Yoghurt , Blethering and a Rant

There are a few things you will always find in my fridge. Milk, mature cheddar, parmesan, halloumi, salad leaves, cucumber, baby plum tomatoes (the other tomatoes sit on my windowsill ripening), lemons, limes, wholegrain mustard, jam, unsalted butter, fruit juice, berries and Total Greek Yoghurt. Other things do reside there too, but they change as the days pass.

You will see I was very specific about my yoghurt. The other regulars change in type and make, but I always buy Total Greek Yoghurt. I just don't think you can buy a better yoghurt. It is so rich and creamy, even the 0% one, although I only buy the regular as Cooper eats it too and drinks it in smoothies. It is important for him to eat full fat dairy. He needs the calories, especially now he is walking.

As I often do, I am blethering again. I was meaning to get to the point and tell you how pleased I was when Total sent me some new spilt pots to try. It took three tries for them to get here. (I have to say I no longer have any faith in Royal Mail's ability to get my mail to me as so many of my parcels have gone missing. I am starting to think there is a lot of theft going on as it is only the good stuff that go missing, never my bills and I am getting sick of it! The final parcel did arrive, but it came by another service. OK, rant over!)

There are 4 new flavours. Blueberry, strawberry, tropical fruit and honey. The yoghurt in the pots is 0% fat, although you wouldn't notice a discernible difference in the taste. I found the fruit purees to be to sweet for my taste. I think this may be because I usually eat fresh fruit with my Greek yoghurt. I have to say though, I did love the honey split pot.

After being in the fridge, the honey thickens until it is more like caramel. Mmmmmmm, lovely! I think I will skip the others, although Graham proclaimed the strawberry spit pot, the best yoghurt he had ever had. So I can see us buying more of those. For Cooper I will be sticking to their regular yoghurt.

Since we are talking of yoghurt, I thought I would give you a few foodie ideas.

1. Yoghurt Scones with a trio of cheese - Tinned Tomatoes

2. Heart Tarts - Tinned Tomatoes

3. Yoghurt & Blueberry Muffins - Fuss Free Flavours

4. World's Best Tzatziki - Kalyn's Kitchen

5. Best Ever Mushroom Sauce - Lisa's Kitchen

6. Shahi Egg - Lisa's Kitchen

On a totally (please ignore the pun) different note, just a reminder that you still have time to enter my slow cooking challenge for which I have a slow cooker and a cookbook up for grabs. You have until the 20th March 2011. It can be a main meal or dessert. As long as it is slow cooked and vegetarian. You may even cook your dish in the oven or a pot.


  1. The Total with blueberries is one of my absolute favorites!

  2. Nah, definitely the honey one for me. Still we can't all like the same things :)

  3. I have had food stuff go missing too, never the bills, is very frustrating :(

  4. That's my favorite Greek yogurt as well. I was so happy when I started to be able to get a large container of it at Costco here.

  5. I got some Split Pots too, they are lush, I have been having them in my porridge and the honey one was definitely the best. One of my parcels got delayed and had to be binned but the second made it in time. However, they don't have these Total 0% split pots at my local supermarket yet :(

  6. I bet that yogurt is tasty indeed. Thanks for linking to a few of my recipes. I hope you enjoy them.

  7. It sucks, doesn't it Anne?

    I just can't see past it Kalyn, nothing beats it.

    No, I haven't seen the split pots in the supermarket either Janice.

    That's ok lisa :)

  8. I love greek yoghurt with banana and honey. delicious.

  9. I haven't had any lunch and looking at these photos is making my mouth water! Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful day!

  10. Me too Dana, it is great for breakfast on the rare occasion I have breakfast.

  11. I wish I always had yoghurt in my fridge - often I want it and it is not there - though if I had those fruity yoghurt pots I would just love them - perhaps too much!

  12. The tropical one is my fave, the best way to start the day! Sis-in-Law got the honey and blueberry ones though and she wasn't so fond of the honey thickening in the fridge but she ate it anyway lol

  13. I love TOTAL yoghurt, I drizzle a heaped teaspoon of honey over my 0% with some pumpkin seeds or whatever I have in the house. Havent seen the split pots in my local supermarket yet.

    Whenever I order stuff on Amazon and I see they are sending it with Royal Mail, my heart just sinks. lol. Also, you can be sure they come when you are not in, even if you went out for just 10 minutes...that's when they come.

  14. Total is the one I buy too! But only plain. I love it.

  15. You'd better keep that cupboard well locked up. You've got all my fav. ingredients in there - I'm just to lazy to go out and buy them! Toms. ripening on window sill! - Nice touch!


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