A Wintry Scene

This is the beautiful view, I looked out on, over Glen Doll, on my last big walk.

It was a really cold, icy day and the frost was thick and crunchy underfoot.

Glen Doll lies within the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. The views are stunning - steep cliffs, heather slopes, fast flowing streams and valley meadows. The streams were growing ice, like something from an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture and everything lay under a blanket of white. I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings, as I trekked along the icy path. It is just a pity that I didn't have Legolas with me.

I am hoping that looking at some of these wintry photos, will inspire you to take a photo, post it and email it to me at nocroutonsrequired@googlemail.com, by the 20th December, for this month's edition of No Croutons Required.

This month I would like you to post a festive picture, something that will bring us a taste of Christmas. It could be a picture of food, Christmas decorations, a wintry scene which I have opted for or maybe a photo of your Christmas tree.

No recipes required this time.

Just have fun with it.


  1. Ah, yes, it might even be worth braving the cold and ice to come across a stranger such as that!!

  2. Wow, do you live in the most picturesque part of the world or what? Stunning!

  3. Mmmmm, yes, I think so too Ricki :)

    It is beautiful there Lorraine! I am constantly amazed at what beauty is just a drive away and there is always more to see.

  4. Ha! I may be the only one, but I cracked up at the Legolas joke. In college, when it was snowing and we were walking against a heavy wind, I used to yell "it'll kill the halflings!" at the top of my lungs. Nerd.

  5. Holler, you have some wonderous trails for hiking.

    I think I can find a good winter snap or two of winter life here.

  6. This very different from the 'winter' piece I just posted. It's a little eerie looking to me but I imagine very invigorating to hike through.

  7. Wintry Scene ... waiting 'til we get home from vacation, though, sorry. :) You'll have to come visit? Or we'll come out there?

  8. Those photos are just gorgeous Holler. I'm a suck when it comes to the cold, but I could probably even be persuaded to bundle up for imagery like that.

  9. First of all, does Graham know about your Legolas fetish?
    Secondly, I'm STILL waiting for a suitable frostly morning to take a wintery picture. I don't think anyone will believe that we live in the same country!!!!!!

  10. Gorgeous photos! We actually had snow here in Houston last week (usually happens once every ten years) but nothing that beautiful. And I agree, having legolas there would make it even better....

  11. Looks really crisp where you were walking, very serene, can almost imagine walking through there

  12. How very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Are you certain Legolas wasn't there? I thought I saw someone behind that rock....

    I'll have several chances to take "snowy scene" pictures this week, what with all the storms rolling in!

  13. Beautiful view... Wish I could go on a walk with you.
    Everything is frozen here too.

  14. Wow, how beautiful. I don't usually think about getting out much around winter time because I'm not a fan of the cold but I might be missing out on some really wonderful sights. You've inspired me to find a lovely hike to go on.

  15. Hi Judith, I restrained myself on the walk :D

    We are exceptionally lucky in being surrounded by such beautiful scenery Peter.

    I hope that means I can expect an entry then :)

    Hi Joan, it was a very invigorating walk and such an amazing place. You just can't get a proper fell of it from the photos.

    Hope you and Tadmack have a great holiday Davimack! We will catch up with you when you get back :)

    It was well worth it Lisa! We felt the cold a lot when we started the walk, but you warm up as you go and soon become overheated.

    Hi Lynn, Graham knows that I liked the Orland Bloom scenes in the movies, much more than all the boring fight scenes. Lovely :)

    Definitely Amanda :)

    It was really a fun walk Anne, the frost made a satisfying crunch as you walked on it :)

    Hi Jinx, all I can say is , I wish!

    Hi Alexa, I actually really like cold crip days, they are great! It is the dark wet days that are depressing :(

    I hope you do bundle up and go on a walk VV,it is much fun!

  16. That really is a beautiful scene. I love the crunch of feet on frosty ground. It has gone all mild again down here in London which is very disappointing!

  17. Holler, you're so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. We visited the highlands this summer, and can't wait to go back :-)

  18. Hi Antonia, the crunching underfoot was one of the best parts of the walk! Very satisfying :)

    Hi Sunita, You are so right, but I fear we sometimes take our beautiful countryside for granted.


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