Christmas Countdown - 6 weeks to go

You probably didn't need reminded of that, but if you are anything like me your are in the midst of trying to think up new ideas for gifts. I thought it might be good to list a few ideas.

My first gift idea is one for children. It's one you may want to give out on Christmas Eve. It's a fab little idea and a steal at £1.50. Magic Reindeer Food.

This wildlife friendly reindeer food contains all the things that Rudolph loves - oats, sugar sprinkles and silver sugar balls! Each bag contains approximately 50g of food and is hand-tied with a pretty festive ribbon. This special poem is printed on the label:

"Sprinkle on the lawn at night,
the moon will make it sparkle bright,
as Santa's reindeer fly and roam,
this will guide them to your home."

Chocolate is always a good gift and I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of bars from Chocolate and Love to try. It is the most gorgeously rich chocolate. My favourite was a bar called Filthy Rich. It is a bar of 71% extra dark chocolate that is fairtrade, organic, gluten free and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Mmmmmmmmmm! £3.20 a bar and worth every penny.

"Premium quality cocoa from Fairtrade cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru combined with Fairtrade cane sugar from South America and a hint of vanilla. This bar has a deep and intense chocolate flavour."

Next up a fun piece of jewellery from She Draws. Something a bit different that would appeal to us foodies. A Silver and acrylic tea set necklace. £14.00.

"Britain isn't complete without tea and so this cute little tea set charms hanging from a 18" silver plated chain.

The tea set includes a teapot, tea cup and a spoon all created from lightweight plastic and coated in glossy resin.

Charms together in hanging position measure approx 1"."

This one I have already ordered to jazz up my gift tags, envelopes and giftwrap this Christmas. A handmade gingerbread man stamp from Skulls and Cross Buns. A small one costs £3.50 and the large stamp is £4.50. A bargain if you ask me. They also have the cutest cupcake stamps, which would be great for stocking fillers.

Here is a rather cool gift for the home. A Matroyshka Doll Door Stop. £22 from Roses Love Red.

"Matryoshka doll doorstops by Astrid Weigel are made using the designer's own hand printed fabrics. Dolls are further embellished with applique detailing and hand painted touches of colour making every one unique. Spot cleaning is recommended for this item.

Please note that every doorstop is completely individual and may vary slightly to the item pictured.

Height : approx 24cm
Width : approx 12cm
Weight : approx 1kg

Materials : cotton, rice and polyester stuffing"

I just love this set of handmade bowls featuring a little owl for sale on Etsy, one of my favourite place to go for gifts. The set costs $26.00 USD and I just hope one of my nearest and dearest reads this and feels inspired.

"In this series, pieces are made simply (usually by hand) and with very little decoration so that the process, my finger marks and the clay shows through in the ending product. I enjoy making these because it is incredibly meditative and relaxing.

These little dishes are adorable and precious. When stacked together, they look like seashells...little gems that sit in the palm of your hand. These are made with porcelain which fires to a gleaming white that makes me fall in love with it each time I see it. An owl is stamped in the center of each piece and have been stained with a chocolate brown underglaze. The inside of each piece is covered with a clear glaze and outside is left matte porcelain

These pinch pots are great for decoration or for cooking - set a pinch of this and a pinch of that in each bowl."

I don't personally drink coffee or tea, but I know some of my collegues walk into work holding a hot cup of coffee or tea, sipping as they go to try and wake themsleves up in the morning and I know they would just love one of these felt cup cozies. A steal at £3 USD.

"These cozies are made from reclaimed wool sweaters. Making them eco friendly. The wool has been felted to make them soft and dense. Whether you hate burning your hands on a hot coffee cup or freezing your fingertips on that chilly can of pop, these will help.

These simply slide onto your cup or can to protect your hands. They are snug to help with grip. Great to keep in the car or your purse. Perfect for stocking stuffers, secret sisters, office gifts, etc."

And finally it is time for a homemade edible gift. I can personally recommend these as I have made them a few times. White Chocolate Truffles with Crushed Peppermints. The creamy peppermint shards really cut through the sweetness of the white chocolate, which lets face it is very, very sweet.

Why not buy a pack of 50 presentation bags from lakeland for only £2.69 to present the truffles in.

I hope I have given you some inspiration and you have enjoyed looking through my Christmas picks. I will be posting another collection of ideas soon.


  1. Cute ideas! I am making homemade muffin mixes for people this year, but I can't blog about it because my gift recipients read my blog. It's kind of frustrating because I want to share!

  2. you have reminded me I really must get the presentation bags from lakeland - great ideas jac!

  3. Hi Claire, you couldn't email me one of your mixes could you? I am looking for extra ideas myself and like to include foodie gifts.

    Thanks Beth, the bags are really useful aren't they?

  4. Some great ideas Jacqueline. I am counting down till Christmas.

  5. You have to Val. I started a bit late this year, but I have my list and have made a start.

  6. What a lovely group of gift ideas! I especially like the gingerbread stamp and the chocolate. And I LOVE your new photo!

  7. Thanks Andrea, I wasn't sure about the photo actually. Too many teeth on show, hehe! I am looking forward to my stamp arriving. It is nice that they are handmade for each customer :)

  8. Great how do I get my husband to read this?

  9. Some nice ideas - the gingerbread man stamp is so cute. I'm really not with it this year - the lakeland bags might help.

  10. Oh yes, we are getting close! I'm prepping up for Christmas too and have already baked a couple of Xmas Cakes!

  11. 6 weeks! nnoooooooo

    Great pressies - I love the chocolate called filthy rich and those owl bowls are gorgeous.

    I keep thinking pudding and cake need to be made around now - but it all just seems too soon!

  12. Me too Brownieville Girl :)

    Get him to look at the truffles Louise, but make him read the post from the top and make ooohing and ahhhing noices, of course don't let him read the comments :)

    I am sure you will fill those bags up with yummy things in no time Choclette :)

    You are organised Scott. Good going!

    Sorry to panic you Johanna, but you are best to know :)

  13. Wow, you really shocked me with the 6 weeks till christmas. I knew it was next month but I havent even started christmas shopping!
    Some great gift ideas here. I adore the tea set pendant and the chocolate looks delightful.


  14. Haven't you been busy with this great round up. I remember making my God-Daughter some reindeer food for Christmas (quite) a few years ago now, went down a real treat with her though ;0)
    Also loving that necklace. May have to treat myself!

  15. It is a shock when you actually count the weeks Rose. This year has gone so fast for me.

    Good thinking Chele, I hadn't thought beyond leaing out a carrot :)

  16. What a nice selection - love the glittery reindeer food

  17. Some lovely ideas here! I realised last week that I hadn't yet made my Christmas cake and Christmas puddings, so on went the Aga and out came the fruits etc and 7 hours later I had one cake and two puddings to mature until Christmas. Mustn't forget to marzipan and ice the cake!

  18. It's really sweet isn't it CC?

    You are doing really well Susan. You are putting me to shame :)

  19. What a great post. I'm in love with that necklace with the charm! The little owl dishes are gorgeous too.

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