NCR - Festive Photo Round-up

We have a wee tradition going for the December edition of No Croutons Required. We ask for festive photos instead of recipes and it is always a pleasure to loom at all the entries.

So, enjoy the round-up and please remember to vote for your favourite photo.

1. Festive Steamed Potatoes
(An Escape to Food)
California, USA

2. It's Cold Outside
(Nip It In The Bud)
Gloucester, England, UK

3. Winter Blue
(Holly Grove Kitchen)
Shropshire, England, UK

4. Savannah Holly
Claire (Chez Cayenne)
Houston, Texas, USA

5. Snowy Days On The Farm

Sue (Our New Life In The Country)
Oxfordshire, England, UK

6. Little Green Tree Buddy

Sarah (The Ordinary Vegetarian)
Illinois, USA

7. Magic Begins When You Believe
Soma (eCurry)
Plano, Texas, USA

8. Keeping Monkey Warm

Mangocheeks (Allotment 2 Kitchen)
West of Scotland, UK

9. Holidays Past
Mary (Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes)
New England, USA

10. Santa Baby

Jacqueline (me)(Tinned Tomatoes)
Dundee, Scotland, UK
(not in vote)

11. Einstein in the Snow

Fay (The Wind and the Wellies)
Orkney, Scotland, UK

12. Frosty Gate
Brownieville Girl (Brownieville Girl)

13. A Box of Holiday Goodies
Nupur (One Hot Stove)
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

14. Christmas Candles

Johanna (Green Gourmet Giraffe)
Melbourne, Australia

15. Winter Blast

Lisa (Lisa's Kitchen)
London, Ontario, Canada
(not in vote)

16. Potato Tree

Jill (Vegan Backpacker)
Ontario, Canada

17. Festive Time and Cookies

Vanessa (Sweet Artichoke)

18. Snowy Townhouses

Valerie (City|Life|Eats)
Washington DC, USA

19. Star of Wonder, Star of Light

Sra (When My Soup Came Alive)


  1. Lovely roundup as always my friend.

  2. gorgeous festive images - but so hard to choose one to vote for!

  3. Such beautiful photos. Which to choose, which to choose...

  4. What great photos!! I have about 3 I want to vote for ... how to decide!

  5. Great round up Jacqueline - some of them really make me smile :-}}

  6. Lovely entries and round-up. Thanks for accepting mine!

  7. What a great array of photos--so much variety at this season! Love Cooper and the holly the best, I think!

    Happy Holidays, Jacqueline, to you and yours! :D

  8. Thanks for the lovely display of holiday photos, Jacqueline! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  9. Wow Jacqueline. Firstly Thank you for hosting as Always and seconly, I think your readers have done you proud. This year there are so many wonderful photographs submitted. Some fill me with warmth, some make me smile, others just make me hungry...Keep warm.

  10. what a lovely, varied reflection of the festive season.
    Only disappointment is that I can't vote for Santa Baby!

  11. Lovely selection of holidays, but my favorite is "santa baby". :)

    All the best in 2011.

  12. Ah, so wonderful! I'll never be able to choose!! :)

  13. Very beautiful pictures, all of them. And it is going to be very hard to vote. But my favorite is still your "Santa Baby". :-)

    Have a wonderful season Jac!!

    PS: (Voted)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I love Keeping Monkey Warm! That hat makes the photo come to life.

  16. I am impressed by a lot of these photos. Happy New Year.

  17. delicious roundup looks like you didn't get my snow picture :(
    Congrats to the winner
    Happy new year


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