Mayan Magic Chocolate Giveaway - The Winner

And the winner of the Mayan Magic Chocolate-Making Kit is Ricki from Diet, Dessert and Dogs.

Tart Dried Cherries and Black Pepper (just a teeny bit)

This flavour immediately appealed to me and no matter how many mouthwatering flavours I drooled over, I just kept coming back to this one, so I knew it was the winner. The combination of dark chocolate with chewy, tart, dried cherries and that little kick of pepper, is just too amazing to pass up.

There are no prizes for my top five after the winner, but I thought you might be intrigued about who made it into my list of favourites. Here they are:

1 Dark Chocolate with Apple & Ginger - Rasmus (Vegologi)

2 Pear & Ginger - Jacquie

3 Graham Cracker crumbs with a Vegan Nougat in a Truffle made with Coconut Milk - Libby (The Allergic Kid)

4 Dried Apricots and Orange Liqueur - Ikkinlala

5 Raspberry and Lemon Curd - Rose (Roses R Red)

And here is the full list of entries for you to peruse. Which flavour would you have chosen? I would happily taste them all, well apart from the bacon chocolate, that just makes me shudder (sorry Apples).

1. tart dried cherries and black pepper (just a teeny bit)
2. coconut and cardamom
3. earl grey tea and ginger
4. caramel and orange
5. dark chocolate blended with a floral-tasting honey (tupelo, perhaps)
6. caramel and peanut butter
7. dark chocolate with raspberry and a touch of lemon balm
8. orange zest with coconut cream and figs
9. hazelnut and ginger with just a teeny bit of sea salt
10. chocolate with a dulce de leche filling
11. pomegranates & sweet cream in dark chocolate
12. saffron & pistachios & orange
13. dried apricots and orange liqueur
14. raspberry and lemon curd
15. a gianduja shell with a whipped 70% cocoa filling, topped with a drizzle of the same dark chocolate
16. a bar of dark chocolate with toasted almond and apricot
17. citron and cardamom
18. rich, creamy mocha
19. dark chocolate with a hint of vanilla
20. honey milk chocolate with pistachios
21. a bacon chocolate bar
22. plain bittersweet dark chocolate with cocoa nibs
23. chai flavoured truffle surrounded by some delicious Mayan chocolate
24. dark dark chocolate flavored with sour cherry and almond
25. dark chocolate with sour apple and peanut butter
26. vanilla in a milk chocolate bar
27. coconut and white chocolate studded milk chocolate bar
28. sour cherries with a deliciously dark chocolate and a hint of brandy
29. chilies and cinnamon
30. hazelnut and sweet cream
31. hazelnut and lavender
32. -raisins
-mixed spice
-something to give a softer texture, maybe cookie dough like in Ben and Jerrys ice cream?
-and caster sugar sprinkled on top for visual effect
-sold in thick squares too!
33. sweet cream and almond paste with a sprinkle of lemon
34. coconut caramel creme
35. Rosemary and caramelized orange zest (dark chocolate)
36. apple and ginger (dark chocolate)
37. chile and tomato (dark chocolate)
38. strawberry, coconut and black pepper (dark chocolate)
39. pear and ginger
40. chili and cinnamon
41. graham cracker crumbs with a vegan nougat (to sub for marshmallow) into a truffle made with coconut milk


  1. ooo if only i could try all of these flavours! yum!
    Hopefully the winner will update us on how they go :)

  2. I am hoping the exact same thing Rose :)

  3. Very interesting suggestions! I envy the winner ;) Just kidding :)

  4. I am so psyched about this!! YAAAY!! Thanks so much, Holler, I can't wait to see it and sample (a teeny bit!) of the chocolate :)

    All those flavors sound so delicous--now I can experiment with them all! :)

    Thanks again. :D

  5. Well done Ricki, it was a well deserved win! I can't wait to see what you do with the kit :)

  6. wow - congrats to ricki for a fantastic combo and what a great list of combinations - bloggers are just such a creative bunch!

  7. They are, aren't they Johanna, I hope chocolate makers the world over take note!

  8. Yaey Ricki! This flavour "Graham Cracker crumbs with a Vegan Nougat in a Truffle made with Coconut Milk" sounds insanely tempting!

  9. I am with you on that Ashley :) Yum!

  10. These all sound good! I think we should encourage Ricki to start a business :)

  11. Mmmm, pure heaven!! I'm so glad Ricki won! :-) Her flavor is too divine to resist... :-)

  12. What a great list!! I'm loving all these combos, Holler.


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