Cookery School Cookbook - The Winner

Well my wee independent adjudicator is in bed asleep, so I had to turn to a far more boring method to decide who my winner would be.

He is completely worn out, wee lamb. He had a birthday party today. His wee friend Eva has turned one. Much fun was had and a prize was won (musical statues), then it was an hours drive to visit the grandparents. He had a turn at the steering wheel in Grandad's car and his Daddy put up a swing in the back garden for him. He did lots of walking on his on as well, so as you can see it was a tiring day.

Oh, I have to tell you about the whoopie pies I made, to take to the party. They were amazing! So light and utterly gorgeous, even if they weren't the bonniest (must buy another whoopie pan, so they are all the same size and must pipe the marshmallow cream next time)! It was my first try at making them and I nearly died and went to heaven when I tasted the marshmallow cream I filled them with. I will blog the recipe soon.

So, back to our winner. As you can see the random generator chose number 5, which corresponds to comment number 5. So I am pleased to announce that the winner of the cookbook is Laura.

I just need your address now Laura and I will have the book sent off to you. You will find my email at the top of the page. Congratulations! I do hope you enjoy the Cookery School Cookbook.


  1. what a bit day for cooper! look forward to hearing about your whoopie pies

  2. It does sound like a busy day for a wee toddler. Congratulations to the winner!!!!

  3. Awww, how precious that they make jeans in those tiny sizes. Funny to think of someone that short up and ambulatory -- I'm sure there are many moments of fear for all the things on low tables!

    I hadn't realized marshmallows were part of Whoopie Pies! I think I favor the idea of ice cream, but that MIGHT be partly because I'm dying for a bit more sun!

  4. Congrats to Laura ;0)
    The wee man looks so sweet while sleeping ... not that he doesn't look sweet any other time mind! Lol


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