Cherries and Chat

Food and chat!

It is exactly what we all love, isn't it? Add some cherries into the mix and you have the A Slice of Cherry Pie Forum, which is hosted by the gracious Julia of A Slice of Cherry Pie.

This is a free food forum and everyone is welcome to join. There are recipes, discussions, a veg patch, a wine bar and even a book club (We haven't had a new book to read for a while, so any new suggestions would be welcomed)!

Why not come along and have a look and maybe a chat. You will find some really friendly and welcoming bloggers there.

I hope to see you there :)


  1. That sounds like a great forum, I am going to check it out. thanks

  2. ...and you've posted here as well! Thanks Holler - let's hope we get lots of foodies joining.

    Big snogs coming your way...mwah!

  3. I joined ages ago but haven't checked it out in a while. Well reminded!

  4. Get back over there Scott! Let's get some conversation and debate going :)


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