Kellogg's Nature's Pleasure

I am back into the swing of eating muesli for breakfast again and really enjoying it, so when Kellogg's got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try out their new range of baked muesli, I was only too pleased to accept.

Kelloggs have developed four flavours in their new range of baked muesli, which will be hitting the shops this month. The basis of each flavour is a mixture of wholegrain oats, wheat and barley flakes, which are coated in honey and baked in the oven for a crunchy finish. To this they have added nice big pieces of nuts and dried fruits.

This is not the powdery, dry muesli we are used to, but a smoother and crunchier option.

Almond, Pecan & Cashew
I thought this would have been my least favourite and quite bland, but I was surprised. You can really taste the individual flavour of each of the nuts in this one.

Almond, Pecan & Raisin
This was the one I was least impressed with. It was quite unremarkable, mundane. It would make a lovely crumble topping, but I think I would leave it there.

Raspberry & Cherry
This was my absolute favourite. It is delicious. Big pieces of slightly tart fruit, that buzz on the taste buds at the front of your tongue, a lovely contrast to the smooth sweetness of the muesli. Yum! I will be buying this one.

Apple & Blackcurrant
Again there are lovely big slices of apple and lots of berries in this one, but I was left with a slightly floral flavour in my mouth. On my second spoonful I could detect something different. It tasted like the smell that wafts around the house when my I bake my Mum's Fruit Loaf. On investigation, I realised it was exactly that! They have added some mixed spice to this one.

This one is Graham's favourite. I don't think this box is going to last long, but still if that means he will keep his hands of the Raspberry and Cherry, then I am happy.

I will leave you with a cheesy quote from Graham.

When I asked him what he thought of the muesli he said "It's more oaty than your average cereal!" and walked off with the bowl.


  1. Wow, the size of the fruit is giant! Looks yummy...

    And they've got to use Graham's cheesy quote in their ad campaign, no?!

  2. The apple one was my favourite.

  3. The Apple & the Currant looks good, like the almond, pecan raisin too!

  4. Im looking forward to trying these Ill be keeping my eyes peeled

  5. Hi Alex, I thought that too, although it does sound like something that has probably been used before.

    Did you guess there was mixed spice in it Sylvie?

    Hi Soma, I am still sticking by my Raspberry & Cherry :D

    They should be out later this month Flower. I don't know the exact release date though :)

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  7. Hmm you got a nicer bowl than me, not fair lol! Great write up :)

    I have gone through 5 boxes so far!

  8. Ooo these look good! Especially the apple and black currant. Lucky you! =)

  9. That was a great review. Thanks for sharing. Will see if we get this in the states.

  10. The cereal sounds yum but what were Kellog's thinking with the name? My evil mind is racing with the possibilities...Nature's Pleasure! ;)

  11. Mmm.
    Might not be able to replace my homemade granola... but kudos to Kellogg's for trying! :)

  12. I thought the taste of the raisin, almond one good and crispy but very high of calories and carbs.

  13. I assume that 'more oaty' is high praise from a Scot - although I am sure there are some (in my family) who would not mean it as a good thing :-)

  14. I'd always go for the flavor with the nuts...I am a sucker for them when it comes to cereals. I (shamelessly!) like cereals with fatty stuff in them ;)

  15. I got these in the post too but found them way too sweet for my savoury tastes. Was impressed by the lovely wooden box though! :)

  16. Bloomin' heck Anne, that's a lot of muesli to eat! I think you should get commission :D

    Breakfast is all sorted for a while Ashley and it doesn't hurt that it is yummy!

    Thanks Jenn :)

    Drag your mind out of the gutter Peter! Only you *sigh*

    Hey Lo, It is always nice to have options :)

    Hey Mona, It just shows you how tastes vary from person to person :)

    It is definitely a high praise here in Scotland Johanna. Our clans fought on a good breakfast of porridge!

    Hi A & N, nah, the nuts are not for me, give me fruit any day!

    The box is lovely Wendy, I was most surprised. I expected it to be a box full of packaging with a few little boxes of muesli instead.

  17. Hahah, Graham is a riot! I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get through my google reader. I was essentially out of commission last week :) All of these mueslis look totally delicious though; I feel quite hungry for some oatiness!


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