Baked & Delicious - The Winner

Congratulations to Lisa Shannon. My Wee independent adjudicator pulled your name out right away and handed it to his daddy. If you could email me your details to I will have your prize sent out to you.

Lisa wins a set of Baked & Delicious magazines, issues 2-5 along with a rather gorgeous set of silicone bakeware.

Baked & Delicious comes out twice a month on a Thursday. The first issue is available at the special price of 99p and comes with silicone cupcake cases, but as the series goes on you can collect a brush & spatula, a loaf pan, a quiche case. heart shaped moulds, mini muffin cases and petit four cases. The second issue comes in at £2.99 all the issues after that are £4.99.


  1. can't believe how grown up your independent adjudicator is looking - so much new hair!

  2. The wee adjudicator is completely adorable!

  3. This is cutest way to pick a winner Jacqueline!!!!!

  4. How cute and grown up does he look picking the winner! :) x


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