Baked & Delicious - The Sequel & A Nomination

Well, Lisa is a lucky lady. She won the same competition with the Caked Crusader, so it was lucky we forgot about the bowl full of names and that it was still sitting on the window of the conservatory where we left it last night.

So this morning, my wee independent adjudicator was put to work once more. Scroll down to see if you have won.

ps Be sure to buy a lottery ticket today Lisa!

On another note, Michelle over at Food, Football & a Baby nominated me for Babble's Top 100 Food Mom Bloggers. Thank you Michelle!

If you would like to vote for me then pop over to Babble, click on the alphabetical tab and I am on the third page under Jacqueline - Tinned Tomatoes. You just need to click Like.

And on the subject of thank you, I would also like to thank Sophie who presented me with a Versatile Blogger Award.


  1. Congrats to the winner! Those were the cutest series of baby photos! Have a wonderful week, and if you'd like a snack, please stop by!

  2. the little one is getting good at picking winners :) congrats to the winner and on the award

  3. Well done and good luck, I've just popped over and voted ;0)

  4. Thanks Mary :)

    He is getting great at it Akheela, he used to need to be persuaded a lot, now he dives straight in :)

    Thanks Chele :)

  5. cooper did well not to lose all the votes - things just disappear in our house

    well done on your awards - I just tried to vote and couldn't find you - will look again as I see chele managed to vote!!!

  6. Thanks Johanna. You have to hit the alphabetical or you will never find me :)

  7. I only have eyes for the little fella in the chair :)

  8. Hi Jac,

    Just to let you know that all the goodies arrived this morning and I'm super excited - can't wait to try some of the recipes (there was one for a particularly boozy cake that caught my eye!) - thanks for holding the giveaway and for your ever so wonderful blog!

    happy easter to all



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