Bookmarked Recipes - June

If you are anything like me, you collect recipes right left and centre. I scribble down recipes during cookery shows, from cookbooks and magazines and of course from blogs. Most of my recipes these days tend to come from blogs. Sometimes I am so inspired by a recipe I rush off to the kitchen and make it right away, but more often than not they are stored for another day. This fabled other day quite often doesn't arrived and I lamented the loss of the challenge Bookmarked Recipes, which encouraged me to use some of these recipes.

So, as if I don't have enough to do, I got in touch with Ruth and asked for her permission to revive the challenge. She happily agreed, so here we are at the end of June and the roundup for the first month.

Bookmarked Recipes

1. Chocolate Pear Cake
Jacqueline (Tinned Tomatoes)
Recipe bookmarked from Cakes, Crumbs and Cooking - November 2009

2. Six Shades of Red Soup
Janet (The Taste Space)
Recipe bookmarked from Color Me Vegan

3. Szechun Peanut Pasta
Raven (Cook.Eat.Delicious)
Recipe bookmarked from The Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Cookbook - Wedding Gift

4. Plum Gingerbread Sponge Pudding
Johanna (Green Gourmet Giraffe)
Recipe Bookmarked from Stephanie Alexander over at - originally rhubarb

5. Pecan & Marmalade Loaf Cake
Anne (Anne's Kitchen)
Recipe bookmarked from BBC Good Food Collection Cookbook

6. Carrot Savoury Pie with Fresh Coriander
Graziana (Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with Herbs))
Recipe bookmarked from Inchiostro e Farina

7. Peach Pot Pie
Ranjini & Ruchira (Tadka Pasta
Recipe bookmarked from an article on Quick Puff Pastry in the LA Times Food section - March 2011

8. Chocolate Chip Honey Cornbread
Choclette (Chocolate Log Blog
Recipe bookmarked from Black Book Kitchen Diaries

9. Tomato & Bell Pepper Quiche
(Chocolate & Dreams)
Recipe bookmarked from the article 'Your Lifestyle', page 342, Femina - June 30 2010

10. Mary Berry's Double Chocolate Cookies
Chele (Chocolate Teapot)
Recipe bookmarked from a Mary Berry Recipe

11. Maslin Soda Bread
C (Cakes Crumbs & Cooking)
Recipe Bookmarked from Dan Lepard's Forum

I hope you enjoyed the first roundup of bookmarked recipes and I hope it has inspired you to dip into some of yours.

Have fun visiting all the websites!

If you would like to join in July's edition of Bookmarked Recipes, then just add your recipe to the linky at the end of this post.

Bookmarked Recipes Guidelines:

1. This challenge begins every month on the last Sunday.

2. You may submit as many bookmarked recipes as you like until the challenge closes on the last Saturday of the next month.

3. On the last Sunday each month I will post the roundup and announce the next challenge open.

4. You may post recipes you have bookmarked from magazines, tv programmes, websites or blogs..... Please credit the author of the recipe and ask them for permission if you are posting their recipe, most bloggers are very nice and don't mind if you ask nicely.

5. This blog is veggie, so please have the courtesy of only posting recipes suitable for veggies or why not suggest a veggie substitute if it is just a couple of the ingredients that are not veggie.

4. Mention and link to Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes as host and Ruth from Ruth's Kitchen Experiments as founder of the challenge.

5. You can use the logo in your post if you like.

6. I look forward to seeing the goodies you submit.

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  1. Great round-up Jac, everything looks delicious!

    I have so many recipes scribbled down too, scattered betweens books, torn out of magazines, saved onto random words docs etc!

  2. Get stuck in for the next round then Anne :)

  3. Nice round up - lots of yummy food and cute dividers between entries

  4. That are rather nice dividers, aren't they Johanna, I got them from Shabby Blogs. I use them in The Food Blog Diary too :)

  5. How on earth did I miss this?!

    So good of you to revive this challenge an introduce it to the likes of me. The entries this month are excellent and tempting.

  6. They are good aren't they Shaheen? Hopefully people will enjoy the challenge again.

  7. Lovely idea! I have so many in my 'must cook' folder so I'll get busy next month!!

  8. I look forward to your entry Dom :)

  9. Goodness you're busy today! Thanks for the round-up Jac. It's interesting to see where the recipes were bookmarked from.

  10. Great round up! I think I only just got mine there in time!

    I'll have to think what to submit to next month's round up now....

  11. It is good to see where people get their ideas from Choclette :)

    You did C, I was about to publish when I noticed the linky said I had 11 entries and I thought, wait a minute! I am glad I didn't miss it :)

  12. Lovely spread! So many interesting ideas - the Szechun pasta, carrot pie, the honey cornbread and many others all have been duly bookmarked! Thanks for hosting and the wonderful round-up.

  13. Time is just flying by Jacqueline. I always enjoyed this event. It gives us a good excuse to browse our ever growing piles of magazines and cookbooks.

  14. Just goes to show how many talented cooks there are in the blogosphere!

  15. Looks like you'll be very busy in the kitchen!

  16. Glad you got something from it Ranjini & Ruchira :)

    That is a very positive response Beth, must have done the right thing then :)

    I know, we do need a bit of a prompt somethime Val, that is why I like Dom's Random Recipes too, because it gets me opeing my cookbook and cooking from them :)

    There certainly are CC :)

    I certainly will Duo Dishes :)

  17. There is not enough space on the 'net for my list of bookmarked recipes!!
    Nice round-up Jacqueline!

  18. Thanks Jay :)

    I know, i know Barbara, I have hundreds. Too much tempting food around.

    For anyone wanting to add a bookmarked recipe to the linky, do not despair, I will pay my subscription tonight and have it back up and running.

  19. What a cool idea! I've got so many recipes that have been sitting on hold and there's more now than I can handle. That sponge pudding is definitely on my list! It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!
    ~Nancy Lewis~

  20. I love this idea - I'm always bookmarking recipes that I want to come back to, although I seldom follow any recipe faithfully!

  21. So many lovely receipes to choose from and so little time. Going to start tonight with the soup and maybe the plum gingerbread sponge which looks delicious!

    Emma Phillips
    our site:
    changing Bags

  22. hey ..
    I would like to participate in Your do I do it...


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