Edible Christmas Gifts - Part 2

Don't panic! So you haven't gotten around to making Christmas treats yet. Your mind has been consumed with Christmas dinner and have you really got a present for everyone? Never fear, here are some last minute ideas. Be they for Christmas day or to take with you when you visit family and friends this Christmas season. Boy, do I have a great line-up of ideas for you.

We start of with Coconut Ice courtesy of Johanna. Doesn't it look gorgeous? And so pretty too! I can just imagine them stacked in a clear cookie bag tied up with ribbon.

Next up we have some pretty amazing truffles from Nic over at Cherrapeno. The truffles in question are Chocolate Christmas Pudding Truffles. So keep these in mind if you have any leftover Christmas pudding. Heck, wait until Boxing Day, buy one cheap and be sure to make these little pieces of heaven.

Taking of truffles, guess what I spent this evening making? Yes a batch of coconut coated truffles. Graham has a buffet at work tomorrow, so he kindly suggested that he would take pizza and some sort of baked goods courtesy of me. There was some disappointment that I wasn't making the Toffee Pecan Brownies I made for him to take in last week, but since I had made 2 batches within the space of a week, I decided to go for something different. I don't think they will mind once they taste yummy little choccy treats. I have to thank my friend Audrey for the recipe. They are very famous in our staff room.

Leftover cranberries after making your cranberry sauce? I have just the recipe for you. Chocolate Coated Brownies with Cranberries. Lisa made her batch with dried cranberries, but just think how good they would be with little bursts of juicy fruit.

Christmas dinner is organised, but what about an easy treat first thing on Christmas morning? Beth has made the most gorgeous muffins flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberries and orange juice. Just imagine the beautiful smell wafting through the house and they are so easy to make too!

I am sticking with the cranberry theme and introducing you to some cookies I made earlier in the year. Cranberry & Orange Cookies. I got the recipe from a talented young lady called Elyse over at Belle of the Bakery, (formerly Confectionary Creations). They are light, chewy and almost cakey in texture. Really lovely!

I end this line-up with a savoury treat from my friend Dana over at Dana Treat. This is a real last minute recipe. It is easy and quick, but only keeps for 1 month in the fridge, so it is best made fresh. I give you Dana's Spicy Tomato Jam. Great for eating with Christmas leftovers or serving with your cheese board, but an equally elegant gift to take with you when visiting.

I hope you all enjoyed the line-up and that you have a wonderful Christmas.



  1. Thanks for the recipes! Everything looks delicious :)

  2. most everything looks delish and audrey's truffles look like classic swedish call-the-whatever-you-like-balls:)

    merry christmas, jacqueline! i know you will not be without good food;)

  3. These are all wonderful ideas Jacqueline. Having 12 over for dinner tonight so can always use new ideas. Have a wonderful holiday season!!!

  4. Those just look too good! I really want to try a Christmas Pudding truffle!

    And I adore those coconut ices, they look so perfect!

  5. Truly wonderful collection of goodies! Hope this isn't too late to reach you for Christmas--hope your holiday is a magical one, Jacqueline, and that you have a wonderful year filled with all good things! So glad that we have met over the internet :)

  6. What a gorgeous array of Christmas goodies! SUPERB!!
    Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year to you!

  7. Truly wonderful collection of recipes! mmmm yummy!

  8. I've been eating cake and chocolate for ooh - about 5 days now and these pics still made me drool!

    Happy new year!

  9. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. funny to see the old gargoyle with the coconut ice - must make it again - and want to make lots of the treats - but now christmas is passed I guess I will just have to make them for myself :-)

  11. That spicy tomato jam looks incredible!!! Happy New Year!


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