NCR - The Birthday Edition

Today is my birthday (and no that isn't an April Fool). I was trying to think of what to do for this month's challenge. I wanted to do something different, so I thought we could all make a soup or salad using past themes. I'll list the themes we have covered over the last three years and you can choose from the themes that fell on your birthday month. December is always festive photos, so I will combine Nov and Dec.

So a quick recap. Find your birthday month and choose from the themes listed below. Make a vegetarian soup or salad. Post your soup or salad and email me by the 20 April 2011 to

* your name
* your location
* your birthday month
* your choice of topic from that month
* name of your blog
* blog url
* name or your dish
* post url
* a photo of your dish

Here are your choice of themes, just choose your birthday month:

January - Nourishing Soup (NCR 2009), Thai Soup or Salad (NCR 2010), Rice Soup or Salad (NCR 2011)

- Veggie Soup (NCR 2008), Potato Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Copycat Soup or Salad (choose a soup or salad on the menu of your favourite restaurant and recreate it) (NCR 2010), Creamy Soup or Salad (NCR 2011)

March - Spicy Soup (NCR 2008), Indian Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Chickpea Soup or Salad (NCR 2010)

April - Mushroom Soup or Salad (NCR 2008), Tomato Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Onion Soup or Salad (NCR 2010)

- Cheese Salad (NCR 2008), Berries Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Mexican Soup or Salad (NCR 2010)

June - Legume Soup or Salad (NCR 2008), Leafy Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Courgette Soup or Salad (NCR 2010)

July - Herb Soup or Salad (NCR 2008), Grains Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Bread to compliment a Soup or in a Salad (NCR 2010)

- Dressings for a Soup or Salad (NCR 2008), Peppers Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Carrot Soup or Salad (NCR 2010)

September - Fruit Soup or Salad (NCR 2008), Mediterranean Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Corn Soup or Salad (NCR 2010)

October - Hearty Soup (NCR 2008), Frugal Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Noodle Soup or Salad (NCR 2010)

November & December - Pasta Soup or Salad (NCR 2008), Root Vegetables Soup or Salad (NCR 2009), Quinoa Soup or Salad (NCR 2010)

I think this could be quite an exciting round and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

A big congratulations to Harini over at Sugar 'n' Spice who won March's NCR challenge with her Sprouts Paratha. Now, I don't like sprouts, but I am very tempted by this. It looks delicious! Harini wins a rather delightful winner's badge for her blog.

I will be posting April's edition of The Food Blog Diary later today, so be sure to head over there to catch up on other foodie challenges, competitions and giveaways. The diary will be updated continually as the month progresses so visit regularly for all the latest news.


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    A question: would it be ok to do a noodle salad that uses zucchini noodles? I just bought a spiralizer recently and am obssessed with zucchini noodles, so would love to showcase it as the noodle in the salad. PLease let me know :) THank you!!

  2. PS - obviously from my question my birthday is in October :) Sorry I forgot to mention that!

  3. Happy birthday! Looking forward to coming up with something from the March selections, some really good ones in there!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jacqueline! Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Great idea for NCR's Theme!

  5. Happy Birthday Jac! Have an awesome one! And thanks a lot for the winners badge.. added it in my blog :) Looking forward to participate in this months events also !

  6. happy birthday jaq's... how brilliant is that? April Fool Birthday eh?

    Mine is September, so i'm thinking of going for the Med soup, maybe a Minestrone?...

  7. Happy birthday sweetie and a great theme this month!

  8. Happy Birthday.

    Mine's in April too so it will have to be Onions.....mmmmm yummy.

    Sue xx

  9. Yay, I get to choose from the September selections. Now that the weather has turned a little (mind, very little), I can really indulge in most of the themes... can't wait.

  10. PS - Happy birthday from all of us :-) If you're not fooling us :-)

  11. Hey, happy birthday. Sorry I missed sending a card on time~!

  12. Happy birthday, Jacqui! My birthday is in June, so I get a wonderful selection to choose from! All my favourites! Leaves and legumes! :)

    It was nice to check out the old round-ups as well for inspiration. :)

  13. Hi Jacqueline, Happy birthday! :)

    I really liked your idea for the challenge, and would love to participate too! i will think of something :)

  14. happy birthday - I have my suspicions that you just chose this theme because you have mushrooms in your birthday month :-)

    Seriously I think that the great thing about this event going so long is that you and Lisa are coming up with interesting challenges

  15. Happy Birthday Jacqueline! I'm wondering if people born on April 1 have to endure lots of tricks being played on them.

  16. Happy Birthday, I'm a June baby so it should be easy!

  17. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday - hope you had a good day and have a great weekend.

  18. Hope you had a lovely birthday! I'll be sending in a July entry.

  19. Happy Birthday Jaq.
    What a great idea for this months NCR. Time I got organised and joined in I think. And with my favourite potatoes in my birthday month it would be wrong not to!

  20. That sounds like a great idea for an entry Valerie :)

    I look forward to seeing your entry Sarah :)

    Thanks Vanessa :)

    Your entry was well deserving of a win Harini and I am glad you like your badge :)

    Hey Dom and a Happy Birthday right back at you, well a happy blog birthday anyway and both soups would be great :)

    Thanks Lisa and thanks again for my pressie xx

    I look forward to seeing your entry Sue :)

    Hey Michelle, Nope, no fooling and thank you.

    Don't worry Tanita :)

    I am so glad it inspired you Janet :)

    It would be lovely if you joined in Barida, Thanks for stoppping by :)

    Thanks Johanna and yes, you know me well, although it was only a bit of serendipity that mushrooms happened to be included in my birthday month. Honest!

    Thankfully, I can say no tricks Andrea :)

    Thank you Mary :)

    Thanks Choclette :)

    That's brilliant Susan :)

    Hi Nic, thank you for the birthday wishes and I hope you do join in :)

  21. Happy birthday :) Perhaps I will enter my first competition this month. Spicy March seems right up my street.

  22. Sounds like a great challenge, can't wait to send my bit over!

  23. Many happy returns for yesterday!
    Must give it a go this time around.

  24. Happy Belated Birhtday , dear Jacqueline!

    I just gave you an AWARD!! Why? Come over @ my latest post & read all about it, Jacqueline!

    It sounds like a good challenge! That's a great idea!

  25. I hope you do join in LF :)

    Yay Peggy :)

    Thanks Nic :)

    Thank you Sophie, that is so kind, I am coming over right now to have a look :D

  26. I'm January - that means I should be devising a nourishing thai soup with rice ;) (that sounds very plausible actually)

  27. Happy Birthday. Your's has to be far up my top 10 Food Blog List!


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