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Bookmarked Recipes

This is where you will find the guidelines for Bookmarked Recipes, a list of previous roundups and a link to the current challenge.

Bookmarked Recipes Guidelines:

1. This challenge opens each month on the last Sunday.

2. You may submit as many bookmarked recipes as you like until the challenge closes on the last Saturday of the next month. You will find a link at the bottom of this page for the current month's challenge. Just add your post to the linky at the end of the post.

3. On the last Sunday each month I will post the roundup for the month and announce the next challenge open.

4. You may post recipes you have bookmarked from magazines, tv programmes, websites or blogs..... Please credit the author of the recipe.

(I would ask for permission if you are posting someone else's recipe, most bloggers are very nice and don't mind if you ask nicely, like wise publishers are usually cooperative if their cookbook gets a plug. If you have used a recipe as inspiration then credit where your idea came from. You can also link to the recipe if it appears elsewhere online or just give a suggestion of the recipe rather than writing out the full recipe. These are only suggestions, the final decision is down to you.)

Please say where the reipe came from.

5. This blog is veggie, so please have the courtesy of only posting recipes suitable for veggies or why not suggest a veggie substitute if it is just a couple of the ingredients that are not veggie.

4. Mention and link to Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes as host and mention Ruth from Ruth's Kitchen Experiments as founder of the challenge.

5. You may use the logo in your post.

6. I look forward to seeing the goodies you submit.

Bookmarked Recipes
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Bookmarked Recipes #9 February 2012 (now open)

Bookmarked Recipes
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Bookmarked Recipes #8 January 2012

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  1. I used to participate in this all the time, I need to get back to it!

  2. It is a fun way to work through some of the recipes you have accumulated Pam. I am just adding this post as a place to fins the guidelines and links.

  3. I have so many bookmarked recipes, I must take part in this as soon as I can!

  4. I found you through another blog. Is the Bookmarked Recipe challenge still taking place. I see the date here is 2012 and it is now 2015. Thank you! :)

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