Trail Mix - a simple delight

I have never tried trail mix before. I have heard of it, but probably just a reference to it in films. It is not really a Scottish thing.

I came across the idea of trail mix on Jo's blog - Kitchen Girl. Jo regularly makes trail mix with her children as a healthy snack. She made her last mix out of raisins, peanuts, sunflower kernels, yogurt drops and banana chips. Sounds good, doesn't it? Jo describes Trail mix as "the perfect mix of salty, sweet, chewy and crunchy"!

I just couldn't believe that something so simple and tasty could pass me by, so I immediately started planning what to put in mine. My first thought was that popcorn might be a good idea and so it is! The rest came about as I wandered the aisles of my local supermarket.

It is such a great snack to take to work.

Holler's Trail Mix

dried banana chips
salted peanuts
dried mango
dried cranberries
dark chocolate chips


  1. Never had a trail mix with popcorn in it before, but it does sound like a good idea!

  2. Once again I'm reminded of just how regional food can be! When I was growing up, we called trail mix... gorp, and we took it packpacking. Gorp stands for granola, oats, raisins, and peanuts. That's just the basic recipe, however. Most of the time we had chocolate covered something in there, dried cranberries, and the works. Never popcorn, though. That's a new one on me. Most of the ingredients included don't get stale very quickly.

    Apparently in Australia/NZ, trail food is called scroggin. Which makes me smile -- I thought gorp sounded weird! (Apparently "scroggin" stands for sultanas, chocolate, raisins, orange peel, ginger, glucose (sugar), improvisation or imagination (i.e., the chef is supposed to add a favorite ingredient), and nuts, according to Wikipedia. Who knows if that's right.)

    I guess I'm surprised that with as much walking as Scottish people are prone to do that some version of this hasn't evolved. Of course, I've noticed that many Scottish walks include pubs-along-the-way, so there's usually food; not so much in the hinterlands of northern California!

  3. My jaw actually dropped open when you said you never had trail mix!!! We had several varieties at all times in the house when I was growing up! That is still my go-to snack and I take it to work with me every day. Just thinking about not having any makes me a little nervous!!

    I've never put popcorn in it. I'm going to try that with Kayleigh's (we each have our own favorite!).


  4. It's good Ricki and it gives me a good excuse to get my popcorn maker out.

    Gorp! That is such a great word Tadmack! I probably added the popcorn in my ignorance of what trail mix actually is. I didn't make up a huge batch though and it is keeping well.

    I tend to take sandwiches,fruit and a piece of chocolate on a walk, although you are right, most walks seem to end in a pub :)

    We never had any snacks like this when I was growing up. There was always fruit if I wanted it and if I was lucky my mum might been baking.

    Hi Dana, it is actually quite alien to us here. At my work for snacks people eat fruit, a yoghurt or a biscuit with their cuppa. Occasionally you will see people snacking on dried fruit, but it tends to be just one type at a time.

  5. Great to take to work - but TOTALLY addictive!

  6. You could get all exotic and add all sorts of dried, tropical fruit and coconut flakes (not the wee shred stuff, but the big flakes).

    In our neighborhood supermarket, back in California, they had an organic foods section with bins full of interesting things (ooh: chocolate covered espresso beans!). They had 5 different varieties of gorp, ready to go.

    Some had peanut-butter drops, which are ... well, some strange form of solidified peanut butter. Some had yogurt drops / chips.


  7. We always had gorp when we went camping and hiking and I used to keep a bag at work in case I got hungry. (Lately it's been replaced by a bag of pistachios.) I've never had popcorn in it! I like toasted cashews and dried apricots in mine but yours looks delicious.

  8. Love trail mix - I've been buying it in prepackaged single servings for convenience, but I definitely need to mix up some of my own!

  9. Beautiful, sustaining combo, Holler. Just love the stuff. Tend to eat handfuls of this sort of thing, so yes, popcorn...brilliant idea!

  10. I'm so glad you've discovered trail mix! It can be whatever you want and that makes it a perfect snack.

  11. What an inspired idea to put popcorn in it! It makes it look really pretty too. I never had trail mix either though I do love dried fruit. It must be the Kendal mint cake which gets us Brits through long hikes :)

  12. I've often bought it from the health shop, so it's is available here, but i've never made it. Yours look scrummy.

  13. I swear I could live on trail mix. I think the popcorns adds a nice visual look to your trail mix. Love it!

  14. Never had trail mix!! It's about time you tried it! I must admit, I have never made my own, but it is definitely an American tradition and something I grew up eating. Looks like your first go came out great!

  15. Very addictive Spaghetti, you are right with that one :)

    Don't fancy the espresso beans Davimack, but the peanut and yoghurt drops sound really good :)

    I do love pistachios too Andrea. Maybe too much!

    I have missed out on that Sara :(

    Thanks Lucy :)

    I am on that wavelength now Diann, I just cannot believe I have missed out for so long!

    Hey lysy, Kendal Mint Cake, mmmmm :P

    *sigh* I must walk around with my eyes shut Lynn!

    Thanks Chuck :)

    Sounds like a great tradition Apples :)

  16. Now that's my kind of trail mix.


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