Cooper has his first lunchbag

I know, I know, you are thinking isn't that child nearly two (well in three months)? Is he neglected? I mean honestly, he has no lunch bag? Where does he carry his lunch?

I can hold my hand up and say in all honesty, I do neglect my child in this area. Shame on me!

Mornings are a rather hurried affair, with everyone rushing about. Cooper is the only one, who gets breakfast. Well, we have to make time for that! I imagine other families being up and dressed and sitting at the kitchen table having a leisurely breakfast before heading off to work. Is it like that? Or do most people run around like mad things?

(Psssst! Giveaway at the end of the post))

Anyway, back to the lunch bag. Cooper simply didn't have one. On the days he visited his childminder, his lunch would be hastily be thrown into his buggy bag, in a plastic bag if it was lucky. In plastic tubs first of all, of course. I don't just throw loose food in. I'm not that bad!

But all this changed on the happy day we received a gorgeous, super-cute lunch bag from TumTum.

It is such a cool bag, it is all I can do not to snatch it for my lunch. Whoops, bad mummy showing again!

It is really good quality, nothing like the ones I have looked at and dismissed in supermarkets. It is fully insulated and has a wee slot to pop your child's photo in, so it can be easily identified. I really must get around to doing that.

And they are generous folks over at TumTum and Cooper received a big box full of goodies. He was so excited.

They also sent Cooper:

* a Ribbit placemat. They call it tiny, but it is huge! Just right to catch all the spills associated with toddler mealtimes. They also recommend it for craft time, when using play dough or crayons. Must remember that next time.

* a TumTum Tiny Dining Set. How cute are they? And they are clever too. They both have a scooping corner to help Cooper corner his food and to get it onto his spoon or fork easier. As you will know it is sometimes a chase around the plate and sometimes the food bales out altogether.

* a set of Sheep Travel Cutlery in it's own wee travel case. Cooper can mix and match the cutlery (different pattern on both sides) and make funny sheep. This is a good ploy to keep him occupied whilst I plate up his dinner. They have especially designed the cutlery to make it easier to use too. The bowl shaped fork makes picking up peas easier. The straighter edges on the spoon are for easy scooping and the knife blade is at correct cutting angle and not too sharp and not too blunt.

* and a set of Snack Pots. This is what Cooper got most excited about once we had unpacked everything. It was that fact that the boxes all fitted inside each other like Russian dolls. He was enchanted by the concept and spent about an hour playing with them, stacking them and unstacking them. Yes, my child is easily amused. Never fear though, they have since been set to use with their original purchase and now grace his lunch bag.

As well as being utterly adorable, all the products are BPA, phthalate & PVC free and dishwasher safe.

Cooper is a lucky wee boy and would like to thank TumTum for being so generous.

TumTum have kindly offered me three lunch bags to giveaway on my family blog Little Tums. I am sorry to say they don't include any of the goodies we were kindly given, but there is plenty of room for you to add your own containers, but who knows you might now have an overwhelming urge to pop over to TumTum and buy a set of the Stacking Tubs for yourself. They are very reasonable at £8.50.

There are 6 chances to win one of three lunch bags, so don't delay, head over to Little Tums now and leave a comment. Heck, you don't even need to have a child to enter.


  1. It looks SO cute and at last he can hold his head up high at the kiddie office!

  2. Thats a super lunch bag. I´m sure Cooper is loving it! Populo

  3. It goes without saying that mom loves all these things just as much as Cooper:D

  4. Hi again! just to say I´m following your blog! I love it!Populo

  5. I must have time to get myself together in the morning so we do tend to sit for breakfast for a while. But just cereal and a cup of tea or milk - nothing elaborate.
    My boys do have wee totoro bento boxes but they don't go to a childminder or anything so if I do make something in them, we usually sit and eat at the kitchen table. And those days when we meet friends for a picnic? I am completely disorganised and so just throw a few things in a plastic bag - yes - I am THAT bad even though you say you aren't. ;-)
    The little tubs look very cute!

  6. You are so right Karen, although to be truthful, I don't think he has noticed so far :)

    He does love it Pops, it is so bright and colourful :)

    I definitely do Val, I might borrow it occasionally to cheer myself up :)

    Thanks Pops :)

    Wow, people do live like that them and have time to sit down together in the morning. I am in awe Louise :)

  7. Ahhh that set is so cute!
    My oldest daughter has now got to the stage where lunch bags are very uncool :-(

  8. Well if this is how you redeem yourself after being 'neglectful' (which, ny the way, is totally not the word I would apply to your relationship with your son lol) then sign me up buttercup!

  9. That is such a shame. I think you have to become an adult to start liking things like this again. Maybe it is regression.

    Pop over to Little Tums and put an entry in Chele :)

  10. Wow! So the adorable lunch bag with all the other accessories. The dishes and the little spoon is so cute. I have not seen these in the states...unless I missed it!
    Lucky Cooper:DDD

  11. No, it is a company base in the UK Elizabeth, but if you were interested, you could check their shipping information.

  12. That bag is awesome! Is it wrong that I am *cough*mumble mumble* years old and want the hedgehog plate?

  13. Oh..I am loving these cutie bags..and I will need two of them :)

  14. What cute products! I bet Cooper is a happy boy!

  15. How cute, love the little tubs.

  16. No, no, I love it too CC, I think as a child you pass an age of liking things like this and then as an adult hit another age where you just love it! Go on enter for the lunchbag.

    They are lovely, aren't they Sanjeeta, head over to Little Tums and enter. If you win, you would only need to buy one. You may win two, if you do the extra entries :)

  17. Damn my children for being too old for this (both in high school now). It is soooooo supercute.

  18. Oh heck, just enter anyway Lynn :)


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