An Anniversary Meal

Graham and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. My parents wanted to share the celebration with us and lets face it, they will use any excuse to spend time with Cooper.

They very kindly took us out for a meal. Our choice of restaurants is limited when we go for a meal with my parents, as my dad is very old fashioned in his eating habits. There has to be steak, chicken cacciatore or sea bass and the sea bass is a new development. If we are going to a pub he will eat fish and chips or scampi and we thought it a personal break though when we persuaded him to try pizza a few years ago. Although stuck in his ways as he is it has to be Pizza Hut pizza.

Talking off which, if you like to sit back and relax with a take-away pizza and a movie at the weekend, then you may like to know that VoucherCodes are now offering vouchers codes for restaurants such as Pizza Hut. They have a new local site where you pop you postcode into a box and the vouchers appear. I can see us using that soon when we are visiting my parents, but I am havering again. So anyway, back to our night out.

Italian is always a good option for us and we had previously, pre-Cooper had a lovely night out at Bar Roma in Edinburgh, so we decided to return. We weren't disappointed.

Bar Roma is almost hidden down a side street in the West End of Edinburgh, but it is a real gem. It is an independent family friendly restaurant with the pre-requisite Italian waiters, shouting and chattering to each other in Italian and charming all the customers. You are really welcomed into this restaurant and treated well.

It is a large traditional Italian restaurant. Lots of wood, brick, small murals of rural Italy and copper pots hanging above the open kitchen, which stands in the middle of the room, along with the bar. The standard white linen graces the tables. I do so like table linen. I hate going to an eatery and being offered a paper napkin.

We decided to skip starter as we are invariably too full to finish our main course. I did eye up the caprese salad, one of my favourites, but I managed to resist. Not having chicken cacciatore on the menu, my dad plumped for Pollo Funghi e Crema (breast of chicken in a rich mushroom and cream sauce). Mum selected Rustici Porcini (pasta filled with wild mushroom & ricotta cheese in a wild mushroom sauce),
which I was particularly pleased about because I knew I would be offered a taste. Graham, true to form ordered Penne Piccante (fresh tomato sauce with a kick of chilli). I ordered Ravioloni Ricotta e Spinaci (ricotta cheese & spinach filled pasta in tomato and cream sauce) and we shared garlic & rosemary focaccia to mop up all the lovely sauce. Not posh us!

My mum said her pasta was the best tasting pasta she had ever had. My dad enjoyed his, but I could tell he was disappointed he couldn't have his reassuringly familiar chicken cacciatore. Graham enjoyed his pasta, but liked my dish better (heck, I make such a tasty tomato and chilli sauce it is hard to beat!). And as for my pasta, well it wasn't anything overly exciting, but it was really very tasty and cooked al dente.

Dessert. Of course we had dessert! I was pleased to see my favourite Crème Brûlée on the menu. It was homemade and divine. I just don't see how you can beat a good Crème Brûlée. Graham enjoyed his hot chocolate gateaux with ice cream so much he didn't even offer me a mouthful. So much for true love! My mum plumped for knickerbocker glory and scraped the glass for every last drop and my dad, well in time honoured tradition he asked for a cherry brandy to pour over vanilla ice cream and in time honoured tradition the staff had never heard of cherry brandy and couldn't find any, so my dad visits the bar and finds it under a slightly different name and everyone goes "ahh!" and my dad is happy.

No one was in the mood for coffee, but my mum and I did sip happily at a Limoncello each.

Oh and I nearly forgot Cooper. How could I? Well he had a lentil and vegetable dish in a tomato sauce we brought with us, which was warmed up in the kitchen. The waiter even took his bowl and cutlery away and washed it for us, when he was finished.

Cooper ate first, so I ordered some mushroom bruschette for him to munch away on while we enjoyed our meals. My boy does love all varieties of toast. Then a few spoonfuls of ice cream, a wander around the restaurant with his daddy and being secure in the knowledge he had charmed all the waiters and other diners meant we left with one happy baby.

The prices were on the average side for a family Italian. £13.95 for my dad's chicken dish, £11.50 for my pasta with most of the pasta dishes being £9.25 and the desserts averaged at £4.75.

The restaurant was warm, charming and low lit with candles on the tables, which makes for a lovely atmosphere, but substandard photos, so I apologise for the quality of the camera work, but hope it gives you a flavour of the evening.

Bar Roma,
39A Queensferry Street,
EH2 4RA.

Tel: 0131 226 2977


  1. Fabulous eats. I love the desserts in particular! Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary by the way :)

  2. Happy Anniversary, Jacqueline! Sounds like a lovely (and delicious) celebration!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What bright and warm colors in that restaurant - gorgeous! And Wee Man looked like he had a great time.

  4. Thanks Sarah :)

    He did Tanita, as always. He loves being out and about :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a lovely evening. Of course, the best photo is the one of little Cooper!

  6. Happy anniversary, Jacqueline! A lovely and touching read. Best wishes for you both. Take care, and keep blogging such beautiful recipes.

  7. We did Andrea, we had a great night and Cooper and I stayed over and walked in The Glen the next day, which was lovely.

    Thanks Sanjeeta :)

  8. Happy Anniversary! I remember visiting Bar Roma when I lived in Edinburgh - really enjoyed it. Couldn't agree more about proper linen - eating out should be a special occasion and paper napkins simply won't do!!

  9. Cooper is so darn cute. I have to say, your mom's (or mum's) meal looks the tastiest to me... YUM! Happy anniversary.

  10. Happy anniversary. They even did Cooper's dishes? That is my kind of place.

  11. What a treat to be taken out for a meal! And always fun with a baby in tow. Looks like a nice place to spend an evening. Happy Anniversary to you and Graham.

  12. The food and surroundings look wonderful. Happy anniversary to you both! x

  13. Happy Anniversay to both of you. It sounds like the entire family had a special night out. I have a fussy veggie dad so imagine going to dinner with someone who will not eat pasta or rice, and will only beans from a can:D

  14. We ate there on our last night in Edinburgh while on vacation there in June!! We loved it also. Our waiters were so friendly and fun!!


  15. I LOVE BarRoma - never had a bad meal there yet ;0)

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  17. Well happy belated anniversary to you! What an exciting thing to celebrate. Especially with your parents!

  18. Happy Anniversary! I just started looking at blogs again 6 months after the birth of my daughter to see you had a lovely little munchkin of your own...congrats!!

  19. Hi Antonia, it seems to be a well known and well loved restaurant for one that is hidden down a side street. Says a lot really doesn't it? Especially with the great choice of restaurants in Edinburgh.

    Thanks Akheela :)

    I agree Pam, my mum's pasta dish was heavenly :)

    Yeah, I was impressed when they took his dishes away to wash them TB, a nice personal touch :)

    It was a lovely treat Johanna and nice to share our anniversary with our family :)

    Thanks Lucie :)

    Someone who will not eat pasta or rice, and will only beans from a can. Check, check, check Val, my dad too! What are they like? It must be a generation thing :)

    Glad you enjoyed a meal there too Jackie and I bet you had a fab time in Edinburgh :)

    You are lucky in your choice of restaurants over in Edinburgh Chele :)

    Thanks Duo Dishes :)

    Congratulations Deanna, I am off to your blog now to see if there are any photos :)

  20. Oh sorry, I thought I had wished you and Graham a Happy Wedding Anniversary. May I wish you both one now and many more, of course.

  21. Everything looks and sounds delicious; I'll need to pay it a visit the next time I'm through in Edinburgh! Belated happy anniversary! :)

  22. Happy anniversary! (I know I'm quite late, I'm so behind on blog reading!) Sounds like you guys had an amazing anniversary meal. :)


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