I Have Mince Lip

You might ask why?

Or maybe what is she talking about now?

Well, last night, I was tucking into a sin-free dessert. A fruits of the forest ice lolly with a ice cream centre. It had to be fake ice cream. The lolly was only 26 calories, 1g of fat and full of fresh fruit. I felt very virtuous eating this as a snack!

I slid the crinkly paper of the lolly as I walked from the kitchen and then I touched this sin-free delight to my lips, with great anticipation.

.....and that is when it happened. The most horrible sticky, burning sensation. I shrieked and ripped the lolly from my lips and indeed ripped is the right word to use.

Pain? Yes!

Mince lip? Yes!

I have seen cartoons, where some foolish creature is too curious by half and ends up with it's tongue stuck to something cold and icy, but hey, that's a cartoon right, it doesn't happen to us sensible, normal folk, does it? Well think again!

It was a steep learning curve, let me tell you! One that ruined my enjoyment of watching a soppy romantic movie with my husband, who had no sympathy at all and just rolled about the sofa laughing! Gee thanks Graham!

Mince Lip!

(of course I had to finish the lolly to take the swelling down!)


  1. That sounds positively horrendous! Hope the lip is better (and that the popsicle provided some comfort, at least!). :)

  2. OUCH! How awful. That's something I never would have thought would happen. Hope it heals quickly.

  3. I have gone of them after that Ricki :(

    I will be much more careful next time Andrea, I have learned my lesson :)

  4. Ouch! Better go on an ice cream only diet to make it feel better!

  5. It sounds the most horrific injury possible. Glad to hear it didn't stop you finishing the lolly - you have to show these things who's boss!

  6. Ouch, poor you that sounds horrible! Hope the Ice looly was worth it

  7. Hi Dana, I think I had better take your advice, hehe!

    You certainly do CC :)

    It wasn't really worth it Flower, I wish I had never bothered now!

  8. Ouchi!! & when i saw the picture, i was thinking what a great thing for my kids during this summer:) hope u are feeling better.

  9. Hey Soma, Tell them to tread carefully and treat those ice lollies with respect unless they too want mince lip!

  10. I hope the lip is better now Holler and that Graham has kissed it better:D

  11. Ouch! I'm sorry about your lips I hope you feel better soon:)

    Thanks for sharing.

    And you can visit me if I can visit you:)


  12. ouch - time to worry when life starts imitating cartoons - I will be careful next time I have an icy pole!

  13. Ouch, poor you, perhaps it was the food deities way to say that you should eat something nicer...;)

  14. Oh dear! How could something that sounds as sweet as a "lolly" be so vicious? :-)

  15. Oh you poor thing. I have to admit though I did chickle a little at your story.

  16. Aww! Hope your lip is feeling better soon. Thankfully that hasn't happened to me yet.

  17. Hi Val, I will suggest that to him :)

    Hi Food Crete, thanks for visiting :)

    Too close for comfort Johanna, too close!

    You are defitintely right Pia and it wasn't even that good!

    I know, I know! You can stop laughing now Katerina :/

    I still don't know Lisa!

    Hi Sylvie, At least I brought a smile to you :)

    Beware the lolly Ashley :)

  18. I've never heard this expression, but HOW AWFUL for you!!!

  19. If it happened to you Diann, you would know immediately that you had mince lip! Not a nice experience :(

  20. I really want to laugh but I know I shouldn't!

  21. Oh, my word. I hate even having ice stick to my FINGERS much less to my lips!!! Ouch. Somehow, I think less caloric desserts freeze harder, or something.

    And I would have bopped G. with the rest of the lolly... that man...sigh.

  22. Yep - it's the only solution.

    I think we've got some ice lollies in the freezer....


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