No Croutons Required - Noodles

I am back in bonnie Scotland. It is grey, it is dreich, it is generally wet and it is chilly. Yup, Autumn has arrived. Still, I cannot complain after enjoying three weeks of glorious sunshine and heat in Cyprus.

With Autumn in mind I am in soup mode again and I am anticipating my first batch of Spicy Squash & Noodle Soup. So in it's honour I announce the topic for this month's No Croutons Required is NOODLES. I am aware that some of my readers have past through Winter and are moving towards the better weather, so I give you the option of making a soup or a salad.

Post your soup or salad with links to this blog before the end of day on the 20th October 2010. Email your entry to Be sure to include:

Your name:
Your location:
Blog Name:
Blog URL:
Name of Dish:
Link to the post featuring your dish:

and please include a photo of your soup or salad. Remember the dish should be suitable for vegetarians. Dairy is allowed.

Full Details can be found here.

And now congratulations are due to the winner of the September challenge.

A big round of applause for Vanessa over at Sweet Artichoke who made us the beautifully presented Corn & Saffron Capuccino.

"I normally prepare this corn soup with corn and potatoes… and this time, I though of trying to replace the potatoes with urad daal… The result is delicious, the daal gives a creamy texture and a slightly nutty flavour, that we both loved very much."

You know you want to try it!

Last, but not least a big thanks to my wonderful friend and co-host Lisa for another brilliant round-up.


  1. Welcome back! From what little you've posted, it looks like you had a blast!

  2. Great theme Jackie! Can't wait to see all of the entries this month.

  3. Welcome back, my friend!

    What a lovely theme,...

  4. love the theme - hope I can find a bit more time in October and manage to make a noodle soup that isn't horribly mushy like one or two of my latest attempts.

    am sure noodle soup will comfort you upon return to Scottish weather

  5. Welcome back Jacqueline - albeit to a very wet and miserable Scotland, but its home eh?!

    Interesting theme for NCR this month.

  6. Im looking forward to the roundup :)


  7. Must be a bit of a shock to the system, but glad you had a good time. And this weather does give us a good excuse for comfort food. Liking the sound of your soup.

  8. Welcome back! Sorry the weather has turned...but all the more reason to make that lovely looking soup!

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  10. Welcome back! Lovely choice! I was thinking of making a couscous salad. Would you consider that as a noodle? I know it is pasta... pasta = noodle? ;)

  11. I've posted my recipe for this month's challenge and submitted my email - fingers crossed!

  12. Interesting challenge, too bad I have missed it... maybe next round... :-)

    Sawadee from bangkok,


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