Bookmarked Recipes - November 2011

Bookmarked Recipes

1. Nanaimo Bars
Jacqueline (Tinned Tomatoes)
Recipe bookmarked from Cox, Cookies & Cake, earlier this month.

2. Chocolate Mug Cake
Baking Addict (The More Than Occasional Baker)
Recipe bookmarked from Not Quite Nigella way back in 2009.

3. Gingerbread Cupcake Sparklers
Janice (Farmersgirl Kitchen)
Recipe bookmarked from The Great British Bake Off book.

4. Beetroot Poppyseed Cake
Victoria (21st Century Urban Housewife)
Recipe bookmarked from Nigel Slater's TV show last year.

5. Basic White Loaf
Jacqueline (Tinned Tomatoes)
Recipe bookmarked from 100 Great Breads by Paul Hollywood two months ago.

6. Beetroot & Gingerbread Muffins
Shaheen (Allotment 2 Kitchen)
Recipe bookmarked from the Love Beetroot website.

7. Sweet Chilli Jam
Veronicay (La Recette Du Jour)
Recipe bookmarked from the BBC Good Food website.

8. Matthew's Delicious Tofu
Janet (The Taste Space)
Recipe bookmarked from Ashley over at Cook Eat Delicious way back in 2007.

9. Paradise Casserole
Janet (The Taste Space)
Recipe bookmarked from The Candle Cafe Cookbook last year.

10. Strawberry Ice Cream
Killer on the Plate
Recipe bookmarked from the David Lebovitz website.

11. Ginger Stout Cake
Veronicay (La Recette Du Jour)
Recipe bookmarked from Epicurious.

12. Rose Elliott's Cheese Scones
Lisa (We Don't Eat Anything with a Face)
Recipe bookmarked from Rose Elliot's New Complete Vegetarian cookbook.

13. Apple Stresusel Cake
Anne (Anne's Kitchen)
Recipe bookmarked from the Grandma's Favourite Recipes cookbook.

14. Sweet Sherry Plum Pudding
Janice (Farmersgirl Kitchen)
Recipe bookmarked from a Dan Lepard recipe in The Guardian on the 18th November 2011.

15. Gnocchi di Ricotta
Simona (Briciole)
Recipe bookmarked from Epicurious.

Here ends this month's Bookmarked Recipes and so December's Bookmarked Recipes is open for business. I do hope you enjoyed the roundup, I though it was rather fabulous this month and very inspiring.

If you would like to be included in the next roundup, just add your post to the linky at the bottom of this post. Please remember that bookmarked recipes must be suitable for vegetarians, in line with this blog. You can find the guidelines, current challenge and past roundups here.

Bookmarked Recipes December will be open until Saturday 24 December 2011. Please join in next month and unearth some of those unloved bookmarked recipes. Hopefully there will be some Christmas recipes thrown into the mix this month.

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  1. Great round up of excellent recipes. I've already bookmarked your nanaimo bars so it may make an appearance here one day!

  2. Hehe, that is the funny thing about bookmarked recipes Baking Addict :)

  3. Loving the really old bookmarked recipes! That's the great thing about this event. :D

  4. What a nice collection of recipes! I am so glad I could contribute. Thank you, Jacqueline. I already have something in mind for this month :)

  5. Yum they all look delicious, especially the namino bars!!

    I'm really happy I can contribute to your link up this month. I'm offering a Christmas recipe for December :)

  6. lovely round up - I can't believe I missed both bookmarked recipes and ncr - it has been a crazy month but I hope that I might do better in December - meanwhile am loving all these bookmarked recipes

  7. This is and inspiring roundup Jacqueline!

  8. As always thank you so much for hosting this Jacqueline. Lots of lovely looking recipes here, esp for those with a sweeth tooth!

  9. A GREAT round up and I will add some for December!

  10. Oh boy....I can feel my cholesterol rising just looking at the pictures!

  11. Wonderful round up Jac - everything looks wonderful.

  12. Whatttttt? You started up Bookmarked Recipes again? That's great! Where have I been? I contributed to a few and ran a couple. Have to do something for December :)


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