Green & Black's Chocolate Workshop - The Winner

There was a massive 73 entries for the Green & Black's Chocolate Workshop giveaway and I can't say I am surprised.

This wonderful prize was brought to us by the rather wonderful is a gift website and have quite a collection of experience days, offering everything from "fast and furious" driving experiences and flying days to relaxing spa days. The one I chose for my readers was the Green & Black's Chocolate Workshop. So without any more rambling here we go. Time to announce the winner.

And to save you counting down the entries, I can tell you who the winner is. I triple checked to make sure I got it right. Drum roll please......

Claire from Purely Food.

Congratulations Claire!

Never mind if you didn't win. I have another rather fabulous giveaway I will be announcing later this week.


  1. Congrats to Claire - we need to see pictures!

  2. What a great prize and lucky old Claire!

  3. Congrats Claire, enjoy!!

  4. Thanks everyone. I had to double take when I read it. Looking forwards to it!

  5. I'm gutted it wasn;t me but so pleased it was Claire. I'm with Janice Claire, need to see lots of pictures and have a great time ;0)


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