Bookmarked Recipes - September Roundup

Bookmarked Recipes
September 2011

1. Homemade Dulce De Leche
Sumaiyyah (Every Little Crumb)
Recipe bookmarked from Joy of Baking.

2. Ginger Crunch Slices
Helen (Fuss Free Flavours)
Recipe bookmarked from Anna Hansen in the June edition of The Telegraph.

3. Tomato Chilli Jam
Janice (Farmersgirl Kitchen)
Recipe bookmarked from the Tamasin Day-Lewis book 'Supper for a song' from the library a few weeks ago.

4. Corn and Feta Fritters
Lucy (The KitchenMaid)
Recipe bookmarked from (maybe) NZ House and Garden magazine 2004-ish.

5. Tagliatelle al pesto e yogurt
Jacqueline (me) (Tinned Tomatoes)
Recipe bookmarked from Gino's Pasta by Gino D'Campo.

6. Thai Coconut Corn Stew
Janet (The Taste Space)
Recipe bookmarked from Ashley over at Eat Me Delicious who found it in Eat Drink Be Vegan.

7. Halva Flapjack Carob Cake
Johanna (Green Gourmet Giraffe)
Recipe bookmarked from Dan Lepard

Here ends this month's Bookmarked Recipes and so October's Bookmarked Recipes is open for business. Just add your post to the linky at the bottom of this post. Please remember that bookmarked recipes must be suitable for vegetarians, in line with this blog.

Bookmarked Recipes October will be open until Saturday 29 October. I hope you enjoyed the roundup, I thought it great, as ever. Please join in next month and unearth some of those unloved bookmarked recipes.

You can find all the up-to-date foodie challenges, giveaways & competitions over at The Food Blog Diary where I am now ably assisted by the lovely Helen.


  1. Great round up. Lots of good ideas there.

  2. ooh I just sneaked into this one - love the found up.

    you have been working on your blog design haven't you - I thought I was imagining it but it is looking different and very swish!

  3. It is indeed Janice :)

    Nice looking flapjack Johanna, I am glad you entered them and they look good on that spotty green plate.

    I have indeed had a bit of a redesign. It was overdue :)

  4. Wonderful round up ~ I must try to enter for October! All of the entries look and sound delicious.

  5. Whenever I find a beautiful round-up of vege recipes, it makes me smile. Thanks for another great event, Jacqui!

  6. Hi Jac! If it weren't for this post, I'd have forgotten that I joined the event... without putting the proper links in my post! It's done now, so I'd like to apologise. Great round-up as usual, and I hope more people join next month!

  7. It is a good push for us to use some of those recipes up Karen.

    Glad you enjoyed it Janet :)

    That's ok Sumaiyyah, I thought you had probably just forgotten :)

  8. Hey Jac, thanks for putting this together, it's really a very inspiring round up - I think I will try almost all of these. We're still here by the way, just too busy getting ready to leave for India next wee, but once we're there I hope to join in more events again!

  9. Well have a good trip once you get there you two xx

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. I would love to tuck into every single one of these - right now in fact. I keep meaning to enter this every month and every month I forget - MUST TRY HARDER!

  12. Mmm, I'm a sucker for anything pesto!

  13. Don't worry Choclette, if I see you posting a bookmarked recipe, I will soon remind you :)

    It does all look great, doesn't it Pam :)

    Me too Liz, I had penne last night with roasted vegetables and pesto. Yum!


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