Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you!

I hope that 2009 brings a prosperous and happy year for you all!

On the first day of 2009 I am thinking back over what was a great year, spent with friends and family, including all of my blogging friends. I sadly say goodbye to my 2 beautiful cats Elmo and Beaker, but they will always be in my thoughts and now I look forward to what the next year brings.



And now I am going to do this Wendy style!

New Year Plans

* Go for more walks
* Visit somewhere new in Scotland each month
* Master cupcakes (I have had little luck so far!)
* Dig out my dusty sketchbook and start using it
* Have a big clear out of my wardrobe
* Thin my shoe collection
* Spend less money
* Enjoy 2009


  1. Really sorry to hear you had to say good bye to your beautiful moggies last year, they will always be in your heart xx

  2. Happy new year sweetie. I'm sorry about your lovely cats. I know it's the hardest part of owning pets, although I've never been there myself yet. I'm dreading it when the time comes for my little doggies who are both old men now.

    It's funny you should say that about your sketchbook as I was thinking the same thing about mine and I'm going to take it skiing with me in a week's time. Goodness knows what the drawings will be like - I haven't done any in years!

    I hope you have a fabulous year x

  3. Thank you Anne, they will!

    Happy New Year Jo!

    Hi Julia, thank you, it is really hard, I miss them so much! I hope it will be a long time to come for you.

    I hope we will get to see your sketchbook efforts Julia!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Your cats were beautiful. So sorry for your loss.

    your list for 2009 was very inspirational!!

    Happy New Year!

  5. happy new year holler - so sorry to hear you no longer have your cats with you - what a loss! hope 2009 is a good one for you

  6. That's really sad about your kitties and both of them too in the same year. I'm so sorry.

    I hope your new year will only be a joyous and good one - and I think your list for 2009 looks lovely!

  7. Happy New Year, Holler! I hope 2009 is your best year ever.

  8. Happy New Year to you! So sorry about your lovely cats. I hope that 2009 will bring you great joy.

  9. Happy New Year Holler! So sorry to hear about your two cats, they were most loved and I know you made them so happy! xxx

  10. Your cats were both so regal looking--so sorry you lost them! But I do hope this year brings you other good things and much happiness. Happy 2009!

  11. Sound like good resolutions to have. I am with you on the wardrobe stuff. Gotta let it go, right?
    Happy New Year!

  12. Hope you have a happy new year (and that we see you soon, 'cause we saved you some fruitcake). I'm sorry to hear about the kitties.

  13. Thin your SHOE COLLECTION!?!?!?

    ;) Happy New Year. Let us know if you'd like some American tag-alongs on your "visit someplace new in Scotland" adventures.

  14. Well, you're always welcome to pop in for dinner if you're over this way.

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  15. Thanks Staci :) Do you have any New Year Resolutions?

    Thanks Johanna, I hope 2009 is a good year for you too!

    Thanks Pia, I hope it will be a good year for you too :)

    Happy New Year Diann, I hope it is a good one :)

    Thanks Susan, Happy New Year to you too!

    Hi Lorraine, they were very loved and happy cats. Happy New Year to you!

    Thanks Ricki, I hope you have a great 2009!

    I really do have to thin my wardrobe Rita, it is bulging and it's hard to find what you want to wear, it definitely needs thinned. Charity shop, here I come! Happy New Year Rita :)

    Thanks Davimack! You are not home yet already are you?

    Hi Tadmack, it has to be done, although I have ordered a new pair with my Christmas money, just to take the edge off!

    I hope you guys will help us out with my New Years resolution! Happy New Year to you both! I hope 2009 brings a happy and successfull year and a warm flat!

    Thank you Lynn, I may well take you up on that sometime :) Happy New Year!

  16. May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life's passing seasons bring
    the best to you and yours!

  17. We share a lot of the same resolutions. I only wish I could add visit somewhere new in Scotland each month to my list. :)

  18. Sorry to hear about your pets. It is really distressing to lose both in the same year.

    By the way, I'd like to invite you to take some time to drop by at Foodista. We have launched an online food and cooking encyclopedia ala wikipedia and we'd like you to see what the foodie community have contributed. Hope to see you join in on the fun!

  19. Thanks Val, that was a beautiful verse.

    Hi VV, I hope we can both stick to our resolutions :)

    Thanks Foodista, I will go have a look.

  20. Happy new year, Holler.

    Sorry to hear about the cats - they looked like beautiful and well-loved moggies.

    Here's to a better 2009!

  21. Cute cute cute cats, and very good resolutions, Im still thinking about mine

  22. Sorry for your loss - at least you had the joy of knowing them, not that that's much comfort at the moment.

    Happy new year

  23. Happy New Year Holler!

    Loving them resolutions. Do you think, hand on heart, that any woman can thin out her shoe collection?!

    All the best
    David x

  24. Happy New Year to you too! Love the resolutions...still need to do those for 2009!

  25. Great New Years plans. Especially the last one!

  26. Oh I'm so sorry about your cats, they are beautiful. I wish you a wonderful new year.

  27. Happy belated New Year!

    Sorry to hear about your kitties:o(. I recieved bad news(she has heart disease) on one of my kitties in December and I hope she doesn't break my heart too soon.



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