and the Winner of No Croutons Required is...

Smokey Tomato & Rosemary Soup.
Linda (With Knife and Fork)
London, UK

Congratulations Linda! Your badge is winging it's way too you, wear it with pride :)

If you would like to entry next month's edition of No Croutons Required, then head over to Lisa's blog tomorrow and find out what the next challenge is.


  1. Congratulations!! & Yaaa I had voted for this;o).. the smokey & rosemary totally bought me. I loved her menu too.

  2. The menu is fab, isn't it Soma? I especally like the sound of that ice cream! Yum :P

  3. Great menu...sounds really good. Look forward.

  4. The May challenge is berries. I'm excited already.

  5. Thank you thank you for all the lovely comments - I was very excited to have won - I don't usually win things! It was great fun to take part and I'm looking forward to Mays challenge :)


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