No Croutons Required - Festive Photo Round

December is here and it is time to veer away from our regular monthly soup and salad recipes. We are all so busy in December so I like to ask for a festive photo instead of a recipe.

It is snowing heavily here with the garden hidden under a few feet of snow, so I know that other bloggers from the UK will have no problems in capturing a suitable image, but don't worry if you do not have a wintry landscape to feature, you could take a photo of your Christmas decorations, a winter dish you have cooked or baked or a festive photo of your children.

As usual you have until the 20th of the month to post your photo and link it here, then send me an email to with:

- your name
- name of blog
- blog url
- photo
- name and description of photo
- link to the post
- your location

Remember you can keep up to date with the No Croutons Required challenge each month over at Lisa's Kitchen or in The Food Blog Diary. I am off to update the diary now.

Wendy over at A Wee Bit Of Cooking has won the festive photos for the last two years. Here are her winning shots. I think you will agree they are pretty stunning.

While I am talking about winners, I must congratulate Susan The Well Seasoned Cook who one November's No Croutons Required challenge with her Vegetarian Avgolemono Soup with Quinoa. It was a very impressive dish indeed.


  1. will join you soon
    Jac the little one is already for the season and cute

  2. I was hoping to find a photo of little Cooper, here. He's so darn cute!

  3. I'll look forward to your entry Akheela :)

    Awww, thanks Andrea, I think so, but then I am biased!

  4. Oh, cutey patootie. I hope if you take him to see Santa that he is as cheery as always.

  5. I don't think he would quite understand this year Tanita, but maybe next year. He is very excited about all the snow outside though!

  6. You already have the most festive photo ever with that cute Santa baby :)

  7. Cooper is so beautiful -- and cheery! What a joy he will be for you this holiday season.

  8. cooper looks so cute in that outfit - reminds me of our trip to Scotland last year - can't believe it is only a year ago - am sorry we missed all the snow but it probably would have made it difficult to get around - and we loved all the Christmas outfits like Coopers - it isn't as easy to find them here in Melbourne.

    I'd like to say we have lovely sunny days instead of snow and costumes but it just keeps raining here - but we have a few Christmas activities coming up so hope I might get a photo for NCR

  9. How can we complet with that adorable photo of Cooper:D

  10. Christmassy Cooper. Absolutely adorable and just adore his smile :)

  11. That photo is priceless!! :D

  12. That has to be the cutest Festive Photo!! He is such a sweetheart with that ever going smile on his face.

    Send u mine .. made it to NCR!

  13. I'm new to your blog and giving the holiday photo a shot! Love the idea of the photos!

  14. Aww, what a lovely idea for an event111 Just started following your blog, will now have to get clicking. Your little boy is absolutely adorable by the way!!

  15. Thank you for your lovely comments. I hope you all manage to get a photo in. Jac xx


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