Christmas Gift Guide - 30 days and counting

My head is filled with Christmas at the moment and I am always looking for new ideas. I have the bulk of my presents bought, but still have a few to figure out. I thought it might be nice to share some gift ideas with you. They are only a few foodie gifts thrown in, because lets face it, not all of our friends are foodies, as much as we would like them to be. Oh and I have highlighted gifts from the UK and the US, although most will ship and there is still time.

1. Olive Wood Mortar & Pestle
Muji £14.95

I visited Muji when I was in Birmingham last weekend and if I wasn't traveling with hand luggage only, I could have gone crazy.

I have one of these pestle and mortar sets and I love it. It is a joy to use and such a beautiful thing to have out on display in your kitchen.

My mortar in pestle is bigger than this one, but this would actually be big enough. I bought mine from Provender Brown a wonderful deli in Perth, Scotland.

2. Next up are three choices from Prezzybox. I first came across them when they sent me an egg cup set for Cooper. You can see it over at Little Tums. I could just spend and spend and spend on this website. So much to choose from. Here are three gifts I particularly like.

Homemade Cookie Stamper £4.95

The staff over at Prezzybox tried out the stamper and they have included their recipe for chocolate cookies and photos of their attempt. It looks like great fun. This would be a great stocking filler.

Super Egg Cup £4.95

"Kick your day off to a super start with the Super Egg Cup. But wait! Don’t crack it open just yet because hidden in the box are the last pieces of your egg’s hidden identity. The Egg Cup itself already features a heroic, billowing cape, snazzy red boots and a symbol on its chest, but the egg is not super until the finishing touches are there. Find the mask, headband and weapons in the box to complete your breakfast time hero."

Russian Doll Measuring Cups £9.95

I was quite tempted by these myself, but I already have two sets of measuring cups, so this would just be overkill. The dolls measure out 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 full cup, and they’re built from heavy-duty, food-safe, long-life plastics and of course they stack inside each other, so they don't take up too much room.

3. I always turn to Folksy when I want something a bit individual. Folksy is the British equivalent of Etsy. Here are three brooches that took my fancy.

Bird Brooch by Andrea Berry in her Polka shop.


This brooch measures 10cm across.

Foxy Brooch by Kirsty Elson Designs.


This brooch measures approx. 7cm x 5cm.

Ceramic Brooch by Beverley Gee.


These brooches measure: length 60mm, width 25mm, depth 5mm

4. Now on to Etsy itself. Here are some ideas:

Bird Lariat Necklace by LadyKJewelry.

On sale at $22.86 USD. Usual price $24.85 USD

Copper Wallet Inset Card by SnappinStudio.

$40.00 USD

I thought this was a lovely keepsake. This company stamp personal messages on metals. There are bookmarks, wallet inserts, jewellery, pet tags and various other items. Prices start at $0.20 USD for a stamped keyring fob. I have bookmarked this page!

Handprinted Leather Journal/Sketchbook

Dimensions: (journal inside is 4 ix 6)
7 inches tall
5 inches wide

Journal/notebook inside is removable, and can be replaced with refill books. Different leathers and designs can be chosen.

$25.00 USD smaller journals are priced at $14.00 USD.

5. We are visiting Find me a Gift now. An online gift shop. Another one with endless gift ideas. Those nice folks at Find me a Gift have kindly offered me a voucher code for my readers. Over November and December you can expect a 15% discount at the checkout if you use the code CHRISTMASGIFTS15. I will also be working with them on a giveaway over at Little Tums, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Animal Skittles Set with Carry Case

On sale at £19.99.

The Animal Skittles Set includes six soft animal skittles to bowl down with the rattling bowling ball. Each animal skittle is 20cm by 8cm complete with a handy carrying case. The animal skittles are CE marked and designed to exceed the most demanding of safety standards. Suitable for ages 18 months+.

Lunch Box & Spork by Black & Blum


I have one of the Black & Blum lunch boxes. A square one with a dressing compartment and dip area and I use it a lot. They are really attractive lunch boxes and the seal on them is good, so no leaked dressings dribbling into your bag.

After a query, I decided to add a little more info about this one.

The lunchbox comes with two stacked watertight containers- the smaller one fits inside the larger one when empty
Both food storage containers have a watertight locking system
The lunch box comes with a nifty spork and carry strap
The Black and Blum lunch box and spork is microwave and dishwasher safe
Spork and lunchbox are made from polypropylene and copolyester (BPA free)
The Black & Blum pot measures 19 x 11.5cm
Smaller lunch container holds 300 ml/10 floz
Big lunch container holds 550ml/18.5 floz

Food Face Plate


My cousin Claire who blogs over at A Kiss of Cookies, bought me a set of these for Cooper. What can I say. Fun with food for little ones. Mind you, I am not giving Cooper his dinner on one of these until he has gotten over his habit of tipping his dish of his highchair once he has finished eating.

I hope I gave you some good ideas. Try not to let Christmas stress you out. It really should be fun and a time for families and friends to get together.


  1. Lovely post, I'm struggling on Christmas gifts this year. The mortar and pestle is beautiful, although if I bought it for someone, I would probably end up keeping it! My sister bought me a simplified version of the bird necklace from the same etsy seller for Christmas last year and I really love it. The other items in her shop are gorgeous too.

  2. Can't wait I am so excited for Christmas too! You're so good to be thinking about gifts already. I haven't yet! I'd love a mortar and pestle because I don't have one yet.

  3. Hi Hannah, what a coincidence that you have a necklace from the same seller. It is rather beautiful. Maybe you should ask santa for the pestle and mortar then :)

    You should ask for one too then Brittany. They are a good buy.

  4. That's a clever way of putting up your Christmas list ;) Lovely things there. I am so behind with the shopping, can't get inspired at all. Elderly rellies and non-cooking folks to buys for, makes it more challenging!

  5. You will have to think carefully then Janice :)

  6. What a brilliant post! There are some great gift ideas there too.....I am all done for my mum and dad, left my gifts for them when I was there; local friends are getting a Lavender and Lovage hamper of home-made goodies, and Hannah wants a camera, so Amazon will do that for me! Malcolm is happy with a stack of books, so that it easy, and me? I would have any one of those gifts you have posted!!

  7. I have those doll cups (though in storage :() they really are so cute!

    Love that bird necklace in particular!

  8. Well done Karen, Christmas all sewn up already. You are a marvel. Don't know how you manage it all.

    The necklace is rather special Anne :)

  9. Great post. So useful. I love the idea of folksy. It's just so utterly British. Thanks for all the tips. X

  10. Oh I love that birdie necklace. I think that would be a lovely present for me ;)

  11. these are great ideas - I've been christmas shopping today and wish such things were in the shops instead of unline - esp those cool egg cups

  12. Folksy is a fabulous site Dom and yes, so British :)

    You had better start dropping hints to somebody other than me then Emma :)

    I know, the shops can be very samey, can't they Johanna :)

  13. Nice ideas, really is true Christmas is near:)

  14. Me too Lisa :)

    Yep, it will be here before we know it Gloria :)

  15. what a terrific selection of ideas and particularly good for Christmas shopping on a budget. I wonder if I've been a good enough girl to get anything this year {wink}

  16. i am so eyeing that lunchbox and spork (first time i've heard of the name, too cute!)

  17. I am sure you have Nic :)

    I know, I am eyeing it up too Shu Han :)

  18. Wonderful gift much to choose from. Love the Mortar and Pestle set!

  19. Folksy is such a dangerous website isn't it? So many things there I want to buy! The pestle & mortar is beautiful, and Muji also have some beautiful salad bowl in the same wood that I am coveting.

  20. A lovely list of good goodies ! I already know what I will be getting: a thick new cookbook!

  21. Fun list, Jacqueline! Oddly enough, I brought back a mortar and pestle from Nevis in August. I love it.

  22. Great ideas for xmas! The russian doll measuring cups look cute and I've had my eye on the Black & Blum lunchboxes for a while.
    I've tagged you in food bloggers unplugged, hope you will join in!

  23. Some lovely ideas Jac, thank you. Feeling rather peeved that the cookie stamp is half the price I paid for mine on Amazon and much as I like the Russian doll measuring cups, they aren't half as nice as mine ;-) The lunch box looks so nice, I still haven't brought myself to despoil mine!


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