Cupcakes and Climbing

I did say that I would try to master cupcakes. It was one of my New Year's Resolutions.

* Go for more walks (I have gone on a few walks this year, could do better!)
* Visit somewhere new in Scotland each month (January - Alyth (walking group), February - (Newburgh - with Graham), March (there is time left yet)
* Master cupcakes (Well, I wouldn't say master, but I did make some )
* Dig out my dusty sketchbook and start using it (Pah, still hidden away)
* Have a big clear out of my wardrobe (I do keep thinking about getting around to it)
* Thin my shoe collection (Nope! Bought 2 new pairs of shoes with my Christmas money (Thank you Janette and Dave))
* Spend less money (If anything, spending more, eck! Bought a new car and getting through money fast. There will be no holiday this year, if I don't pull my socks up soon)
* Enjoy 2009 (most of the time)


This is one of the aforementioned cupcakes!

I got the recipe from Katie over at Katiecakes, who in turn got it from Donal over at Good Mood Food. Needless to say, their cupcakes were absolutely beautiful! With gorgeous piped icing (I really need to purchase an icing bag and some nozzles!).

My cupcakes were huge and more like muffins. They did taste good though and were promptly scoffed by my friend Andrew and Graham's friends at work.

I changed the icing on mine for a buttercream icing,with cocoa and crushed oreos.

I will persevere!

And now to the climbing! Well, hillwalking really! I thought I would share some of the photos from my walk, last Sunday.

Graham and I walked over three Sidlaws, with our walking group. It was a glorious day and the view from the peaks was stunning.


  1. The cakes and the walk both look wonderful. I recently watched my daughter-in-law "pipe" icing onto cupcakes from the tiny cut corner of a plastic bag!

  2. The cupcakes look so good, I dont like piped icing, I prefer it when cakes look gooey sticky and like youd get in a mess eating them :)
    You have inspired me to visit somewhere new, not sure where but it does sound like a good idea

  3. I am glad that you are reaching some of your goals for 2009 Holler. The countryside in Scotland would be inspiring.

  4. Wow! They look fab, and MASSIVE :D

    I love your icing, it looks sinfully good.

    Katie xox

  5. The hillwalking looks great. D. and I have tried to think of places like that to go, but it's hard to go when you're not sure where you're headed -- and the Scottish countryside is potentially disastrous for newbies. You guys will have to give us pointers.

  6. That is a good tip Andrea, it might come in handy until I get an icing bag :)

    Thanks Flower, that made me feel a bit better about my rough-and- cupcakes :)

    Thanks Val :)

    Thanks Katie. I was wondering if the recipe really calls for self raising flour and baking powder? Maybe I didn't measure the baking powder carefully enough.

    Definitely Tanita :)

  7. That cupcake is to die for!! Your photos are so gloriously beautiful!!!

  8. Thank you Staci, that is very kind :)

  9. The walks looks really lovely.

    The cupcake too, although I'm more of a fan of fruit stuffed muffins and no icing. Although that icing always makes for really great droolworthy pics for some odd reason...:)

  10. Looks like a lovely day. Where did you get that sunshine from? :)

    Just looked at my own resolutions again. Doing not too bad except on the guitar front and the less wine. Still, it's only March!

  11. I actually prefer fruit muffins too Pia, especially blueberry, but there is something so satisfying about baking with chocolate , even if it is just to put a smile on everyone else's face :)

    Hi Wendy, we seem to have a lucky streak and only get good weather for our walks *touch wood*.
    Forget the less wine I say and I haven't played the guitar since I was about 14. I will leave those resolutions to you, I think :)

  12. I always like a cupcake that delivers biscuits too - it's a kind of "two for one" deal! Good stuff!

  13. We've got quite similar resolutions! (Apart from the wardrobe / shoe clear-outs, that is!).
    And I like your philosophy that there's still plenty of time left in March - this month seems to be running away with me!

  14. These look SO good (as does the Scottish countryside!). I hope you have fun with all those goals :)

  15. That cupcake looks so delish and I love Oreos!


  16. Buy one get one free CC, he he :)

    I think the whole year is disappearing very quickly Alex. I may be my own fault for wishing the year away and yearning for spring.

    Thanks Lysy :)

    Hi Maria, this is actually the first time I have tried oreos. They are good!

  17. Scotland seems the perfect place to be part of a walking group. The pictures are fabulous!

    And your cupcake looks wonderful!

  18. Lovely pictures Holler!

    Still got another 8 months till next resolutions so all in good time and a girls gotta have new shoes! ;-)

  19. Wow Holler. Those are impressive cupcakes. And your images are gorgeous.

  20. Those cupcakes look so amazing, and all of your photos are beautiful!

  21. Ooh, fabulous induldgence and healthy stuff rolled into one post :-) Love the cupcakes, Holler. Have made a similar quiet set of resolutions this year and cupcakes are definitely on the list! You're inspiring me to get my skates on :-)

  22. Thanks Diann :) Scotland is a truly wonderful place to go walking! I never get bored looking at the scenery.

    Hi Anne, I have only bought 2 new pairs of shoes so far. Not bad really :)

    Thank you Lisa :)

    Thanks Jodye :)

    Do you think the walking cancels out all the eating of baked goods then Jen? I do hope so :)

  23. Holler, those are lovely scenery shots and i am inspired by your list. Well done!

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