Sleek Chocolates with a Kick

Hotel Chocolat have developed a new range of chocolates based around cocktails. There is the mojito, cosmopolitan, margarita, chocolate martini and polish kitten.

As I have come to expect from Hotel Chocolat, they are high quality chocolates that are beautifully presented. You would feel very special indeed if you received a parcel from these chocolate gurus.

This new collection of chocolates come with the serving suggestion of storing them in the fridge before you serve them. Like cocktails, these are best served cold.

They would be a great treat to present at the end of a bbq, they would go down very well indeed, but they would equally be the perfect birthday gift.

One word of warning, make sure the recipient is over 18 and not driving anytime soon, as these are rather strong. They definitely have a kick! I think I would have been very drunk if I had eaten them all myself. As it was there were a few merry librarians the next day.


  1. These are way more fun than having an actual drink:D

  2. Equivalent at the least Val :)

  3. I have never been a lover of the liqueur chocolates but I do love the sound of cocktail chocolates, amazing!


  4. yummmmmmmm, I have never tried Hotel Choclat chocolate, I must remedy this as these look wonderful! Lucie x

  5. Hi Jacqueline,
    Came here from Nupur's blog. Good to be here. Very informative blog for bloggers. Saw the site for events hosting. Great work done.
    Following you to catch up with the latest updates. Keep up the good works. Best wishes.

  6. Boy you are a lucky girl! That is my idea of bliss - chocolate AND cocktails all in one ;0)

  7. I was never keen on liqueur chocolates either Maria, but I think that's because they are usually cherry flavour, yeughh!

    Try their caramel chocolate first Lucie, it is amazing :)

    Hi Sanjeeta, thanks for popping by to say hi :)

    Very lucky Chele :)

  8. Cosmopolitan chocolates? Oh my. Lead the way!

  9. Ha, ha, corrupting librarians. You should be ashamed.

  10. Oh my, I am not a huge chocolate lover but these have me excited. I will be checking out this site and sending to a friend for her bday.

    Came via Tender Branson. Lovely blog!

  11. Hey Barbara, a gift you would enjoy, I am thinking :)

    I was amused TB :)

    Hi there Steph *wave*, thanks for visiting :)

  12. I never knew a librarian that needed encouragement to become merry :-) And I speak as someone who had 15 years experience!!!!

  13. Is the filling liquid or truffle? I've never liked liquid fillings but I'm all for boozy truffle!

  14. These sound gorgeous - lucky librarians. Does this mean you are a librarian as well?


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