Girne - Photo Diary One


  1. Time you came home madame, instead of making me green with all these wonderful photos lol. Just kidding! Hope you are enjoying yourself ;0)

  2. I think you should work for the tourist board, as these pictures really make me want to go there! :) Love the habour shot especially. Hope you're all having fun x

  3. I can just imagine dinner in one of those waterside restaurants in the bottom picture, eating the fantastic fresh produce from your previous post .... heaven!

    P.S. How sweet is Cooper!

  4. What fun! I'm loving all your photos and am soooo jealous!

  5. What fun! I'm loving all your photos and am soooo jealous!

  6. Lovely, lovely pictures from your Holiday destination!

    Love the last picture a lot!

  7. He he! Still 4 days to go Chele, if you include the day we leave. Not looking forward to coming back to all that rain!

    Aww, thanks Lucie :)

    Hi Brownieville Girl, The harbour is a lovely place to while the hours away. Sipping a drink and watching people as they stroll by :)

    We are having fun Barbara, it will be a shame to go home. I think Graham's parent's would like us to stay, well maybe just Cooper :)

    It is quite a view Sophie, we were sitting in an Italian restaurant looking down.


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