A Book and a Brownie

First the book.

Are you a member of a book club? Would you like to be?

A Slice of Cherry Pie Forum has a monthly book club and it is up and running this month (March) with a quirky, real life story about a family who moved from their home in France, to the UK and bought a dilapidated farm.

We Bought A Zoo by Benjamin Mee

Here is the jacket review:

While looking for a place to buy for his 76-year-old mother after his father's death, Benjamin Mee, living in France with his wife and two children, received details of his "dream scenario" by his sister. Unusually, the property in question was a struggling zoo.

We Bought A Zoo tells the story of how the dilapidated Dartmoor Wildlife Park, populated by around 400 exotic animals, was transformed into the busy Dartmoor Zoological Park by an ordinary family using a trial-and-error method. Along the way, Mee has to deal with an escaped jaguar, fighting (among people as well as animals), an escapologist wolf, and a tiger which stands up during general anaesthetic.

The book also describes how the family coped during the gradual deterioration of Mee's wife Katherine due to a brain tumour and how they coped with her loss.


If you would like to join in, leave a comment on the forum to let us know you are joining us and we will start a discussion about the book, as the month progresses.

You will find the discussion thread on the book shelf. The discussion will contain the word SPOILER, for those who haven't finished the book when the discussion starts. You may start the book at any point during the month.

The book is available from Play.com for £5 (paperback), Amazon.com for $16.47 (hardback) and Amazon.ca for CDN$18.87 )hardback)

Of course you could borrow it from your local library for free :)

And now the brownie:

My Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie Cake. Listen to me, ha, I have acquired it, therefor, it is mine. If you want the truth, I got this gorgeous brownie recipe from Jules over at Domestic Goddess in Training and it is the best! A fudgey, moist, dense, chocolate hit of a brownie and of course it is healthy because it has beetroot in it! Honest!

This time I decided to layer the brownie up with a peanut butter frosting. The reviews were mixed. Some people loved it and others who are not fond of peanut butter, would have preferred a chocolate frosting. I was in the first group, it was delicious!

Peanut Butter Frosting

110 g butter, softened
250 g crunchy peanut butter
250 g icing sugar
1 tbsp cocoa powder
40-50 ml water

Whizz up all of the ingredients, gradually adding the water until you have the consistency you want. Taste and then sigh with pleasure :)

I have left this recipe in metric, because I still haven't got a hang of the whole stick of butter thing yet and I didn't want to mix up my measurements too much.


  1. The book club sounds like fun Holler and the brownies very healthy and droolworthy indeed:D

  2. I keep telling myself, that they are healthy Val. I may be delusional :/

  3. Doesn't LOOK healthy, looks TASTY! Yum! My club usually includes A Book and a Bath. But it's kind of a club for one...

  4. Don't shatter my illusions Tanita :)
    I don't dare take books with me when I go for a bath. Wrinkly pages or a soggy book, both are sacrilige! I take a magazine with me and then if there s an accident, there are no tears :)

  5. HI Holler,

    Great post, love reading books,. will surely join. Beetroot brownie, you totally have my attention on that one ;-)

  6. Wow that brownie just looks amazing and I love peanut butter, so that frosting sounds divine!

    The book club sounds really fun.


  7. 'scuse me while I wipe drool off my keyboard - that cake looks delicious!

  8. Oh, what a cake!

    The books sounds great too, and very different. I'll definitely check it out at my online bookstore.

    Hm, member of a book club. Not yet. I've always wanted to be, but then I realise I quite like to muse things over in my own head instead, perhaps discuss with or recommend to friends. Not sure I'd find a real book-club discussion my thing really.

  9. Brownies with peanut butter frosting...mmm...

  10. O book club sounds like such a good idea I want to join for sure, I just have to find the book!!! The brownie looks devine :D

  11. Just wanted to say that brownie looks amazing. So much peanut butter!

  12. Zlamushka, I do hope you join in and enjoy the book :)

    This frosting would be perfect for you then Maria :)

    Thanks Alex :)

    That's ok Pia, a book club isn't everyone's thing. I hope you enjoy the book anyway. I am sure you will enjoy it as an animal lover :)

    Thanks Kevin :)

    Hi Flower, we would be pleased if you would like to join us :)

    Hi Duo Dishes, it is delicious, but not for the faint hearted or those on a diet :)

  13. Oh my that looks good! Love the gooey looking frosting.


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