Snow in Scotland

I woke up this morning and looked out of the window onto a winter wonderland. It must have snowed all night. The snow was lying thick and looked quited beautiful, so I just had to go out for a walk. I sent a text to my friend Andrew, to see if he wanted to tag along and an hour later we were crunching through the crisp, white snow.

I just love how everything looks in the snow and the beautiful blue light the glints of everything, so I took my camera with me.

I have a sorry tale to tell of poor Mr Snowman. We finished our walk and looked for him on the way back. He was nowhere to seen, there was just some chunks of snow, where he was standing before. I couldn't bring myself to take a photo of the mutilation! Poor thing :(


  1. how gorgeous - and we just had miserable drizzly rain on the weekend - I will happily bear some chilly mornings if I could swap our sunshine for this!

  2. Thanks so much for those photos. I will never see snow like that where I live.

  3. Great photos, Holler. Time for a hot toddy...stay warm.

  4. O im so jealous all we had down here was rain :(

  5. WOW! Thanks for sharing! Everything is beginning to look wintry!

    Hope you continue to enjoy it!!

    : )

  6. You had more snow than me (I'm in Essex). We had some but it was soon washed away by the rain!

  7. Looks lovely! We have the same thing here:) I have a nasty cold so alas any winter adventures in snow will have to wait, but I do enjoy the pretty white garden. Poor Mr Snowman, I hope he'll be put nearly-back-together again!

  8. SO beautiful! We didn't get snow, but it was so cold we wished it had gotten around to that.

    Do you know what kind of plant that is with the berries? We have some pictures of that up here, it's gorgeous, and the berries are going white.

  9. And it feels like it should be snowing here right now! Except that it's just way cold!

    Can we tell you that we're envious? Of course, the idea of Glasgow covered in a blanket which might hide any manner of gunk ... isn't really pleasant. :)

  10. Ditto, I came back to Toronto to find snow covering most of the land.

    I'm the Christmas grinch who wants a green Xmas.

  11. OK, I think that is a fair swap Johanna, especialy since I have had my snow day now :)

    I know you enjoy great weather Diann, but it is sad that you are not able to enjoy the excitement of a day like this and lots of crunchy snow.

    Thanks Joan, it is nice and cosy in the house and I have my fluffy boots on.

    I definitely wouldn't swap this for rain Flower!

    Thanks Deb :)

    It is always much colder up here CC.

    Hi Pia, I think there is no hope for that particular snowman :(

    I hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy the snow soon! I will pass to you the hot toddy Joan offered me!

    Hi Tadmack, I don't know what the plant was. As usual I wasn't paying attention to that sort of thing, just how pretty the berries looked against the snow! Oblivious as usual. When asked, Graham vouched that it is a red berry type of plant thing :/

    Oh dear! That doesn't bear thinking about Davimack!

    No Peter, that is wrong, so wrong!

  12. The death of a snowman? Those pictures are great. I need to go out and get some too (we have a similar scene today.) but for me it is picture 4 that I love.

  13. Thank goodness we haven't had snow yet but I know the inevitable is coming. It adds a certain beauty though:D

  14. Very cute snowman. Very jealous. We've had quite a bit of snow over the last month but it has never been enough at once to make a snowman!

  15. I would love a bit of snow like that! Looks so peaceful .

  16. Awwww!!! No fair! I want snow!

  17. Oh how completely lovely - the snow never sticks around like that down here! So beautiful.

  18. fab pictures Holler! I am jealous of your snow up there! I am also liking the new look, very much so. I must admit, I was not a massive fan of the black. It was fine, just a bit hard on the eyes :)

  19. Hi Maybelle's Mom, It was just so great to see all those families having so much fun and early in the morning too! Everyone must have woken up excited.

    It is pretty Val and I musch prefer it to the white frost we have today. At least you can crunch through snow without breaking your neck!

    I bet you will have enough snow for snowman making soon Wendy and I bet Marco will have a great time playing in the snow!

    It was Shelly, very quiet and peaceful.

    You will just have to move up here Ruth :)

    We don't have snow like this very often, up here Antonia, but I remember great snowy winters when I was a child. I suppose it is doen to climate change.

    I am glad you like the new look Helen, I wasn't brave enough to try a change for quite a while. I didn't realise it would be so easy.


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