No Croutons Required - February

I had a look back on previous challenges to find some inspiration for this month's challenge and did come up with something new for us to try.

This month, I would like to challenge you to make a creamy soup or a creamy salad dressing. It doesn't have to be dairy based though, you could use soya milk or something inherently creamy, such as avocados, if you are using dairy, you could use, cream, yoghurt or cheese. Go crazy, but do make us something luxurious. Remember that it must be suitable for vegetarians.

As usual you have until the 20th of the month to post your photo and link it here, then send me an email to with:

- your name
- name of blog
- blog url
- photo
- name and description of soup or dressing
- link to the post
- your location

I am really looking forward to seeing the entries this month.

Good Luck everyone!

A big congratulations to Kevin over at Closet Cooking who won January's challenge with his Mushroom and Leek Wild Rice Salad. It looks real good, doesn't it?

I have followed Kevin's blog since the beginning and he is a lovely guy who cooks the most delicious food, which he presents beautifully. If you haven't been to Closet Cooking before, then treat yourself and visit today.


  1. That salad looks yummy!!

    Thank you for my book (my prize for the December photo challenge), when the Amazon package arrived I was racking my brains to think of what I could have ordered, so it was a lovely surprise.

    It's waiting patiently on the coffee table for me ready for my coffee break tomorrow when I will dip into it and look for inspiration. Thank you.

    Sue xx

  2. I just found your blog, the event sounds good. I'm going to grab the badge and share it with my reader.

    Happy hosting


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