms, asparagus and noodles, in a spicy coconut flavoured soup.

This is a record breaking, second win for Johanna, who won our very first challenge, with her Wanton Dumplings in Ginger Broth.

Well done Johanna!


I will be doing a double whammy and announcing something a little different for next month's challenge. A visual delight instead of a taste sensation. A taste of Christmas!

Stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations, Johanna! Well-deserved. That is one gorgeous soup!

    Looking forward to the holiday theme. :)

  2. Dear holler. Good choice - I love laksa! It looks delicious. Congrats Johanna!

  3. That's a great winning dish. Congrats Joanna!

  4. Congratulations to the winner! I hope to participate on the next one. The soup looks really good.

  5. It is just a bit of fun this month, Ricki. I am hoping it is something everyone will have time for and enjoy.

    It does look good, doesn't it Little Miss Moi :P

    I am sure Johanna will appreciate the congratulations Silvie :)

    Great stuff Rita :)

  6. The winner soup looks gorgeous.Congrats Johanna

  7. Hi Curry Leaf, It really deserved 1st prize.

  8. what an honour to be the winner and to then have such nice comment too - thanks holler and all the voters


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